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Human Resource

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Human Resource
Answered Same Day Mar 16, 2020


Sangeeta answered on Mar 19 2020
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Review the JKL Industries Workforce Data document, Appendix 1 AND the following scenario;
There is no doubt in the fact that JKL Company puts in high efforts for developing the workforce potential. The company has set certain objectives of providing required training for meeting workforce needs; becoming an employer of choice and lastly, managing performance and following organizational values. Firstly, with respect to providing required training for meeting workforce needs the company intends to offer training to upskill all rental staff members. It has been observed that from the set target of 100% only 50% employees have successfully completed their training. This could be improved by making individuals understand the importance and need of training and using more improved ways of offering training so that individuals could better understand the situation (Australia Human Resources Institute (AHRI), 2018). Secondly, with respect to becoming an employer of choice the company intends to retain managerial expertise through promotion, rewards and training. Also, it aims to enhance staff satisfaction at all levels. It has been observed that the company has not been successful in achieving it set target of turnover rate i.e. 10% and absenteeism rate i.e. 1%. At present, the turnover rate of the company is 22% and absenteeism rate is 4%, which is far from the set target. This clearly illustrates that the company needs to show higher commitment towards its employees and their satisfaction. In...

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