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Hman Resource

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Hman Resource
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Arun answered on Mar 11 2020
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Theory and Concept Submission
The essay discusses the benefits and costs associated with an organization that undertakes the systematic comprehensive approach to the HR planning. It discusses the options that are considered to tailor the approach to HR planning regarding the workforce challenge. The argument offered by Dyer and Ericksen about scalability in workforce management is explored. The approach presented by Dyer and Ericksen is analysed in terms of practitioner perspective.
The benefits and cost associated to comprehensive HR planning are mentioned here. Holistic HR planning assists in appraisal, recruitment, and development of people and training purposes. Researchers have emphasized that HRM practices lead to achieve the organizational goals. The HRM planning assists to organization to eliminate the HR related specific issues such as screening, recruiting, and training, appraising and rewarding the performance. There are various stakeholders that include the employees, government, and others therefore their needs must be reflected by the comprehensive HR planning.
There are various areas that are benefitted by a comprehensive HR planning. HR planning enhances competency of HR people and other employees. It fosters the knowledge management. HR planning assists in creating the high performance system at the work-place. The work and employment includes consideration of fair work environment, employment relationship, and psychological contract building and all these elements are effectively managed by the HR planning. The organizational behaviour considers the people’s characteristics and their subjective attitudes. With a comprehensive HR planning, the company can change the work culture and organizational behaviour to a desired behaviour that achieves the organizational goals. Comprehensive HR planning assists to enhance motivation as well as commitment and engagement of people and builds a good organizational culture. The HR planning not only improves the organizational design and organization development, but it assists in change management as well as the analysis of job,...

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