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No! AI(artificial intelligence) cannot be used for this assignment. University has very strict regulations, Please don’t use it. Assignment is worth 60%Step 1: Please watch ‘Video 1’ till the end for...

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No! AI(artificial intelligence) cannot be used for this assignment. University has very strict regulations, Please don’t use it.

Assignment is worth 60%

Step 1: Please watch ‘Video 1’ till the end for detailed instructions on how to complete this assignment. You shall skim through but do not skip, thanks.

You’ll be doing assignment as a DEFERRED PLACEMENT, so need to evaluate ‘Video 2’ as requested by the tutor. Assignment CANNOT be done without Video 2, so watch video 1 then video 2. thanks

My humble request, please do this assignment to achieve high distinction. I need to cover up my previous assignment mark. Thanks

As a part of assignment; I have provided:

1. Assignment task & Questions as a pdf.

2. Anacdetol FORM &

3. Learning experience FORM

4. Real World Scenarios

IMPORTANT: Video 1 & video 2 was too big to upload here, i will provide through other means, please contact. thanks

Referencing: APA7 Referencing Format

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P answered on Jun 11 2024
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Anecdotal observation record and analysis
    Date and Time:
    Children (ages) in observation: 5-6 years of age
    Setting: Describe the setup of resources and context of the environment
The play is organised in an indoor with the tables and chairs. Besides the entire room is filled with various paintings and craft material. A watch is there in the middle of the room. The entire table is filled with the paper and other resources needed to complete the play. There are other children who are working with the other trainer in the other tables.
In this task the children were encouraged in creating the night scape themed paper landscape with the continuation to their earlier work of day theme.
    People present
Eleanor, Ella and other children along with 2-3 educators
    1. Record the observation:
What happened? What did people say and do? Give detail including body language where applicable. What were the responses to the environment?
The present work is the continuation of their previous paper landscape work that they have done one month ago.
The task started with the instruction of the educator to the two girls that they should draw a tree and all the animals should live there. The girls are instructed to create a night landscape with the various things related to it by using the paper. The girls have already created the things related to the night theme such as opossum, street lights, ballot etc. This reflects the earlier personal experience. Their confidence, movements in handling the craft material and their planning clearly indicates their past experiences. Besides, the educator asked the open-ended questions that promotes the thinking and problem-solving capacities. Ella think one more strip at times, she acts as Group memory. Then introduction of...

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