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group task watch video

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group task watch video
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Nishtha answered on Aug 22 2021
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Table of Contents
Economic Theories    3
Company Description    3
Keynesian Theory    3
Fisher theory    4
Discussion of the Theories    4
References    6
Economic Theories
Economic theories allow us to understand the fundamental causalities of observed economic theories. Rather than logic experiments, theories have direct consequences: economic agents — governments, companies and individuals — use them to direct their behaviour to achieve the desired outcomes. Siemens experienced the pain of a more competitive global business climate. Thanks to a strong order pipeline and favourable cu
ency translation impact, revenue was up ten per cent in comparison to the quarter of 2018.
As mentioned by Kharlamov et al. (2017), initially, a major concern was that Siemens had group leaders who were also representatives of the management board of the overall company, which might create a conflict of interest. It is not rare for businesses to have board members who also work within the company in positions of control. It may make it difficult to be willing to have an impartial perspective on contentious subjects or decisions to be taken at the corporate level.
Company Description
Siemens has many assets and capabilities that are needed for survival. As stated by Nie, Ramachandran and Hou (2018), the history of the company has created some unique resources and core competencies that separate Siemens from other companies and are critical to the success of the company. Implementing our suggestions and alternatives would help
ing more value to each organisational operation, thereby reducing costs and improving efficiency.
The study given helped to gain a deeper understanding of Siemens' existing structure and the advantages of a new structure being introduced. Kharlamov et al (2017) have described that the energy sector would have to evolve and adapt its ageing business models and technology and build different ways of learning in order to remain competitive. There are no simple responses in an ever more decentralised and diversified energy environment. To guarantee constant electricity, Smart Grid partners need a scalable range of versatile solutions and a great deal of experience.
Keynesian Theory
Keynes' theory of balancing real GDP, wages, and prices focuses...

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