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Literature Review (20% Weightage XXXXXXXXXXwords) Need to write literature review on With their hyper discounting model will Ola can endure with global competitors? Characteristics of a Literature...

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Literature Review (20% Weightage XXXXXXXXXXwords)
Need to write literature review on
With their hyper discounting model will Ola can endure with global competitors?
Characteristics of a Literature Review
· Documentation of the state of research on a given topic or given research area.
· Summarises and synthesizes the ideas or concepts, problems and solutions other researchers in the field have produced over time.
· Reflects the reviewer’s understanding of the body of work existing in the field and may shed new light or provide new interpretation of previous works.
· Reveals the gaps in the literature and points out problems worth pursuing for further research.
· Use a bibliographic organizing too l such as Bibtex or EndNote.
· Maintain an accurate record of all the papers you collect or read.
· Collect papers in and around your field of research. DO not myopic!
· Types and anatomy of a publication
· Publications could be anything of the following types:
· Book
· Thesis
· Report
· Article in a conference proceeding
· Article in a journal
· Article on the we
· A Publication could be divided into sections:
Abstract or synopsis or introduction
Body- with possibly several subsections
Discussion and conclusion
What structure should the literature review adopt?
A literature review is like any other document. It should have:
· An Introduction giving an overview of the subject, issues or theory under consideration, along with the objectives of the review.
· A body in which a critical review of the literature collected is undertaken. There are several ways in which this could be conducted. (Use Chronological method based on history)
· Some conclusion that draws out the salient points or observations from the literature and makes statements about the gaps in the literature.
· The body of the review should take up 80% of your writing effort.
· The literature review is organized around ideas.
· It is not a list of summaries of papers as in annotated bibliography.
· The Style could be:
· These forms must be interpreted in the context of the specific area of research.
· Use your
ainstorming questions.
· Come up with headings for the sections of the review.
· Maintain logical presentations of the ideas and review.
1.You can attach a separate file as Annexure. This will not be counted in word count nor will be graded. However, this might help you explain how you did map the 20-literature review.

Student Name: Udit Chandreshbhai Oza XXXXXXXXXX)
University Name: Excelsia College
Unit Name: Integrated Business Research Methods
Date: 18/08/2019
Introduction    3
Problem statement    4
Idea Generation    4
Hypothesis testing    4
Standing against the statement    5
Type of Business Research    5
Research statement    6
References    9
Introduction: -
The rundown of those wagering on the fate of Ola, biggest taxi aggregator in India, continues getting longer. In the wake of having wiped up near $900 million from in excess of twelve financial specialists since 2011 when it was set up, Ola (once in the past Ola Cabs) got 30$ million from the Didi Chuxing, China's biggest taxi hailing administration. Chuxing is plainly situating itself to takes on Uber Technology, its principle rival in the China, having as of late inked an a
angement with the Uber's Unites State rival Lyft.
Ola's most recent exertion to raise reserves—expected to get it at any rate $500 million as well as valuation of the above 5$ billion—is likewise planned for keeping Uber under control. A few 225 million $ from the Falcon Edge is as of now in kitty moreover other existing financial specialists like Softbank and Tiger Global are probably going to contribute. News reports state the taxi aggregator is likewise in cutting edge converses with United State support investments Meru Capital or Scottish speculation firm the Baille Gifford.
Ola taxis also have been using division parameters, such as, topographically partitioning the markets it serves into metro and u
an to devise restricted time as well as business technique dependent on the attention in these big business sectors. Additionally, it fragments customers based on client pay profile, such as, Ola share, Prime, Ola Luxury, cars. As the organization serves diverse client fragments for example long course clients of outstation, consumers inside 8 Kms, Shuttle administration as well as shared administration, consequently it utilizes separation focusing on methodology. Ola Cab has also situated itself as association making portability helpful, simple, safe and reasonable 24*7.
Problem statement: -
With the hyper discounting model will Ola can endure with global competitors.
Idea Generation
· With the hyper discounting model, Ola can become the market leader of India.
· Such model can make it an operational inefficiency company.
· Such hyper discounting model is using as a marketing strategy to keep a good foot in the Indian market.
· Ola should raise more funds before using such disrupting discounting models.
· Ola can achieve its vision and mission by using such kind of discounting models.
Hypothesis testing
The most suitable idea according to the performance of Ola is that with their hyper discounting model it can become the market leader in India. It even stands in the favour of the research topic. So, we have to make a hypothesis testing standing in favour as well standing against the topic.
In favour of the statement:
1. To gain an initial competitive advantage such discounting models are very crucial.
2. Possibility of a larger lead generation.
3. Can understand the behaviour of the consumer and can price accordingly.
4. Lower cost incu
ed in other means of marketing and promotion.
