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I have attached the assignment and below are some instructions. 1. Students should download the word document above that provides the template with the questions that students must use. Please do not...

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I have attached the assignment and below are some instructions.

1. Students should download the word document above that provides the template with the questions that students must use. Please do not change the format of the template.

2. Student's need to add their name and student number to the header.

3. Answer all 10 questions as succinctly as you can.

4. Download the rubric as this will guide you in what is required in order to respond to each question.

5. You will need to sources a number of reliable sources such as peer reviewed articles, research and data in order to respond to the questions adequately.

6. Students will be penalised for referencing and utilisingunreliablewebsites (Wiki, Cliffsnotes, UK Essays are just some examples).

7. Ensure that all referencesused throughout your work are notes in your reference list on the final page usingAPA referencing.

Answered Same Day May 24, 2021 HSC210 Charles Darwin University


Tanaya answered on May 28 2021
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Please ensure you follow the instructions provided in Assessment THREE in the assessment sections on learnline.
Question 1
What insights do post-modernist perspectives provide and what might this mean for health practice?
The concept of post-modernism is explained by subjectivism, relativism and scepticism. The post-modernist perspective helps in assessing the extent medicine as well as healthcare system in terms of rationality and i
ationality. The post-modernist idea for healthcare rejects the concept of single rationality and substitutes the concept with a contingency and fragmentary discourse. This perspective helps in understanding the ability of a certain group in accessing health services based on their knowledge and power. Again, in terms of post-modernist theory health services can be evaluated based on enlightenment metana
ative forms of rationality.
The enlightenment metana
ative aspect evaluates the healthcare delivery as well as health care provisions for the people. In addition, metana
ative process also helps in the evaluation of health economics so that the rational system of health care can be fine-tuned to enhance its efficiency and efficacy. According to Feldman (2016), it is important to ca
y out the surgical services and medical services to be managed based on the ethnographic work. In case there are any disruptions in the surgery or in the healthcare services, the post-modernism helps in assessing the impact.
Question 2
Despite increases in funding, explain why in Australia, Indigenous health outcomes are still an issue? Provide examples to illustrate your argument.
It has been observed that in spite of the availability of the resources and fund the number of Aboriginals and indigenous population suffering from disease are much higher compared to the other Australian.There are several reasons that contributes to this inequality in the health outcome. Some of the major problems that contribute to the health outcome of the Aboriginals are the lack of education that has contributed in higher drug as well as alcohol abuse. As stated by Weston, Taylor and Standfield (2018), better education will contribute in better health.
According to the report of Australian Health (2018), in 2016 47% of the Indigenous population in Australian have completed their year 12 at the age of 20 to 24 years. This have further resulted in shorter expectancy of life. According to Weston et al. (2018), the health behaviour highlights that the decrease in the life expectancy have ben contributed by high rate of smoking. Indigenous population in Australia in between the age of 15 to 17 years are found to smoke with teenagers at the age of 15 years consume alcohol at a high-risk level.
However, the gap in the health outcome is also observed in this population due to the low employment rate and poverty and with a low rate of housing facilities. In addition, there are several health risks, which also contribute on the health outcome of the Indigenous population. This includes less physical activity, high blood pressure and lack of appropriate accessibility of healthcare.
Question 3
Psychiatry can be viewed as an institute of social control. Draw on sociological theories and examples to discuss this statement.
In the sociological perspective mental health of an individual with an emphasis on the various social context are been determined. This can be in terms of the roles, relationship as well as statuses. According to Pe
y, Frieh and Wright (2018), the sociological perspective of two individual who are suffering from mental illness are found to go through similar circumstances. The conditions may vary at time based on the social groups and historical eras. The social model of the mental illness is driven by the attitude of the people assuming that the disable people will not be able to perform certain activities. The social model and the sociological theories help in the identification of the ba
iers that creates challenges for the life of the disabled and mentally ill patients.
According to Pe
y et al. (2018), sometimes the psychiatric professionals’ values are shifted due to the increased autonomy of the clients in addition to the informed consent. In many cases, it has been observed that the clinicians face ethical challenges. There are cases of client behaviour that highlights soft coercion under the stings of mental health care. As per the social control theory stated by Horwitz 1982, therapeutic and social controls are driven by four behaviour of the patient. This includes conciliation, education, coercion and enabling.
Question 4
What are the key benefits and limitations of e-health?
The advantages of the e-health include the patient can make their own appointments based on the availability of the professionals online. Further, the electronic data of their health will be easily available and will be clearer as well as insightful for the...

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