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For this assignment you will be writing an 7 page research essay with a clear argument. This essay must contain an introduction that engages the reader, presents a thesis statement, and provides any...

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For this assignment you will be writing an 7 page research essay with a clear argument.

This essay must contain an introduction that engages the reader, presents a thesis statement, and provides any necessary background information, definitions, or context.

This essay must also contain a body that thoroughly supports your thesis statement with at least 3 findings and 5 academic sources.

Finally, it must contain a conclusion that resolves your argument, includes a discussion of your findings, and offers recommendations or looks to the future.

This paper must utilize APA formatting and use at least 5 sources from the library databases.

This is my chosen topic:Why smoking in public should be banned?

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Soumi answered on Mar 30 2020
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Why Smoking in Public Should be banned    3
Conclusion    9
References    10
Smoking is one of the leading killers across the globe as it leads to death of around 6 million people annually (Siegel, Miller & Jemal, 2018). Cigarettes are full of harmful substances that directly effects the health of an individual. The deaths are due to the consumption of thousands of chemicals that make up a cigarette. In addition to smokers, non-smokers also inhale smoke because of smokers smoking around them. For years, it has been thought that smokers has a negative impact on an individual smoking a cigarette.
However, researches has indicates that passive smokers are also severely affected due to smoking habits of smokers. This essay focuses on the impact of smoking in public places. The thesis for this essay is that whether smoking in public places should be banned or not. There are a multiple points that needs to be discussed to come to a concrete conclusion to the thesis.
Why Smoking in Public Should be banned
While smoking, two types of smokes are released, like side stream smoke and mainstream smoke. The smoke that is released from burning end of the cigarette is refe
ed to as the side stream smoke and the smoke exhaled by the smokers is known as the mainstream smoke (Jones, Laporte, Rice & Zucchelli, 2015). Both the types of smoke contains tobacco and other chemicals released from burning of paper and other materials. These smokes lead to serious health consequences. The smokers may or may not have the idea of the health issues of smoking. However, indirectly he negatively affects the health of non-smokers also due to his act of smoking at public place.
However, when a smoker smokes in public, he releases smoke in the environment. Non-smokers who does not smoke passively inhale the same smoke. The health of the non-smoker is put at stake even though he does not smoke. Inhaling second hand smoke exposes the individual to a number of health issues like heart attack, cancer and other serious issues (Emont et al., 2017). Smoking pollutes the environment with harmful chemicals that can expose an individual to chances of heart issues.
Banning smoking in public has shown a healthy improvement in the health of individuals at such places. According to the views of Sato et al. (2014), a projection indicated that that a nationwide ban on smoking in public places can reduces the number of heart attacks by 154000 people. Studies has indicated that second hand smoke exposes individuals to several chronic diseases. It also increases the risk by around 30 per cent.
Public smoking has a major impact on the health of every individual. Due to passive smoking, the blood becomes sticky and makes the blood more prone to clot. This reduces the cholesterol in the body that decreases the chances of heart rhythms and other issues. According to the views of Jones, Laporte, Rice and Zucchelli (2015), it has been observed that ban on smoking in public places in the past had shown an immediate increase in just three months.
However, it can be argued that it an individual has the freedom to act. As per the views of Emont et al. (2017), an individual has the freedom to express in any manner unless it is offensive to others. Therefore, based on this view, an individual should have the freedom to smoke in public place. An individual should have the freedom to do any act in public place unless it leads to violence.
In addition to that, if an individual does not like smoke then he should avoid that place rather than forcing a ban on smoking in public place. The smoking industry is a large-scale industry and employs a significant number of people. The organization related to production of cigarette contribute heavily to the income of a country. According to Humair, Garin, Gerstel, Ca
allo and Ca
allo (2014), if a ban is put on smoking in public places then the sales of such organization will reduce significantly. This will significantly reduce the number of people employed in such organizations.
Ban on smoking can have a negative impact on government revenue source, as tobacco industry is one among the major contributors in the form of tax. The industry employs huge number of people. Therefore, ban on smoking will adversely affect the employment level in an economy.
Another option could be development of special smoking zones at public places (Knuchel-Takano et al., 2017). This will reduce the impact of smoking on non-smokers. This will also enable the non-smokers to avoid places...

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