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Collapse Subdiscussion William Yaw Adufutse William Yaw Adufutse XXXXXXXXXXYesterday Aug 5 at 4:29pm Hello Marcus, thank you for the discussion. Yes indeed Samsung has done well over the years. It is...

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Collapse Subdiscussion William Yaw Adufutse

William Yaw Adufutse

XXXXXXXXXXYesterday Aug 5 at 4:29pm

Hello Marcus, thank you for the discussion. Yes indeed Samsung has done well over the years. It is know all over the world for its innovativeness, and ability to continually improve its products.

Marcus, and Class: As with Samsung, what can other organizations learn about strategic change and implement it?


Catina Artenantmartin

XXXXXXXXXXTuesday Aug 4 at 7:26pm

Risk is required for any type of organization change, this week we are reviewing strategic adjustments, strategic reorientation and transformational change. Strategic adjustments are incremental, should be constant and natural and are defined as an organizational process that is required for organizations to remain relevant and profitable. Strategic adjustments consist of making incremental adjustments to the daily tactical process and procedures which also are required to keep up with regulatory standards.

Strategic reorientation is the alteration of current strategy and in some cases a complete revision of strategy when there is significant change within the environment that may impact the current business processes. Transformational change is a complete change from he business model to the products and services offered. Transformational change requires new competencies and possibly skills sets to get the new jobs done. This type of change is usually a last ditch effort by organizations and usually fails more times than it succeed ( Lawler & Worley, 2006).

The current state of business today with the pandemic and racial tension crisis and how it has ravaged lives sickened and killed by COVID-19, it has also done the same to business. In order for business to survive they have been forced to change. Seems like strategic adjustments and strategic reorientation is happening all over the World. Some characteristics that will enable organizations to succeed today is innovation and creativity.

An organization that has been in the news regarding their transformation is Google. Google exhibits the characteristic of innovative creativity, out of the box thinking that comes from a universal thought of the organization and not a leadership decision from the boardroom. Google has been responding to the ever changing needs of their workers to have more flexibility within the workplace and has offered more paid time off and will keep their workforce remote until summer 2021 at least and will continue to monitor the crisis to see if additional changes need to be made (WSJ, 2020).


Lawler, E.E. & Worley, C.G. (2006).Built to change: How to achieve sustained organizational effectiveness.New York, NY: Jossey-Bass.Law XXXXXXXXXX

Angel Butchermayes

XXXXXXXXXXYesterday Aug 5 at 7:40pm

Week 1 - Discussion 1

Organizational Change

Offer a specific example of a current company in the media experiencing one of the above types of change and offer your opinion as to whether you feel it will have a successful outcome and why.

Looking at the current situation that we are in now, fighting Covid-19, racial injustice, and so much more in the daily headlines. A lot of big-name organizations and stores are being forced to close due to the pandemic. Not only are stores closing, but a lot of restaurants and small name businesses are forced to close as well. Looking back a few years ago, almost all Sears stores were closed, followed by Kmart, and now JCPenney’s is being forced to close as well. These are stores that have been around for several years, and having to close took a toll on the organization, the employees as well as their families.

The text states that “the environment in which most organizations operate today is continuously changing, and the rate of change is accelerating. Looking back only ten to fifteen years, one can see a tremendous change (Lawler and Worley, 2006).” By the looks at the current situation that we are living in, all the doctors and reporters are saying that the pandemic may get worse before it gets better, and that means more organizations and companies may have to close down.

What are effective organizational change leadership characteristics and behaviors within an organization?

Every organization or company takes on considerable risk when opening, meaning they do not know if their products will sell, and they always have to compete with their competitors such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and so many more that sell the same product for less. It is not always organizations in the U.S. that makes it hard for organizations but other countries such as China is still in competition with the U.S., and they make the same product as the U.S. owned stores just at a meager price and most people flock to purchase the best for their buck.

Not only are organizations facing bankruptcy, having to close their doors, but a lot of stores are closed due to the amount of damage that was done during the protest for racial injustice around the world. A lot of small names businesses had to close not only because most of the world shut down for two to three weeks due to the rapid speed that Covid-19 was killing our fellow brothers and sisters as well ad families, but the businesses also were not making enough money to keep the doors open to operate. Change starts within, and it begins with the leaders and trickles down. If racial injustice is not changed, then how do we expect organizations and companies to change, and people still buy their products? To answer that question, as I stated earlier CHANGE starts within meaning at home, prejudice and discrimination is a learned trait that was taught by someone in our own home.

Does this organization exhibit these characteristics?

Before the JCPenney failing bankruptcy and having to close, I think the company exhibited the skills and qualities that Gary described in the video. I truly believe if the current situation that we are in now, JCPenney would still be open or even bought by another significant name entity such as Belk or Dillard’s to keep the organization afloat and running smoothly.


Lawler, E.E. & Worley, C.G. (2006).Built to change: How to achieve sustained organizational effectiveness.New York, NY: Jossey-Bass.Law

Answered Same Day Aug 06, 2021


Sumita Mitra answered on Aug 06 2021
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Response to student 1:
Samsung has slowly and gradually become a market leader because of its adaptability and strategies for different markets as per the needs and demands of the customers. They have analysed the factors like segmentation, targeting and positioning for all markets with lot of market research and analysis by their work force. Samsung also worked in the product development and offerings in a constant manner to provide innovative and ahead of time products to the customers and hence stay ahead of the competition. Samsung at one point became the largest seller of smartphones in the world overtaking competitors like Apple and other
ands. Innovation has been the key for Samsung in the past few years for better revenue and market share in their domain. As per the market researches, the core strength of Samsung is their strong global business network and presence and
and name credibility and also their innovative changes of products and inspiring new styles for customer loyalty.
(Refer https:
Response to Student 2:
There is always a risk associated with any sort or type or even level of organisational change. Organisational change happens generally due to pressure in any internal or...

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