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HLTINF003 Implement and monitor infection prevention and control policies and procedures Assessment Case Study Please read through the following case study. Reflect on your learning and your own...

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HLTINF003 Implement and monitor infection prevention and control policies and procedures


Case Study

Please read through the following case study. Reflect on your learning and your own research within this unit.

Prepare a response that responds to each of the issues presented below. Your responses must reflect your knowledge, skills, and application for this unit.


You have accepted the role as Practice Manager for Healthy families, a large, busy, privately owned physiotherapy practice. You are responsible for the smooth running of the practice, all compliance and the management of 4 administrators (1 of these have only just started at Healthy Families) and 4 Physiotherapists.

In the first weeks in the role you realise that there are many issues facing the practice. Whilst there is a policy and many procedures to cover infection control, you do not believe they have been implemented well.

With such a critical issue, it is important that you act promptly. You decide that you need to quickly do the following:

Prepare to call a meeting where you plan to ensure the team understand infection control requirements.

You will need to:

• Prepare an outline of what will be covered in the meeting

• Write a summary of the key points of the policy

• Write a summary of the key points from the Code of Practice

• Outline how the team will used hazard identification

• Detail how the team will continue to be informed on infection control.

• Provide at least two examples of communication methods (for example a poster). These can be created or from existing industry tools

• Outline your plan for coaching and support as required to ensure that individuals/teams are able to implement infection control practices

• Deal with issues raised through consultation and ensure they are resolved promptly or referred to the appropriate personnel for resolution

• Outline workplace procedures for dealing with infection control risks and hazardous events

• Detail how you will encourage employees to report infection risks and to improve infection control procedures

Quality outcomes

Ensure the following for your submission:

i) It is grammatically correct.

ii) It is error-free.

iii) It is written in simple English.

iv) It comprises of an average of 15 words for each sentence.

v) There are separate paragraphs for each new content/topic or discussions. Include references to relevant legislation, which must be defined.

Attach any models, tools, or resources that could be used in an organisation to improve the case study situations presented.

Tip: Read all text aloud in order to identify any gaps and correct them. Ask another person to proof read your work in order to check for accuracy before you submit.

A minimum of 1,000 words is required (attachments are not to be included in word count).

Writing strategies and actions for future improvements

A case study is designed for you to demonstrate your skills in reading, accurately interpreting and providing workable responses and strategies.

Check that your responses provide:

1. Identification and clarification of the key issues. Discuss and provide some suggestions as to what has caused these.

2. Key facts and information that is relevant and demonstrates your ability to provide solutions.

3. Templates and resources that could assist managers in the future when managing their teams.

4. Recommendations, both short term and long term, to improve the current situation.

Also ensure the appropriate use of headings and formats so as to reflect a professional presentation.

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Table of Contents
Points to be addressed at the meeting    3
Key aspects of the Policy    3
Key aspects of the Code of Practice    3
Hazard Identification by the Team    4
Informing the Team on Infection Control    4
Examples of Communication Methods    4
Plan for Training Team and Individuals for implementing Infection Control Practices    4
Resolving Issues through Consultation with suitable Personnel    4
Workplace Processes to deal with Hazardous Events and Infection Control Risks    5
Ways to inspire Staffs for reporting Infection Risks and Improving Processes for Infection Control    5
References    6
Points to be addressed at the meeting
The most important issue to be addressed at the meeting is to analyze if the teams at Healthy Families are aware of the concept of infection control. Since the concerned organization provides healthcare facility, it is acceptable that the risks of infection are inevitable. Although Healthy Families has a policy and other concerned procedures that could safeguard its members from being infected, however, the probable non-compliance to them could indicate that the care teams are not quite aware of the significance of controlling infection and requirements needed to implement these practices. Hence, these issues will be addressed in the meeting.
Key aspects of the Policy
At the Healthy Families America, there is a policy for infection control of the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) that is responsible for causing AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). They have set up a range of guidelines to safeguard children from being infected by those children, who are already infected by HIV (Healthy Families, 2013). Therefore, before admitting a child to the organization, they test its blood for the infection of HIV, and if they are found to be infected, they are entrusted to group programs for separating them from the non-infected ones. Besides, critically infected children have been prevented from spreading the infection by using separate towels and disposable gloves for handling them. According to their reports, so far no infection spread has been reported that occu
ed due to organizational practices (Healthy Families, 2013).
Key aspects of the Code of Practice
The organization has a series of Codes of Practice that are also sub-divided for a number of practices under each of them. The codes of practices cover promotion of positive child-parent relationship, promotion of healthy development and growth of childhood and enhancement of family functioning. For promoting positive child-parent relationship, the organization supports child-parent attachment, encourages their play activities, supports the role of the parents in being the first teacher to their child; develops their socio-emotional relationship and their goals (HEALTHY FAMILIES AMERICA, 2011).
For promoting healthy development and growth of childhood, Healthy Families ensures their safety, nutrition, education, healthcare, early intervention facilities; aims for setting up stages of development and imparting parents with required parenting skills. Lastly, for enhancing family functionality, it builds their...

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