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i have an internship to do i have completed all the logs that is needed. now i want from you to do the the progress of the internship of week 1 and 2 and 3. i will upload all the information you need....

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i have an internship to do i have completed all the logs that is needed. now i want from you to do the the progress of the internship of week 1 and 2 and 3. i will upload all the information you need. I'm doing an internship at red line company this is thier website . i want you to write a paragraphs about mywork i have done for the last three weeks. so here are the logs i have done please add some thing belong to HR internship. also i will upload the requirementof how to do this report its under the file's name (here).
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Tp Academic answered on Jul 18 2020
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The day when I reached the internship location of Redline security services, I at once contacted the HR department of the company (, 2018). The HR of the company has helped me by providing the necessary formalities and regulations to get recruited. The department also formally introduced me to the Interviewers, who were about to take my personality and character test, before recruiting me for the internship process eventually. After I got acquainted, comfortable and adjusted with the HR department, I instantly discussed my final goals, objectives (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). I also had to state the reasons of why I chose the line for providing various security and protection services to the significant persons of Bahrain. During my internship period I figured out that to get this job or internship, I must show sincerity, professionalism.
I also had to put tremendous efforts in work during the internship period to show my protective and intelligence skills (Bratton & Gold, 2017). While in case of any doubts or queries, I used to take note of important things and also ask relevant and desired questions to the HR persons. Asking queries and doubts helped me to make my skills more developed and also led me to produce consistent and effective performances (Bailey et al. 2018). Like previously, I have discussed my goal for the summer internship like after graduation I would like to get employed at the Redline security services. I also would like to get a grasp of the professional qualities that are required to meet the consideration if there is any vacancy. Before I got recruited, I had to show my public speaking abilities. I have been asked to show my ability to speak in front of the managers and some of the HR employees (Marchington et al. 2016). During the whole period, the HR persons also gave a database to recheck the positions management and time and attendance.
During the internship, I got to know that the HR persons are very crucial to document to record every single entry because of the legal problems if there was any demand and be concerned about the things I had done, or I have to do. In the whole course, I faced no difficulties or made no mistakes; despite these, I was very nervous and anxious, since it was my first real time job experience. Though, making mistakes is crucial because if I do not make any mistake or e
or, I will not be able to rectify them and thus eventually I would fail at giving my best efforts at work. Besides these, I would also like to state that in an internship, a potential candidate has to work accordingly on his own, as the interviewers want to check the working ability of the candidate. Therefore, no advice or guidance would also be provided to the candidates. Though, a candidate like me has the right to ask doubts or queries, while taking essential points and notes. The candidate can any question if he cannot understand the specified instructions. Although, the most robust experience I had was when I had to show the employers my competitive strengths, to prove that I was the best candidate.
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