5. Possible visualisation of the market base and can also understand the challenges as well as loopholes.
6. Customer friendly approach.
Standing against the statement
1. Could lead to operational inefficiency.
2. Not every Indian customer will turn up. Indian market is fascinated with offers and discounts and customers have a tendency to purchase or consume bulk when there is a discount. After the discount gets over, they possibly don’t choose the product anymore and this can be a biggest disadvantage.
3. Chance of strategy getting replicated by the competitors.
Type of Business Research: -
To conduct a survey the best possible method is experiment method. It comes with the advantages of being cost effective and very convenient. Test research is a few assessments directed with logical methodology, where many elements are kept consistent while other a
angement of the elements is being approximate as subject of the analysis. Exploratory research is establishing quantitative research strategies.
Through this type of business research, we can understand the crucial possible outcomes of the topic. It will also help us to develop draw recommendations.
Research statement: -
Passing by its case that it has an 80% piece of the pie of 6 billion $ Indian taxi administrations showcase, Ola appears on solid ground for the present; Meru holds simply 12%, trailed by Uber or others at 5%. In any case, plainly it might want to hold hang on market that is developing at 30-35% year-on-year, as per industry gauges. Ola says it’s adding 1,500 taxis each day to its present armada—in the following two years it’s taking a gander at one million cabs. What's more, it hopes to cross $1 billion in incomes in XXXXXXXXXX, which will incorporate incomes from the TaxiForSure — an adversary Ola purchased in March for 200 $million.
Ola's quick development has included some significant pitfalls however, since it has
ought to the table gigantic limits to driver to prevail upon them to its overlay. Business magazine as of late said the taxi aggregator consumes $15 million consistently—an immense piece of that the outgo is by virtue of high motivating forces it offers its driver. Drivers state they wouldn't most likely offer that rate to clients on the off chance that they were not boosted. Uber offers similar rate to its Uber-Go travellers.
Along these lines, while it might have piece of the overall industry, Ola's misfortunes are developing (see realistic). The misfortunes could increase this year state experts. In any case, Ola moreover its financial specialists expect Bengaluru-based firm to move toward becoming benefit before duty (PBT) positive by XXXXXXXXXXUp to that point, Ola is making a money coffer for itself to develop the business. Additionally, Ola is presented in excess of 100 u
an areas while the Uber in 18 u
an areas. In any case, 90% of Ola traffic originates from the main 7 u
an areas thus it can't bear to be careless.
"Uber has also been developing like Ola as the primary section of this cu
ent year when its industry was distu
ed over an assault including a driver," composes Amir Efrati, in the report for Information. Ola has kept up over 42% every month developments since its commencement as a taxi aggregator (instead of the proprietorship model predominant at time. TAB-cab, Think Meru, and so on). Its exclusive innovation for drivers crosswise over business transport vehicles encourages them associate with clients. Utilizing the Ola versatile application, clients may book from more than 2,50,000 taxis as well as another 66,000 vehicles crosswise over kaali-peeli (dark and yellow) taxicabs and yellow cabs (in the Kolkata) — Ola included cars and dark and-yellow cabs to its armada a year ago. Uber business claims that it’s developing at a similar pace as Ola, at around 45% month-on-month in India, moreover will clock one million day by day rides by31 March 2016. It as of late said it will put $1 billion in India throughout the following 6 to 9 months (Finch, 2018).
Anand Su
amanian, ranking executive, showcasing interchanges at Ola, says firm may be productive yet has developed market which is under-served to such an extent that it needs colossal venture. "We are cantered around development. Client procurement must be increased with developing number of vehicles on the stage."
Ashvin Vellody, accomplice at KPMG, calls attention to the taxi business is about scale and needs speculation. "The marketplace is extending past the top u
an areas," he says. "It’s about the fight for market share—higher the quantity of vehicles out and about, the more prominent the likelihood of prevailing upon a client. Be that as it may, the development in market share will likewise rely upon who offers the most reduced passage," says Sanchit Vir Gogia of the Greyhound Research, an innovation research firm (livemint, 2019).
