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EMPLOYEE RELATIONS STRATEGY REPORT BRIEF The Employee Relations unit of competency has focussed on key issues in employee relations. In this you are required to review, develop and recommend some...

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The Employee Relations unit of competency has focussed on key issues in employee relations. In this you are required to review, develop and recommend some components of employee relations strategy and report it to your manager (who in this case is your trainer).


The organisation in this context is an Australian electricity company named ENERGEX. The company website is at Using their current strategy documents linked below, you are required to review and report on their employee relations.

Download the following files before conducting the review and reporting:

§ ENERGEX Organisational Information -

§ ENERGEX Annual report - XXXXXXXXXXpdf

§ ENERGEX Employee Relations Strategy –

§ ENERGEX Selection process -

§ ENERGEX Safety policy -

§ ENERGEX People Committee Charter Summary -

§ ENERGEX employee benefits -

§ ENERGEX Diversity policy -

§ ENERGEX Employment Agreement -


The review should follow the structure below (although some sections may not be applicable and some sections may need to be broken down into further sections):

§ Provides a Company introduction, overview and description

§ Company’s mission statement

§ A brief on the company’s employee relations strategy

§ Brief on Recruitment and Selection

§ Brief on Employee Benefits of the organisation

§ Employee Safety and well being

§ Performance development and training

§ Stakeholders in Employee Relations

§ Review of diversity policy with recommendations

§ Review of Employee relations strategy

§ Develop an employee relations risk management strategy

§ Review of collective employment agreement

§ Review of organizational HR services to employees

§ Termination and disciplinary issues

§ Overall recommendations


1. The research report must address each of the above listed components or areas of employee relations for the case organisation.

2. If a component was not addressed, explain the reasons why it was not addressed. For example, you may say that the organisation did not have a “selection policy” and thus it could not be reviewed.

3. The report must provide an employee relations risk management strategy

4. The report is to be approximately 2,000 words in length however this benchmark is only a guide and is not mandatory in the overall context of the assessment

5. The analysis and strategy demonstrates a knowledge and understanding of relevant Human Resource Management principles, Risk Management, business, management or industry theory.

6. Evidence of review of organisational employee relations such as recruitment, selection, work health & safety, performance, union agreement, EEO & diversity, employee benefits and termination.

7. The strategy critically discusses and analyses the topic, range statement, performance criteria and foundation skills of the unit descriptor

8. All sources are referenced consistently and comprehensively if

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Energex: Employee relations
Company introduction (description, mission)
Energex, incorporated in the year 1922, as an electric power distribution company based in Brisbane, Australia. The organisation is positioned as a multi-utility provider engaged in supplying LPG and natural gas to the country people, in addition to electricity. The business operations of Energex is primarily established for providing electricity to South East Queensland, and, slowly expanded operations in Southern States, New South Wales and Victoria. The mission statement of the company is, ‘setting a new standard of excellence in energy supply and fulfilling customers’ needs’. (Energex: Company background and description, 2017).The organisation strives for identifying and developing energy solutions and fulfilling customers’ needs optimally and adequately.
Employee relations (Review, stakeholders and risk management strategy)
Employee relation is considered as one of the major pillar determining corporate regime at Energex. The vision of Energex behind employee relations is, ‘creating fostering climate supporting workplace safety and security, improving workforce capability, ensuring staff engagement, and setting high performance service culture’ (Energex: Employee benefits, 2017). The stakeholders involved in employee relations strategy include employees, employers, regulatory authorities, and shareholders. It is assumed to ensure active participation of all stakeholders depending on their role and significance.
On reviewing employee relations strategy at Energex, it is identified that it supports Energex values and vision through defining underlying principles. The principles of employee relations strategy is based on positive leadership, constructive relationships and meaningful consultation. These three principles are identified as fundamentals to employee relations strategy. Positive leadership denotes the fact that managers and leaders at Energex should positively direct and influence employees and working environment. This could be done through setting a great example or demonstrating leadership in the pursuit of encouraging employees to adhere same. It helps in leading employees to proactively handle situation and seeking timely resolution to issues (Energex: Employee benefits, 2017).
Second element is based on working relationship requires strong commitment among employees, managers, and unions for adopting reasonable steps to resolve issues. Mutual support and respect creates environment of constructive workplace relationship. For achieving mutually acceptable outcomes, parties should have an obligation to actively communicate with each other for developing an understanding of each others, goals and interests. Thirdly, meaningful consultation requires different forms of consultations-information sharing, response seeking, cooperative decision-making, and seeking employee inputs.
Risk management strategy
The risk management strategy should be based on certain values-putting safety first, respecting and supporting each other, impressing customers, setting great example, team player, and delivering balanced results. It is necessary to put forth all these notions and values for ensuring that employees are participating actively and engaging in positive, productive and safe working practices (Energex: Employee benefits, 2017)....

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