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Anderson Law ebook chapters 7 and 8. Essays two page each for each chapter
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Chapter 7:
    Specific set of standards with respect to conduct are set by society along with the punishments against
eaching of standards as crime. Several means of protecting people and business are introduced here along with the prohibited conduct as followed by the government. Criminal codes and status are discussed in detail which helps to understand and define a crime as well as specify associated punishment. State to state there is variation in crime but a common law background is followed with help of same structure and elements.
The nature and classification of crime is given as common and statutory law wherein Punishable offenses less than a year are known as Misdemeanors whereas serious offenses are called felonies. Basis of criminal liability are mental state and act/omission. Responsible persons for criminal act include corporate liability wherein corporate bear responsibility for its employees based on employee’s failure to act, Corporation’s officers and agents that means For Business crimes- managers are held responsible. For Non-business crimes- Actually involved person in act of crime is convicted. Federal laws targeting officer and director criminal responsibility- Executives are not held responsible now on basis of criminal act in company until and unless there is an active engagement in operations of criminal act.Federal laws associated with same includes-- Trading and Securities Fraud Act of 1988,...

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