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Anderson Law book chapter 5 and chapter 6 pick one case brief one page for each case brief
brief cases in order to gain a fuller understanding of this topic. A briefing must include at least the four areas listed below, with the fifth optional, but very valuable if the student wishes to brief the case fully. 
1) The relevant facts, extracted from the case narrative; 
2) Identification of the issue(s); 
3) Holding(s) or ruling(s); 
4) Reasoning for the holding(s)/ruling(s); 
5) The dissenting opinion(s) and the accompanying reasoning. 

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Sharon Toney Finch
Business Law Case Briefs: Chapters 5 & 6
Chapter 5 Case Summary: Getting a piece of the Pie Market
    Relevant Facts
Utah Pie Company entered frozen pie business in 1957 and has been baking pies in Salt Lake City plant and selling pies in Utah and su
ounding states. Line of frozen pies included apple, mince, pumpkin, che
y, peach and boysenbe
y. Later, few competitor entered market which are Pet Milk, continental baking company and carnation. These all were California based and entered Utah pie market. Price war began in 1961, pies that Utah pie was selling for $4.15 per dozen in 1958 were now sold at $2.75 per dozen. Similarly, continental’s price went from $5.0 to $2.85 and Pet’s price went from $4.92 to $3.46. Also, carnation’s price slashed down from $4.82 to $3.30    
Is Utah Pie suit for the prices discrimination by the competitors in varying markets be used as competitive strategy by competitors or violation of price discrimination law for this particular...

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