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Change Management Report A small manufacturing company is shifting its direction in light of changes in the competitive environment in which it operates. Training will be deployed to ensure employees...

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Change Management Report

Asmall manufacturing company is shifting its direction in light of changes in the competitive environment in which it operates. Training will be deployed to ensure employees have required skills that align with the new strategic direction. Change management is critical to ensure organizational alignment. However, the company has experienced two-fold resistance to the new direction. First, employees are unclear on the need for change; second, the training department has shown resistance to using organizational development skills to resolve employee resistance issues.

Createa report that summarizes the training program development process.

Writea 1,050- to 1,400-word report organized with APA headings that includes the following components:

  • Introduction (say what you are going to say. Introduce all the topics below., and have a heading for Introduction)
  • Strategies for aligning training with strategic direction (at least one heading for this section)
  • Process to align training with business strategies (at least one heading for this section)
  • Organizational development (OD) definition (at least one heading for this section)
  • Steps involved in change management (at least one heading for this section)
  • OD skills required to be effective in training program development and delivery (at least one heading for this section)
  • Legal considerations in training development (at least one heading for this section)
  • Conclusion (summarize main points of the paper. At least one heading for this section)

Paper must be organized with appropriate headings in APA. Papers without headings will receive a deduction in points. Support main statements with research. Keep the citations as close as possible to the item they are citing, and list the information in references on the last slide. in addition to the textbooks, use several sources to support your work. List references in a separate page and include a title page.

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September 14, 2017
This project report is prepared on how the training program development process can be designed for a small manufacturing company. It also deals with the two-fold resistance which takes place in this organization. Firstly, by the employees since they don’t want change in the working operations and secondly, the training department in the organization has shown resistance to organizational development skills. This report shows how organizational development works well for even small companies and how training strategies can be aligned with training and development processes to sustain in the rapid changing corporate environment.
Training program development process is an effective training framework program that focuses on following a step-by step procedure. Training has often been misguided as something that is conducted only for new employees in the workplace, but this is nothing less than a myth. Training is required now and then even for the cu
ent employees so that they can adapt themselves to the expeditious job requirements (Se
u, 2013). The reason why such a training program needs to be implemented is, it creates a group of employees who become capable enough to take up new job positions in the organization, this enhances company’s capacity to adopt and acquire latest technology required in the industry, preparing a highly competitive team that can increase competitive position of the employees and also increase their morale. The training program works towards nurturing employees and also capitalizing on their talent ("Effective Employee Training and Development Methods In HRM", 2017).
Strategies for aligning training with strategic direction
Corporate strategy goes in cordial relation with that of strategic direction and there should be a direct linkage between training program and strategic actions of the company. Strategies are made to help the organization achieve long-term goals of the company with short-term objectives or milestones that come on their way to success (Tartell, 2017). Aligning training with strategy is the key aspect in training community and strategic objective is to acquaint people with the latest technological innovations that will change the working style of the organization. The manufacturing company must engage their employees in training program as this will increase their commitment towards the company and help in producing innovative ideas to meet the business needs. Resistance of the training department for using organizational development skills can be handled by making them aware about the benefits of such training strategies. The strategy of linking training with business performance would be the best possible aspect of adoption (Valenti, 2014).
Process to align training with business strategies
Training of employees is more than just a corporate gesture and forms a critical aspect of business. Following is the process that can be used for aligning training with business strategies:
· Linking training to business objective- business objectives need to be kept in mind before designing or delivering a training program. Key aspects such as reduction of expenses, generating revenue and following compliance should be adhered to while planning a training program (Bahlis, 2008).
· Plan should be designed to meet business requirements- the training should be designed and organized in such a way that it helps to ensure that such training is worthy for employees,...

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