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Hello there! Thank you for helping me out with my assignment as I am not a very academic person. The topic that I have chosen to write about is “ Ayahuasca.” I have put in some references from the...

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Hello there!
Thank you for helping me out with my assignment as I am not a very academic person.
The topic that I have chosen to write about is “ Ayahuasca.”
I have put in some references from the college li
ary to help, or You can start all over if you like.
My login details to Australian College of Applied Psychology are – Username-232699
XXXXXXXXXXPassword- Ruggoest4
I have so much going on with my work and business it is hard to put one together at the moment.
This topic for this assignment is Ayahuasca
This assignment has 15 references minimum.
It needs to have 3 research articles on the topic and one article HAS to be from Australia.
The unit outline is on the other page where I have started the assignment.
The 3 main things that need to be written about are the -
· Topic (Ayahuasca)
· Population eg; who? What age demographic? ( travelers, shamans, medicine people etc, )
· Context- (where they take it)- ceremonies, research centres, the jungle etc
Include the search terms in the introduction and why I searched them and the databases searched.
Evaluate the quality of the research by finding 3 articles and evaluate each one ( good quality)
Cannot state an opinion without backing it up by research
One of the articles must be from Australia.
Thank you so much for your help and you hard work you should get paid more than what you do.

The textbook for this unit is: Stevens, P., & Smith, R. L XXXXXXXXXXSubstance abuse counseling: Theory and practice (New International 5th ed.). Harlow, Essex: Pearson Education.
Assignment 2: Research review
Assignment Type Weighting Word Count Due Date
Research review 30% 1,500 words Week 9
The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to search
journal data bases in the li
ary on a particular topic relevant to the Alcohol and Othe
Drugs Counselling field. Students will critically evaluate the research findings on thei
selected topic across three academic research studies in terms of the quality of the
esearch and gaps in knowledge, and synthesise the findings.
Search the li
ary databases using search terms relevant to your selected topic. One way
of doing this is to select a drug (eg: methamphetamines), select a population (eg: young
adults) and select a context (eg: nightclubs). From the search results obtained, select three
contemporary articles on your topic. At least one of the selected articles will be
Australian. The introduction to this assessment will include the search terms used and the
data bases searched.
Read each article in depth to understand:
· What was researched (which drugs/s, population studied, context, location)
· What was the size of the sample studied?
· How was the research conducted? (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods)
· What were the major findings of each article?
Write a summary of the research studies which includes the above points. Outline the
differences and similarities in method and findings across the three studies. Evaluate the
quality of the research (for example, size of sample, how rigorous and generalisable is the
esearch method?).
Write a conclusion that evaluates the contribution of the research findings to the
evidence base of Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling and their relevance to practice.
Synthesise the research findings, for example, combine the results from the three studies
to create a new perspective, apply the findings to the AOD field, or make
ecommendations for the AOD field based on the findings.
Look at the three example research articles uploaded into the class space on
methamphetamine use in nightclubs. How might you compare these articles? Can you
find three articles that are of a similar quality and range that may be compared?
DO NOT USE the articles given as samples in your own assignment.
Unit Outline: COUN2041 - Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling 14
Last updated: Trimester 1 2018
Marking Criteria – Research Review
Not Satisfactory
Very good
1. Search strategy is outlined in introduction
2. Selected research articles are relevant, one being Australian
3. Method and major findings are outlined and compared
for each study
4. Quality of research studies is appraised
5. Evaluation of application and relevance of research
findings to AOD counselling field
6. Synthesis of research findings
Structure, Presentation and Referencing
1. Main ideas clearly and logically presented
2. Relevant research and scholarship literature used
appropriately to support claims
3. Co
ect academic writing style used, including co
spelling, grammar and punctuation
4. Presentation guidelines followed as specified in the
learning support website (http:
and first/ third person
writing style is applied where relevant
5. In-text referencing and reference list follows APA
eferencing style (6th ed.) as set out in the APA website:
6. Word count is within + or - 10% of requirement No Yes
Total Mark: /100
Weighted Scale: /30
I will be conducting my research on ayahuasca. and the medicinal benefits that this plant has on our mental, psychological and spiritual and physical health. this particular sacred medicinal plant is very interesting to me because I believe it holds the answer to many things that we take for granted. That we choose not to feel or see or believe.
Over seas in places like the amazon and peru, ayahuasca has been studied as a possible treatment for everything from diabetes to drug addiction.
"The reason why is because we just haven't done any of the research we should be doing, because there's been a blanket ban on all of them, and they are providing us with the keys that can unlock the human mind. It is obvious to most why there is a ban on most of these natural medicines
This is are natures medicine at her best and this plant is here to help us with various problems in life. Psychadelics can help unlock the human mind and that is why there is a ban on these sacred medicinal plants.
This plant “ Ayahuasca” is classified as a drug and is illegal in most countries- yet it helps to eradicate addictions and help people overcome everything from fears to diseases to mental health troubles, so therefore is very beneficial and helpful.
People of the Amazon thousands of years ago discovered the most complex pharmacology in the world by mixing two plants together,” says Standish. “And here we are, just now discovering it.”
Domínguez-Clavé, Soler, Elices, Pascual, Álvarez, De La Fuente Revenga, . . . Riba XXXXXXXXXXAyahuasca: Pharmacology, neuroscience and therapeutic potential. Brain Research Bulletin, 126, 89-101.
Dutta, V XXXXXXXXXXRepression of death consciousness and the psychedelic trip. Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics, 8(3), 336-42.
Soler, Joaquim, Elices, Matilde, Franquesa, Alba, Barker, Steven, Friedlander, Pablo, Feilding, Amanda, . . . Riba, Jordi XXXXXXXXXXExploring the therapeutic potential of Ayahuasca: Acute intake increases mindfulness-related capacities. Psychopharmacology, 233(5), 823.
Talin, & Sana
ia XXXXXXXXXXAyahuasca’s entwined efficacy: An ethnographic study of ritual healing from ‘addiction’. International Journal of Drug Policy, 44, 23-30.
Answered Same Day Apr 04, 2020 COUN2041


