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I am requesting a research paper part 2. It will be based on a piece of draft that you performed for me in my last 2 order which i attached XXXXXXXXXXand XXXXXXXXXXThe draft order will give you will...

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I am requesting a research paper part 2. It will be based on a piece of draft that you performed for me in my last 2 order which i attached XXXXXXXXXXand XXXXXXXXXXThe draft order will give you will give you a base to build on. In addition, i will provide all the necessary guidelines.The draft in the attachment was done based on this:May you please perform research and type out a 1 page draft on the following topic:

Democratic Capitalism Reading
Businesses Under Capitalist Systems: Capitalism in the US"
If you recall, to "study politics is to 'study power –who gets what, and how.'" Since politics is about the distribution of resources in a society, studying economics is critical. Some of the most contentious political questions involve questions of economics: How much should wealthy citizens pay in taxes? How much should lower-income citizens pay in taxes? Where should those tax dollars go? What is fair, and what is not fair? In this reading, you will read about "Democratic Capitalism", which is the United States' answer to some of these questions of how resources should be distributed in a society. Pay close attention to the "three pillars" of a democratic capitalist political-economic system.Democratic capitalism is a political, economic, and social system with a market-based economy that is largely based on a democratic political system.
Demonstrate how capitalism in the US is controlled by its democratic political system.THE GUIDELINES FOR THIS PAPER IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Midterm Paper- Draft 2NOTE: Draft 1 (3 pages of the total 10 pages)
Guidelines for Research PaperBe sure that your paper meets the assigned page requirements(3 Pages), plus foot/endnotes (optional) andwork cited (required), using standard one-inch margins, 12-point font and double spacing.It must cover the topic effectively and present a well-developed thesis, supported by evidence from primary and secondary sources.It must in some way demonstrate an understanding of the development of scholarship on the topic—that is, the paper itself must incorporate in the text and notes an adequate discussion of the scholarly works on the subject.Remember thatcontent foot/endnotesmay be useful.It must demonstrate mastery of the conventions of the discipline—i.e., the physical appearance of the paper, grammar, syntax, punctuation, etc.—in accordance with the Turabian/Chicago Manual of Styleformat and thecitation guide.Be sure to incorporate research fromscholarly journals.It must have a title page that includes your name and an appropriate title for your research.Pages, including bibliography, must be numbered, starting on the first page of text. The one exception is the title page, which should not have a number. The first page of text of the paper should be page 1.Do not forget to follow thegeneral guidelines for writing paperson this site.Proofread.Carefully usespelling and grammar checkbuilt into word-processing programs.IN GENERAL, THE RESEARCH PAPER IS GRADED ON WHAT A STUDENT DEMONSTRATES ABOUT HIS/HER:research skillsability to think critically about a topic and the sources necessary to study and limit that topicability to combine information and ideas into a focused, organized, supported argumentability to write a grammatical, stylistic, mechanically correct essayability to document and list sources accurately and usefullySPECIFICALLY, THE RESEARCH PAPER IS GRADED ON:title page (clarity, usefulness, accuracy)title (usefulness, accuracy)introduction (specificity, clarity, appeal)thesis (clarity, initial presentation, use throughout paper, thoughtfulness, accuracy)arguments/evidence (breadth, logic, quality, use)organization (clarity, logic, consistency, within paragraphs, in overall paper)focusmechanicssentence structurepunctuation (usage, spacing)voice (avoidance of passive)person (avoidance of first and second)tense (logic, consistency)spellingproofreadingpage numbering (in text, in notes, and in bibliography)use of APA Styleresearch (depth, breadth)exploitation of sources (in notes, in text)format (endnotes or footnotes)quotations (appropriateness, logic, ellipses and brackets, identification of authors, punctuation, transition into text)conclusion (thoughtfulness, appeal, appropriateness, usefulness)
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Karishma answered on May 30 2021
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Research essay pape
Democratic Capitalism
POLS 155
Research Discussion
    Democratic capitalism is not just a political system but also an economic system which combines capitalism and welfare in order to cu
the excesses of individual freedom. The spirit, values and intention of democratic capitalism are based on a vague idealism about equality. The system of democratic capitalism is based on an intention to improve the nation and help poor people obtain access to the nation's economic resources (Parakkal, Raju; Bartz-Marvez, She
y, 2013).
    The concept of democracy and capitalism sustaining together has always puzzled ethnologists. The concept of democracy is based on a political ideology and capitalism is based on an economic system. The combining of these two elements does make democratic capitalism a dynamic constitution of economic, political, ideological, and institutional forces.
    Democracy and capitalism co exist in many forms around the world and are continuously being reformed based on the conditions of the people. The failure or success of democracy as well as capitalism depends on the building of a strong free market to strengthen the economy and to formulate equality in the society in various possible ways. The complex global conditions lead to democracy and capitalism being combined into a struggling political and economic ideology (Carayannis, Elias G.; Kaloudis, Aris, 2010).
     Yet, capitalism and democracy need each other and capitalism is compatible with several different kinds of political regimes, including the liberal and democratic regimes as well. As democracy considers equality in dignity and rights, it also insists on equal political rights. This contrasts with the capitalism system where political rights are granted based on capital ownership. This contrast has led to several difficulties in implementation of democratic capitalism around the world.
    Capitalism helps organize an economy but is not an ideal...

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