By2015 December, at any rate 10,000 autos is relied upon to be on-street under renting model. “The renting organization will be completely claimed backup of Ola’s — it will rent the vehicle for a long time, moreover after that driver will possess the vehicle," says by Su
amanian. Ola intends to encourage another 4,500 crore Rs of venture for renting from monetary foundations. "We will also have 100,000 rented vehicles on stage," says Su
Ola is wagering on the detonating Internet and cell phone crowd. Before the cu
ent year's over, India is relied upon to outperform China
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Literature Review
Literature Review
Student Name:
University Name:
Unit Name:
Abstract    3
With their hyper discounting model will Ola can endure with global competitors    3
Discounts versus affordability    5
Conclusion    10
References    11
Ola Cabs, is an Indian transportation network company (TNC) offering services that include peer-to-peer ridesharing, ride service hailing, taxi and food delivery. Ola Cabs was founded on 3 December 2010 as an online cab aggregator in Mumbai, and is now based in Bangalore. Although moisture has its share of the market, increasing competition as well as rising loss mean it cannot afford to lose momentum. In the international marketplace, Ola is re-creating the tried and tested formula of her country, India: in underwriting customers, promoting drivers (Ma, Deng & Huang, 2014). On November 06, the Bangalore-based company launched a ride-sharing service in New Zealand following the launch of three cities in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. In the first month, the company is offering a 50% discount to travelers and only gets a 9% commission from drivers. The move is giving Ola Kiwis consistent ride-share services, which provides safe or affordable alternative service that enables low and low-cost motorists to make more money," the company said in a news release. This paper is about how hyper discounting model will help Ola to endure with global competitors and how hyper discounting model will Ola can endure with global competitors.
With their hyper discounting model will Ola can endure with global competitors
The hyper discounting model is considered as a cognitive bias wherein the concerned individual psychologically prefers for a reward that is obtainable presently rather than the reward that is expected in future (Nakajima, 2010). This type of discounting option is available for a short period of time and is much less compared to future discounts. The cashback offers are less prefe
ed over the instant discount offers that a company offers (Myerson, Baumann and Green, 2014). Though the value of cashback would be higher, according to the term, ‘reversal of preference’, hyper discount obtained instantly is chosen on a larger basis.
A dynamic change in the economy of the concerned company can be obtained by introducing the hyper discounting model as it supports deducing rates of commodity/service, lesser time-span, etc (Anchugina, 2016). The experimental results depicted that discounts given in a hypothetical manner that can be redeemed at the completion of transaction are likely to have issues regarding strategic manipulation (Nakajima, 2010). This may mislead the consumer and can also result in unfavorable response from the customer. This can affect the rivalry factor on global platforms for Ola as compared to other cab-service providers.
There is always a threat from newcomers in market. They come with an agenda to gain popularity and poach customers from their rivals. Ola has been one of the oldest in market and has a sufficiently large number of consumers (Cai, Bagchi & Gauri, 2015). The newcomers in market try to come up with offers and promo codes in order to beat the pioneers of the market. In order to save from such fetish behavioral tactics, Ola opted hyper discounting model that can lure attention of their customers and stand in the market.
The exponential discounting curve supports steady growth in discounting offers in a channelized manner whereas the hyper discounting model supports in fix and higher attention-seeking discounting offers(Tsoukis, Tournemaine, and Gillman, 2017). For example, a customer is offered a cashback in wallet of around $ 60 or a discount of $ 40 in the total amount itself, its human nature to select $ 40 instant discount. Hence by choosing hyper discounting model, Ola gained an affirmative response and turned out to be beneficial on global platforms.
India's largest cab collector is betting on the fate of wetlands. The list of them is increasing day by day. Ola cabs received about 30million from the Didi Chuxing (previously known as a Didi Kuaidi), largest taxi service in China, after generating nearly $ 1 million in revenue from more than a dozen investors (Menezes & Peermohamed, 2019). With Ola's recent deal with US rival Lift, Chuxing is clearly ready to take on China's main competitor, Ola Technologies.At least that's the latest attempt to raise funds for moisture. The deal is expected to fetch $ 500 million - and to top $ 5 billion dollars - too, to keep Ola at bay. About 5.9 million dollars are already in Kitty from the Falcon Edge, as well as other presented investors like Softbank and Tiger Global are expected to flinch. According to reports in the news agency, Taxi aggegator’s is in advanced discussions with American hedge fund Meru Capital moreover Scottish investment firm Baille Gifford (Möller & Watanabe, 2010).
After focusing on cash-back offers moreover discounts for more than a few years, Ola and Ola, India's biggest cab aggregators who work online, have introduced new features to entice customers in the past few weeks. Past this month, San Francisco-based Ola launched latest version of its mobile application that now includes factors inspired by Indian market. Between other things, and it allows travelers internationally to find some shortcuts as well as compare fares among different types of cab on offer for example Olago, OlaX and Ola Pool (Gupta, 2019). This is a good time to travel by cab in India. Cab aggregators have to stick to this trend if they want to be in the market. Jaspal Singh, Co-Founder of Valorizer Consultants said, "For the first time, it doesn't seem that customers can differentiate between different players (due to some new features) (Doyle & Chen, 2010). “The market is sensitive. Raising prices will lead to a definite reduction in ride numbers. Cu
ently 85% of cab business is in economy segment. "Affordability will be one of the main components of India, acknowledges Ola General Manager Christian Freese of Bengaluru. I don't think just launching new elements will help. The Price will be a big or big part of what we're trying to do, "say Freese, who moved recently from Germany, companies second-biggest market leader in the United States.”Being affordable is the...

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