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Collapse Subdiscussion Douglas McCoy Douglas McCoy XXXXXXXXXX:39am Jul 23 at 8:39am Marcus when we talk about the code of conduct for researchers or individuals that are about to conduct research....

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Collapse Subdiscussion Douglas McCoy

Douglas McCoy

XXXXXXXXXX:39am Jul 23 at 8:39am

Marcus when we talk about the code of conduct for researchers or individuals that are about to conduct research. What steps do researchers go through to make sure that they understand these codes of conduct? In other words how do we make sure that new researchers truly understand these codes of conduct before they conduct research? Thoughts?

Renalta Smith

XXXXXXXXXX:13pm Jul 23 at 4:13pm

When conducting a research paper there are tools used to help with ethical decisions. The guidelines stipulated in section 8 of the ethical principles of psychologist and code of conduct go over different ways in which research needs to get approved by those who are participating in the research. An informed consent to research is a form of research where participates are informed on the type of research, how long it will take, and the consequences of withdrawing from research. Informed consent for recording gets seen as being deceptive. Yet research conducted with students gets more protection from adverse consequences or if the student decides to not participate in a study. There can be a depiction in research but not on purpose.

Researchers don’t set out to be deceptive in research and if deception is part of the research than the researcher explains why deception gets used. But participates can ask questions pertaining to the research. The results of the research aren’t fabricated by the researcher. The reviewer respects the rights of others who previously published information. Researchers respect the rights of participants by protecting their confidentiality, yet researchers must let participates aware of the limitations of the (American Psychological Association, XXXXXXXXXXThe guidelines presented in section 8 would apply to the validity of my research on how there are disparities within human service. The informed consent will apply to my topic of study in sections where I’m using quantitative research that includes data and statistical results. The guidelines established would help my topic of interest by making sure there was no deception.



American Psychological Association (APA XXXXXXXXXXEthical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct. Section 8: Research and Publication. to an external site.(Links to an external site.)

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Pratyusha answered on Jul 24 2021
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Response to Douglas McCoy
Hi Douglas,
The questions, which are asked by you, indeed hold a great value in the context of research in any field in order to maintain their authenticity. The word “research” essentially holds its meaning in searching again for the unknown (re-search) and the researchers need to understand its gravity properly before their start of research or experimentation. As supported by Arantes do Amaral, dos Santos and Rodrigues (2018), for inculcating the essence of skills related to research in a student, the “Research Methodology” course have been found to be very helpful.
There can be a practice of compulsorily making all the Researchers to pass such kind of a course before onset of their research work and making them study all the ethics properly in it, so that in the upcoming days of undergoing research they are well aware of all the ethics-related...

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