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How does the Jendrassik maneuver work?Explain the mechanisms behind the effects of the maneuver

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How does the Jendrassik maneuver work?Explain the mechanisms behind the effects of the maneuver
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Ankita answered on May 25 2021
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Jendrassik maneuver: Effects and Mechanism
Maneuver is termed as any plan or model of process or execution which helps in evolving better positive reaction among patients. Jendrassik maneuver is practiced in clinical neurological trials as a compelling approach to accomplish tendon tap in the neurologically harmed patients. Jendrassik maneuver have also been revealed to aid in initiating the Hoffman reflex which is its electrical analogue. Exaggeration of the patellar reflex in enhanced by Jendrassik maneuver by counteracting with the descending inhibitory
ainstem inputs to the reflex arc interneurons.
Any patient who is suffering from reduced or no reflex might be having a damage in the L3 or L4 region of spinal cord. Application of Jendrassik maneuver, during this time, might help in reporting a false positive case. In case of Jendrassik maneuver, the patient is supposed to interlock ones fingers and further concentrates on stretching the fingers apart from each other with the help of maximum force that can be put into, however, the interlock should not be
oken. As the patient gets distracted of attempting of stretching the fingers interlocked, the patellar tendon should be tapped immediately.
Jendrassik maneuver emphasizes the reflexes of the lower limb tendon and also prevents the conscious inhibition of one’s reflex. According to a study ca
ied out to investigate the effect of Jendrassik maneuver along various levels of nervous system reported that the maneuver have been...

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