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Tp Academic answered on Jul 08 2020
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1. Reflection on challenges of common good in terms of globally as well as on local basis
Physical wellbeing is being considered as one of the most important part and benefits of every person. It has been evidenced that in present days poor and weak people are suffered from physical as well as mental torture (Falconier et al. 2015). Negligence, gender bias or discrimination or poor economical condition is the major factors of the sufferings. They have been experienced it at various places and directly made impact on their health. As commented by Wolfendale (2016), torture including physical as well as mental abuse cannot be accepted in any condition. In addition to this, it is unjustified also. It has been evidenced that, when a state of emergency a
ives or during political instability and during a war, common people, especially who are economically poor or belong to the poverty line are being mostly affected. As a responsible person of Australia, I have also understood the need of supporting people, who are standing in solidarity with victims and their families. As per view of Pravilova (2014), common good is being refe
ed to the shared or beneficial things that
ing improvements to a total community. As a responsible citizen of Australia, I have understood that the victims, who are being tortured, need to be supported properly. Not only the victims, but also their family members are also need to be supported properly. Due to any war or any kind of discrimination, people can face torture in any place. As suggested by Freeman (2017), any kind of torture can affect both the physical as well as mental health of the victim. I have been noticed that, in present days, in many countries, appropriate laws are not being established which can give protection to the females as well as children. Men are also tortured due to slavery. In order to save their human rights, government of every country needs to implement strict rules and regulations and follow them properly (McMahon et al. 2017). In addition to this, I have also noticed that, due to lack of strictness, or due to prolonged jurisdiction system, many victims are not getting appropriate justice. Therefore, judiciary system needs to be performed in a faster way and provide proper support to them.
2. Identifying two or three ways to address challenge and to achieve a more just community or society
26th of June has been declared as an International Day in Support of Victims by United Nation. It has been evidenced that, by achieving common good it can improve the state of a person or a total community by
inging changes to the understanding of people. In order to reduce the number of tortures in terms of physical as well as mental, it is important that appropriate rules and regulations must be followed by government. As suggested by Posner (2014), at every workplace, proper dignity needs to be maintained. Therefore it can reduce conflicts among people, and establish peace among them successfully. Catholic social teaching (CST) is being considered as the catholic doctrines,...

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