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Critical evaluation of HR information Value: 25% Due Date: 05-Aug-2018 Return Date: 24-Aug-2018 Length: Length: 1,200 words +/- 10% Submission method options: Alternative submission method Task back...

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Critical evaluation of HR information

Value:25%Due Date:05-Aug-2018Return Date:24-Aug-2018Length:Length: 1,200 words +/- 10%Submission method options:Alternative submission method


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This assessment task has four parts.

A. Evidence-based HRM, a specific application of the broader term, evidence-based management, is a cornerstone in this subject. Usingat least two information sources from academic journals, explain what is meant by this term. Why is this important in HR practice? (200 words)

B. Find anytwo internet written sourcesthat you believe would be useful to Israel Tobin in persuading Mark French of the strategic value of the HR function in CERA. (The sources do not need to be used by Israel in full – they are to inform his presentation.) Briefly, explain how each source might be used to support Israel’s pitch to Mark French and the CERA executive team. (300 words)

C. Using the CRAP test,evaluatethe two sources that you used in point B above. (500 words)

D. Drawconclusionsregarding the nature of the information that should be used to inform practice. (200 words)

Online submission via Turnitin is required for this assignment. Details will be provided by your subject lecturer.


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This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to provide realistic, theoretically-sound and well-informed technical HR solutions to meet the business requirements of organisations.
  • be able to propose and critically evaluate plausible alternative HR solutions to business problems.

Marking criteria and standards

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Marking guide for Assessment 1

Criterion and weighting

High distinction





Evidence-based HRM and critical analysis of sources (20)

Describes evidence-based HRM correctly.

Demonstrates ability to critique the nature of sources using relevant criteria that unpacks the nature of information and its creation.

Draws out implications fully and correctly.

Describes evidence-based HRM correctly.

Demonstrates ability to critique the nature of sources using relevant criteria.

Draws out implications fully and correctly, but minor gaps.

Describes evidence-based HRM correctly.

Demonstrates ability to critique the nature of sources using criteria.

There may be some gaps in the application of the criteria.

Draws out implications correctly, but there are some gaps.

A satisfactory attempt is made to describe evidence-based HRM.

Demonstrates ability to critique the nature of sources using criteria. The discussion may be overly descriptive, lacking critical thought.

Does not draw out implications well.

Fails to analyse the nature of the sources.

Referencing, expression and presentation (5)

Correct expression, appropriate academic presentation and correct APA referencing.

Minor errors in expression and/or academic presentation and/or APA referencing.

The discussion is well presented, but needs to be improved in academic writing style and/or APA referencing

The discussion addresses the minimum requirements of the task, but one or more of presentation, expression or referencing needs considerable improvement.

Very poor referencing, presentation, expression.



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To present your answer, simply list each part using a short heading, and write your answer in sentences and paragraphs. Use 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing.

Do not number the sections or use dot points in the body of the paper. Include a cover page showing the total word count. The word count includes everything other than the cover page and the reference list. It includes in-text citations and text included in images.

Do not use footnotes or appendices.

Reference all sources used with in-text citations and a reference list. Please get across the APA6 referencing system. A guide to this system is available from your Student homepage.

Upload a Word document to Turnitin. Do not upload pdf or rtf or Pages files. It is recommended that your name, student ID and page number are included in the header or footer of every page of the assignment.

Marks will be reduced for failure to follow presentation requirements.


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This assignment must be submitted through Turnitin.

  • It is recommended thatyour name,student IDandpage numberare included in theheader or footerof every page of the assignment.
  • Further details about submission in Turnitin are provided in On-line submission.
Answered Same Day Aug 02, 2020 HRM502 Charles Sturt University


Sarabjeet answered on Aug 03 2020
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HR Information
Running head: HR Information
HR Information
HR Information    August 3    2018    
Introduction    3
Evidence based Human resources management    3
Strategic value of the Human resources function in CERA    4
CRAP test evaluations    5
Conclusion    7
References    8
Human resources management refers to a process of analyzing as well as managing the organization's HR needs to make sure that its strategic objectives or aspects of human resources management position are completely involved, including recruitment, affecting employee behavior, Attitude and performance, screening, training and performance, these practices should be aligned and linked to the goals and objectives of the organization. Effective HR practices ultimately improve business performance. Technological applications have also confirmed changes in the new revolution in human resource management. It was also concluded that the standard human resources planning process greatly promoted the mission and vision of the organization and achieved its goals. CRAP testing is an important thinking tool for identifying the importance of sources in the academic arena. Analysis through the CRAAP test suggests information that is primarily relevant to the search we need. Both HR journals have passed CRAP testing and academically important sources of information. Strategic Human Resource Management and Planning Objectives The organization's strategic objectives and operational plans - to maintain a proper social organization, ritual and technical pair, to ensure proper human resources to the people at the right time. The impact of human resources in the region and business unit has an impact. This study includes the critical evaluation of HR information.
Evidence based Human resources management
As Armstrong & Taylor (2014) co
ectly pointed out, evidence-based human resource management (HRM) makes decisions through careful and sensible use of two different sources of information (Armstrong, 2014). This source is the important source for evidence-based human resource management are practitioners' expertise and judgment, evidence from a local contexts, analytical assessments of an existing research recommendations, and the views of specific individuals who may be unnatural by the judgment. Therefore, evidence-based human resource practices can be seen as a process for analyzing different interventions and methods of detecting and participating in human resources. This basically has the strongest bias towards achieving the desired goals, especially empirical support.
As Gu
ins & Rousseau (2015) co
ectly put forward, evidence-based human resource management practices can be considered important because they help to promote academic research in different areas of human resources. In addition, evidence-based human resource management aims to provide a worldwide forum and an important reference for enhancing purpose and disseminating real and applied research. Therefore, evidence-based human resource management can help make informed and effective decisions and provide enhanced potential to align human resource practices with the company's strategic goals. In addition, evidence-based human resource management has increased the potential of human resources as a whole and human resources practitioners by...

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