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EDU4TR2 - AT1AResearch Topic - Information Technology in Early Years EducationResearch Question - What will happen if I incorporate information technology in my practice for 3-5 years old?Description...

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Research Topic - Information Technology in Early Years Education
Research Question - What will happen if I incorporate information technology in my practice for 3-5 years old?

Description of Task

AT1a) Research Findings Introduction

Aim: To explain and present your developing data collection and research findings.

Oral Presentation (maximum 3 minutes).

In this presentation you want to explain how your data is being collected and how you are thinking of organising the information you collect into a findings table. The purpose of the findings table is to organise your data ready for analysis. Your analysis is purposed with looking for themes, patterns or insights that help to inform an answer to your research question.

Building your introduction to your research findings (this is your 300-word, word count).

In 200 words provide an introduction into your Findings.
Evidence your developing findings table/s(you may have more than one) for feedback.

Referencing:Add references in text to support your research thinking and to the overall reference list. Where possible reinforce your discussion with the support from literature, research, curriculum frameworks and your research text.

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Table of contents
Discussion    3
Reference    5
My teaching method is founded on the idea that play-based learning is the greatest way for kids to learn since it involves them actively participating in meaningful experiences. My knowledge of child development and the role educators play in supporting learning forms the foundation of this ideology. My work is guided by theories of child development, such as those of Piaget, Vygotsky, and Erikson. I understand that children learn via social interactions and interactions with their su
oundings. This knowledge guides my approach to developing cu
iculum, enabling me to provide learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate (Beatson, 2020).
I support play-based learning as a potent tool for helping kids experiment, explore, and make sense...

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