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case study

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case study
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Table of contents
Introduction    4
Michael cu
ent status as a QRS employee    4
Breach of federal legislation    5
Conclusion    6
Reference List    7
This paper puts a discussion about different laws related to employment contract within a workplace. This study mainly focuses on case of Michael, who has been working as a labour of QRS in August 2008. It provides information over legislation for solving the legal issues over working in the firm. This study provides a
ief discussion over diverse issues over hypothetical condition in terminating an employee without providing and notice. In this case, it assesses the different legislation related to employment contract mainly on Fair work Act 2009, Industrial relation act and workplace relations portfolio to analyse the provisions of that clause.  Workplace Agreements Amendment Regulations 1998 describe the rights of employee for protect employee rights accordingly.  
Michael cu
ent status as a QRS employee
Michael was an employee of QRS as a cleaner for a particular shift for quite long time. In 2016, QRS announced employee for resigning and transfer to DEF firm with same job role. The reason behind the transfer was restructured and changes operating system. In order to serve certain detail information that was lacking within the employee of the firm (Rees and Fielder 2014, p.347). It was focused to sign the letter of termination and transfer to DEF. Michael have been working as a sub contract with different of facilities, but the payment have been provided by QRS. While he was doing his duty Michael was called off at QRS office and terminates him in another office. There was no explanation and notice serve for termination from the company. Employment contract have been
eached by the QRS without any information for terminating an employee from the firm.
In discussing the application of relevant legislation, it requires mentioning different case studies such as Ms Grisanti vs. NBC, where she was terminated without any notice from the organisation ( 2017). In this case, Michael has been deprived from his right and terminated from the workplace without any type of information, so as to Grisanti’s case. It reflects a gap between management and employee relation to analysis the situation of termination of employee.  
In Australia, government noticed to protect employment contract by...

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