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Course title: law and governance Research Component Select two (2) articles using any of the following resources; newspapers, weekly journals, or (reputable) Internet news sites. All articles must be...

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Course title: law and governance

Research Component

Select two (2) articles using any of the following resources; newspapers, weekly journals, or (reputable) Internet news sites. All articles must be dated from September 1, 2015 onward. You may access local Canadian libraries or the Internet.

The articles you select must relate to Law and/or Corporate Governance, this would include topics/areas discussed in class or any of the following topics:

  • corporate governance

  • common, civil, tort or criminal law

  • constitution and/or charter

  • financial services and regulatory compliance

  • fraud and/or negligence

  • insider trading

  • privacy law issues

  • shareholders' rights

  • misconduct

  • duty of care and/or fiduciary duty

The articles must contain significant information or commentary on the identified key topic in Law and/or Corporate Governance.

You are to select your own articles and must not lend articles to other student groups.

Assignment 1 should be in 11 pt. font and should be between 3 pages

Content: Use Headings for each article:

Introduction: Introduce each article, why it was selected, and how the article relates to Law and/or Corporate Governance.

Summary: Write a summary of each article. Tip: One way to do this is to read the article several times, jot down key facts and then write your summary without looking at the article, only at your notes. That way you are more likely to express the facts with your own writing style and words.

Topic Analysis: Students must write an analysis of each article. Ensure to identify and explain how and why the article relates to Law and/or Corporate Governance. This may include material covered in class and/or other research you have undertaken. Ensure to properly cite all of your sources.

Part 2


Your team, “Compliance - Projects and Initiatives”, reports to the head of Wealth Management Compliance for a large Canadian Bank.

Your team’s role within the Wealth Management Compliance includes:

  • Responsibility for leading and managing a team of senior compliance professionals.

  • Managing firm-wide projects and initiatives for Wealth Management Compliance in response to regulatory developments and bank initiatives.

  • Working with senior management to help ensure various Compliance areas meet their mandates and yearly and quarterly objectives and targets.

  • Coordinating development, review and completion of Wealth Management.

  • Compliance policies and procedures, and ensuring that a consistent approach, structure and quality are applied with firm-wide policies and procedures.

During a recent IIROC Audit, it was revealed that there were some reporting deficiencies relating to the CCO and Board of Directors.

  • Specifically, it was noted that the CCO did not provide reports to the Board of Directors as required by IIROC Dealer Member Rule 38.7 (h and i):

  • (

  • IIROC has submitted a Guidance Notice relating to the “The Role of Compliance and Supervision”:


You and your team have been asked by your boss to submit a report outlining:

  • A summary of the IIROC draft Guidance: “The Role of Compliance and Supervision” which will be submitted to your firm’s Board of Directors.

  • As part of your summary, you are also required to provide a recommended reporting structure for the CCO to the Board of Directors.

Items to consider:

Part A of the report should be in 11pt. font and should be between 2 pages

IIROC draft Guidance: “The Role of Compliance and Supervision”. However, the purpose of the assignment is not to simply reiterate the material but to contemplate how the material can and should be organized and presented to the board.

Assume the Board of Directors has limited information on “The Role of Compliance and Supervision”, as a result, clear, concise and plain language will be needed.

Assumptions about the firm, your department and the issues identified in the audit report should be clearly outlined at the beginning of this section of the report.

The section is intentionally open ended - there is no one single “right approach” to this part of the assignment.

Be creative and feel free to think outside the box.

Part 3

Personal Impact Statement

You must give your own specific comments and opinions on both Assignment 1 – Research and Assignment 2 – Scenario. Ensure to include your personal comments and/or opinions on what you learned from completing this assignment, specifically, how can you apply and connect the information from the article to the various areas of Compliance studied in the FCA program. (Financial services compliance admin)

Your own personal impact should be in 12 pt. and no longer than 1-page long.

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Dr. Vidhya answered on Dec 21 2021
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Section One: Article One, Introduction
    The topic selected for this discussion is corporate governance and the first article here is from Harvard Business Review dated October 6th 2020 by Paine. He presents some insights about how the new dimensions of corporate governance are introduced in the post pandemic world. It is more like the fact that new models of decision-making are applied to the course of business in terms of dealing with the new challenges.
In fact, Paine is of the view that business models of the modern times should be viewed in a way that it should determine/adjust with the new parameters. The very first impact of the covid19 pandemic over business is to foresee the possibilities in a new market trend that is about to establish—in some of the cases, it has already begun taking shape like the grocery and other types of food and retailing business sectors. This is more like the fact that business owners have understood that they need to satisfy a wide range of concerns that their stakeholders have.
    Additionally Paine is of the view that when it comes to business scenarios, the conceptual methods of doing business are no longer applicable. The conventional ways of business were useful only when there were ‘’traditional market conditions’ existed. Now days, the demands and supply both types of concepts have changed.
For example, now, the companies have to spend more on managing their internal productions, given that the post covdi19 protocols have to follow to ensure that virus free productions are ca
ied out. This implies that the operational management of the companies will have to convince the stakeholders about the extra cost they are likely to spend over their cu
ent business infrastructure.
    At the same time, Paine also reckons that sensitive decision –making is now in full swing i.e. the business administrations have to determine what profit margins they are supposed to get from the already established shareholder centric governance. The process of ensuring stakeholder strength in making these decisions in post pandemic phase is redefined. This shareholder centric model, which Paine recognizes has the part of agency theory, is something that emphasizes over the need of health and resilience that companies need to focus on.
    The process of developing good resilience is ca
ied out by various means and capital security is one of them. Every company in post pandemic phase wants to work on its capital reserve enhancement so that the survival chances—because lockdown of business is in proportion with the waves of covdi9 occu
ing at a decent pace—increase and they pose the aspect of governance as majorly acceptable among the business norms.
The process of having ideal governance in that case should be aligned with the questions of survival as well as with the options such as, governance and stakeholders and procurement of the human and capital resources. It also includes the participation in the process of securing public health as this is one of the new aspects added to the public safety in post pandemic period and they are linked to the
anding and positioning of the company in national and international market as well.
Section One: Article Two
    This article is published on management study guide and it gives primarily the information about how the differences in corporate governance in East and West exist. It is more like two sides of the same picture in which, the first picture shows how the governance-based efficacy is driven from the ideologies of western business norms. The West...

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