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Evaluation Guidelines The final work will be evaluated based on the following criteria: · Acquired knowledge (25%): the knowledge acquired throughout the course of the subject will be evaluated...

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Evaluation Guidelines
The final work will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
· Acquired knowledge (25%): the knowledge acquired throughout the course of the subject will be evaluated through the analysis of the theoretical data shown in the project presented by the student.
· Development of the Subject (25 %): the interpretation of the thesis subject by the student and its development will be evaluated in a coherent and analytical manner.
· Final result (25%): the final evaluation is based on coherent solutions applied to solve objectives set out in the paper. The presentation must be conclusive and formatting must meet established parameters.
· Additional information and bibliography (25%): additional information regarding the research and subject matter will be evaluated and taken into consideration as a bonus. This consist of: bibliography, visual graphics, charts, independent studies ca
ied out by the student, external academic sources, articles of opinion, etc. All sources, both printed and online, must be referenced according to the APA regulations.
OnTime LC is a courier company with more than 10 years of experience. Its headquarters are in Germany, but it operates internationally. Its activity consists of the transport of goods of all types of weighing; can be sent from documentation to an appliance or make a move. Transportation is managed through land, sea and air, and customers are both individuals and companies.
In Spain, there are 20 offices distributed throughout the peninsula; A Coruña, Bilbao, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Murcia, Valencia, Madrid and Cáceres. Each office is located in large premises, so there are; a warehouse, parking, back-office and customer service office.
The hallmark of this company is that they operate 7 days a week from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Last year, complaints were being received from employees in various offices, and rumours are circulating about several incidents that are causing great concern to executive management. The most recent comes from one of the Bilbao offices:
- Ludo and Max are transporters. His duties, together with Charlie, driver and assistant, are to distribute the goods throughout the Basque Country and Nava
a. The material must be loaded onto the Roll Container in the warehouse, then put on the truck. Then they go to the destination client, and they must download the Roll Container where the client wishes. Charlie has been working for the company for a long time, and has suffered a significant back injury, and is on the waiting list for an operation. He remembers having done some Prevention course at the beginning, but he does not remember, he recognizes that when they load the material from the warehouse to the Roll Container, they load the heavy boxes a few meters since it is in a place where the Roll Container cannot pass. Their workday is 8 hours, they start at 6:00 in the morning, but sometimes they have many deliveries, and they last 2 or 3 hours more. Rest between 20-25 minutes, and sometimes eat a snack during the transfer from one place to another. He decided to buy a pair of sneakers because he was more comfortable to work with, as he is always hot, he wears a pair of cotton shorts, and a short-sleeved T-shirt. A few months ago they did not close one of the doors of the Roll Container, and Max fell on the foot, causing a
eak of two bones (metatarsals) of the toes.
- Elena and Maria: they work in the customer service office, from 10:00 to 19:15 hours, with 15 minutes to eat, from Monday to Sunday with one day off per week to choose from the director of the office. The holidays opening days they work with the same schedule, and this day is included in the regular salary that they charge monthly. The tasks that must be performed is customer service; a collection of shipments, delivery of goods, management of telephone calls, etc. Besides, Maria is a worker who is in a 2-year internship agreement.
- Joseph: Performs logistical tasks: loading, unloading, and receiving the goods, warehouse order, order management, inventories, open the office. It works from 06:00 to 10:00 when the office is closed to the public, so it was decided at the time not to make any employment contract. He does not have vacations or extra payments, and sick leave or work accident are not remunerated.
- Emmanuel: also performs logistics tasks: loading, unloading, and receiving the goods, warehouse order, order management, inventories, administrative, and closing the office. Work from 1:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. He barely has time to eat, he rests in between 15-20 minutes in a small wardrobe that they have in store.
- Dario: is responsible for the Bilbao office, works more than 9 hours a day, has two free weekends per month. It does not have a fixed schedule because it adapts to the needs of the office. His tasks are personnel management, supervision of orders and deliveries, and support to any of the areas.
1. Prepare a New Occupational Risk Prevention Plan for OnTime: As Responsible for Occupational Risks of OnTime SL, you must develop a new Prevention Plan, including a section on how it will be communicated so that it is implemented and effective.
2. Investigate a real case of an organization in which i
egularities have been committed in terms of prevention and in turn, another real case of excellent company in this task.
APA Bibliography
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1. New Occupational Risk Prevention Plan for OnTime:
Workers are exposed to Occupational risk, from which they need to be protected. To achieve this, risk management process must be followed which includes following steps-
· Risk analysis
· Risk assessment
· Risk control practices
Risk Analysis:
OnTime does have an edge over other transportation facilities regarding offering its services over 7 days of week and operating hours daily are from 6 am to 10 pm. Due to exhaustive time schedules and least
eaks, several incidents have been reported recently showing the occupational risks to the employees every now and then. Thus, the executive management realised the need of New operational risk management plan. Driver cum assistant of one of
anches got a severe back injury due to loaded and downloading process included in the transportation. As per process, material gets first loaded on the warehouse’s Roll container followed by getting into the truck and downloading of same happens as client destination. Loading and downloading is assisted mostly by the driver causing immense pressure on back that may have led to severe back issue to the driver Charlie who is bound for good distribution process throughout the Nava
a and Basque country.
Physical hazards-
Back issues, due loading/downloading of heavy items, falling issue due to missing the process flow and other health issues due to exhausting work schedule.
Psychosocial hazards-
Wide job content and role, major work load, less
est periods, workplace harassments.
Risk assessment:
Existing prevention plan for this process is provided by the management already wherein a prevention course is provided to the employee at the beginning which is to be followed for the process of loading and unloading wherein heavy boxes are to be loaded as per course. But as it was one time activity and no reiteration of the course takes place, employee tends to forget it.
So, one amendment for the new prevention plan must be, conducting the prevention course annually to keep the employees aware about the process so as to avoid occupational risks.
Also, it is noticed that though the working hours of employees is 8 hours, still they tend to work for extra 2-3 hours due to many deliveries. As they start early in morning by 6 am and the rest
eaks are very less due to workload, they just get to rest for 20-25 minutes during such a long working day. It makes them weak, more prone to health issues and thus leading to occupational health hazards.
To overcome this, New Prevention plan with scheduled
eaks and lunch time along with no extended working hours needs to be made and implemented in order to prevent the employees from such risks.
Another such incident reported is where one of the transporter named Max got a foot injury wherein metatarsals bone of the toes were
oken due to falling out of the Roll containers, it must have happened because they did not close the container door out of their absence mindedness which may be result of waking up early in the morning and working continuously for hours.
.Another noted issue is where an employee is loaded with several tasks and jobs. For instance, a customer service employee is bound to perform shipments collection, goods delivery, and telephonic calls managements along with their basic customer service job. Also, they are bound in 2 year agreement with 6 days working and 6 am to 10 pm working hours with 15 minutes
eak only. Similarly, many other employees are bound to work for several hours, with no or less leaves, less
eaks and multiple tasks allocations leading to work overload issue on them.
Risk Evaluation:
Risk categorization:
Risk control policy/ New Occupational Risk Prevention Plan:
Risk control:
It must include
· A standard protocol for process.
· Consideration of...

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