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HR STRATEGIC PLAN FOR A SAMLL BUSINESS</o:p> </o:p> BRIEF</o:p> Develop a Human Resource’s Strategic plan for an enterprise or small business of your choice. Examples of small...

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Develop a Human Resource’s Strategic plan for an enterprise or small business of your choice. Examples of small business could be but not limited to:

· A café or a restaurant

· A retail store (such as IT, books, furniture, clothing, etc)

· An automobile workshop

· A catering warehouse

· A technology store selling IT products

· A barbershop or beauty saloon

· A printing factory

· A packaging factory

A sample HR strategic plan template is uploaded in eLearning for your reference. File name is Sample HR Strategic Plan Template.


The plan could follow the structure below (although some sections may not be applicable and others, such as operational details, may need to be broken down into further sections):

§ Provides a Company introduction, overview and description

§ Company’s mission statement

§ A definitive aim of the HR Strategic Plan

§ Stakeholders involved in the planning process

§ Overview of the Internal and external business environment (rationale for the Strategic plan)

§ Brief overview of the current Human resource functions and polices used

§ Legal issues applicable for your HR strategic plan

§ Strategic operational details including new systems, processes, procedures and policies for human resources

§ Human resources/labour requirements and how to source people for the business

§ Performance development plans

§ KPIs for HR

§ Financial requirements for implementing the HR strategic plan

§ Technological requirements for implementation of the strategy

§ Monitoring and evaluation of the HR plan

When considering the internal and external environmental factors that may support or limit the concept and operational implementation, the following should be taken into account:

§ Legal and ethical issues in HR in country

§ Comparative analysis (SWOT ANALYSIS)

While the task is fairly broad, it is also important to keep it within reasonable parameters.

You may choose any HR Strategic Plan for review and/improvement. Other suggestions include:

§ Hour-by-hour analysis of customer numbers and orders in order to review staffing levels

§ Planning on a setup of a new service team for the workplace

§ Planning a new sales item (cost, waste, profitability)

§ Developing a training program for improved new and current staff members

§ Developing a new electronic payroll and database system for HR


1. The planning report must address each of the listed objective items for all four (4) areas of employee relations that you have selected for analysis.

2. The plan must provide a clear explanation of each of the items above in relation to any given enterprise, workplace or industry sector.

3. The report is to be approximately 2,000 words in length however this benchmark is only a guide and is not mandatory in the overall context of the assessment

4. The analysis and strategy demonstrates a knowledge and understanding of relevant Human Resource Management principles, Risk Management, business, management or industry theory.

5. Evidence of critical thinking in preparing the responses for the strategy

6. The strategy critically discusses and analyses the topic and the assessment criteria

7. All sources are referenced consistently and comprehensively using the recommended referencing system as prescribed in the subject description/outline.

8. The responses are succinctly and clearly written or presented in English

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Running Header: Human Resource Strategic Plan                1
Human Resource Strategic Plan        8
Human Resource Strategic Plan
Human Resource Strategic Plan
The planning with respect to human resource function represents the process which identifies the prevailing as well as future needs concerning human resources with respect to any organization for attaining their respective goals (Armstrong & Taylor 2014; Jackson et al. 2014; Belcourt & McBey 2016). The human resource plan needs to aim in serving as the inter-link amongst the human resource management as well as the
oader strategic planning at the organization (Armstrong & Taylor 2014; Jackson et al. 2014; Belcourt & McBey 2016). The overall process to make sure that requirements concerning human resource in the organization for being identified as well as suitable plans shall be undertaken to satisfy the specific requirements identified (Armstrong & Taylor 2014; Jackson et al. 2014; Belcourt & McBey 2016). This strategic planning can be defined as the process that an organization pursues for estimating the overall demands concerning labor as well as evaluate the sources, nature, as well as size pertaining to supply that shall be needed for meeting the requisite demands (Armstrong & Taylor 2014; Jackson et al. 2014; Belcourt & McBey 2016). It can also be described to encompass the creation of the employer
anding, strategy for retention, strategy for absence management, flexibility strategies, strategy for talent management, recruitment / selection strategies (Armstrong & Taylor 2014; Jackson et al. 2014; Belcourt & McBey 2016).
The objective of this report is to undertake a detailed assessment and planning to prepare a human resource strategic plan for a fictitious entity.
Company Background
The company identified for this report concerns a café with five employees and a manager. The human resource and overall decision making function of the café is undertaken by the promoter of the entity to whom all of the employees in the company report to.
Aims & Objectives – HR Strategic Plan
The overall aims as well as objectives in undertaking this strategic planning for human resources function at the café include the following,
· Productivity / Performance enhancement: At the outset, the role undertaken by the employees at the café is high engagement and front end job that requires a motivated and spirited efforts by the employees to ensure expected quality standards in terms of the food prepared, overall customer services, cleanliness / overall quality, etc. (Paillé et al. 2014; Bamberger et al. 2014; Sikora & Fe
is 2014). The same requires consistent productivity and performance enhancement and its sustainment (Paillé et al. 2014; Bamberger et al. 2014; Sikora & Fe
is 2014). The primary focus of this plan shall be to ensuring suitable processes / frameworks, procedures, etc. to attain the same (Paillé et al. 2014; Bamberger et al. 2014; Sikora & Fe
is 2014).
· Retention / Absentee Management: Cafe business by...

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