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Congratulations! You have been hired as an Human Resources Manager for H & L Industries. H & L is a mid-size company with between 125 and 150 employees. One of your first assignments is to work with a...

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Congratulations! You have been hired as an Human Resources Manager for H & L Industries. H & L is a mid-size company with between 125 and 150 employees. One of your first assignments is to work with a new supervisor in the Accounting Department. Robert Sloan has been promoted to Accounting Manager where he will be supervising a team of twoStaff Accountants and two Accounting Clerks. Robert has very littlesupervisory experience and no real knowledge of Human Resource Management.

You have scheduled a four hour training session with Robert for next Monday. In this assignment, you willsummarize the information you will cover with Robert during this training session. Be sure to not overwhelm him with information but explain each topic as simply as possible. As you are new to your position, you will need to researchand include the following HR topics:

  • HR Management: define Human Resource Management and what it should mean to him.
  • Employment Law: go over thebasics of Employment Law as it relates to supervisors.
  • Recruiting/Selection: describe the typical hiring process and offer some interviewing dos and don'ts.
  • Performance Management: explain the concept of coaching.
  • Employee Engagement: discuss ways he can achieve high morale among his team members.

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Abhinaba answered on Aug 21 2021
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    The essay covers the topics of human resource management as applicable to the supervisory level. The information provided forms a part of the orientation at the supervisory training session. The aspects of recruitment, selection and applicable laws are delineated. The possible challenges encountered by a newly promoted supervisory level employee in terms of enhancing the morale and performance of the team members are highlighted. Performance enhancement of his team by training, supervisory coaching, skill development and other measures also form a part of the training.
Table of Contents
Introduction    4
Human Resource Management Basics    4
Recruiting/Selection    5
Employment Law    5
Employee Engagement    6
Performance Management coaching
Conclusion    7
References    8
The training session for Robert Sloan has to cover four important aspects. The basic aspects of human resource management,is to the basics of employment law, recruiting and selection and the motivational techniques. Since Robert has little supervisory experience, the job requirements of a supervisor have to be provided so that Robert can manage the team effectively and efficiently. The explanation has to be concise and simple so that Robert can relate to the new requirements of his position.
Human Resource Management Basics
The Human Resource function evolved over the years from the field of personnel management and labour relations. Over the years, massive efforts and experiments have been conducted to effectively improve communication, productivity and the morale of the employees. Human Resource Management (HRM) is the process of employing people, trainingthem, compensatingthem, developing policies relating to them and developing strategies to retain them (University of Minnesota,2011).
The major job of a human resource department is staffing.The department analyses the requirement of people in the various departments, and develops a plan to hire people based on revenue expectations. Staffing involves the entire gamut of operations from planning and forecasting the number of employees required by the organization as it grows. It also involves taking into the account the positions that will fall vacant. The personnel of various departments will be involved in the planning process.At some stage,Robert, as a...

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