Soumi answered on Apr 10 2020
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Running Head: AYAHUASCA        1
AYAHUASCA         2
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Topic    3
Population    4
Context    5
Conclusion    6
References    7
The curiosity for the unknown and the desire to experience every aspect of life are present in the carnal nature of humans. As per cultural and local beliefs, all the addiction-generating substances have their positive effects on human beings, some having medicinal qualities. However, reports show that use of addictive substances and recreational drugs can lead to human fatality as well as harm. Therefore, the actual impact, reach and reason for the use of the addictive substances must be evaluated properly in order to authenticate the myths su
ounding such substances. To conduct this critical evaluation, three articles have been chosen, using the keywords ‘Ayahuasca’, ‘Drug’ and ‘Australia’, entered in the Navitas Li
ary search bar, which have found 157 results. Out of them the articles by Gearin (2015), Liester and Prickett (2012) and by Labate (2011) have been selected, amongst which the paper by Gearin (2015) is in Australian context.
The article by Gearin (2015) provides an in depth understanding of ways of using Ayahuasca among ordinary people. The article proves its detailed description of the process of the consumption of Ayahuasca in neoshamanism rituals and as a medicine for a better health, although Ayahuasca is not medically proven, beneficial. Ayahuasca is believed to treat people, as mentioned by Stevens and Smith (2014), giving them chance to vent their needs through strong visual hallucination. In the cu
ent article, the author aims at evaluating the way Ayahuasca affects people who consume them and shows the positive side of visionary hallucination and vomiting. As per the findings of de Assis and Labate (2018), Ayahuasca is not suitable to all, and it must be consumed on won risk.
On the other hand, the article by Liester and Prickett (2012) aim at exploring the biological, physiological and psychological effects on people, who consume Ayahuasca as a traditional as well as spiritual medicine for refraining from indulging in substance abuse and addictions. According to de Morais et al. (2018), Ayahuasca affects human life through multiple aspects. The article excels the level of satisfaction as it also provides theories in support of biochemical, transcendental and psychological aspects of Ayahuasca consumption and their effects on people. The cu
ent article provides logically a
anged keywords related to Ayahuasca and finds a balanced and logic based approach in establishing the aspect of Ayahuasca as a medicine for addiction treatment, despite being a hallucinatory drug itself.
In the third article, which is composed by Labate (2011), focuses the limelight on the aspect of Ayahuasca consumption through prism of medical controversies and the contrasting aspect of religious beliefs. According to Soler et al. (2016), religion and its rituals are often out of alignment with rational thinking. The article in its approach makes careful observation of the delicate aspects of religious liberty and the power of national legislature of a country in controlling the use and consumption of Ayahuasca without hurting the religious sentiment of people who consume it.
All of three mentioned articles have their Ayahuasca and its effects on human as their core area of emphasis. However, each of the articles has their difference of approach towards their topics. The article by Gearin (2015) focuses on the use of Ayahuasca, and its effect on the body, which according to the assumption of Cavnar (2018), is considered a part of an unorthodox and spiritual way of healing body and soul. On the other hand, the article, written by Liester and Prickett (2012) discusses the biochemical, psychological and physiological effects of Ayahuasca along with theories, instead of indulging in only the details of reactions on body generating from Ayahuasca consumption. The last...

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