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Answered Same Day Apr 18, 2020


Soumi answered on Apr 24 2020
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    Time required
    Seek the claim
    According to the issue of left wrist pain felt by Kelly, it is feasible for her to seek the claim.
    1st week of being diagnosed with the pain
    Requesting for the return to work program
    Besides, it has been infe
ed that citing the suggestions of her doctor, she deserves to be subjected to a return to work program. For that purpose, firstly, she would be allowed to work for any alternative job designation that is doable for her.
    Within 1-2 weeks of the doctor prescribing Kelly with her ability to get back to work
    Requesting for leaves for intense pain
    Secondly, she would be allowed for taking a leave on occasions, whenever she is diagnosed with an increasing intensity of her pain rate so that she can rest and return...

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