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Background Religious faith and church attendance has been declining in places like Australia and many parts of Europe. According to census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of...

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Religious faith and church attendance has been declining in places like Australia and many parts of Europe. According to census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of people here who identify with having no religion has grown numerous times from 0.8% of the population in 1966 to 30.1% in 2016. In terms of followers of the Christian faith, the number dropped from 88.2% to 52.1% in the same period. However, this is not the case elsewhere. In places like the African continent, South Korea, India and countries where many people are followers of Islam, religion is on the rise. Many Europeans thought religion was disappearing, in reality it is not and it is a very important part of their identity for many people. It is a very significant aspect of culture. Culture is formed in the family, the schoolroom and by religion. Religion helps to form values and influences how people live.
General Instructions:
In this cross-cultural research report, your task is to choose two religions or belief systems from the list below and account for their similarities and differences in belief and practice:
Word Count required: 1000 words (10% leeway) Requirements:
Research and explain:
· two differences in belief or practice between two religions from the above list and ;
· two similarities in belief or practice between the same two religions from the above list.
· Examples and evidence must be supplied to support your arguments. One example per difference and per similarity (4 examples in total). The quality of your choice of evidence and how it is applied is vitally important.
· Note that each religion and belief system may encompass multiple denominations or offshoots.
Research Guidelines:
· You are expected to conduct your own research on the topic.
· You are to use no more than 4 references, including textbooks, eBooks, online
journals or websites. Please use reputable academic websites. DO NOT USE
websites such as Wikipedia, .com sites, yahoo answers or Google translate.
· The most reliable source for answers is from the Deakin University online databases
and books.
· You must reference your report in accordance with the Deakin Harvard Referencing
· You must provide a reference list detailing all sources used in the report
Further information:
· Please ensure Document Format is as follows: -
o Font – Cali
o Font size – 11
o Line spacing 1.15
o Paragraph spacing – Double o Margins – 2.54cm (all sides)
Before submission, please check whether you have: -
o Saved the assessment as a word document in the co
ect format with the
name of your document your student ID and your surname.
o Completed all elements of the assessment.
o Checked your word count.
o Complied with the referencing rules (Harvard style) and have included a
Reference list.
o Checked for any plagiarised material (Turnitin). Plagiarism and any other
form of intellectual dishonesty will not be tolerated.
o Proofread the document for any mistakes or e
o Signed Cover Sheet. Make sure it is signed, and attached/inserted as the
front cover of your word document.
o Have you read this document carefully?
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Christianity and Islam: Differences and Similarities 5
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Christianity and Islam: Differences and Similarities
The importance of religion in defining and shaping the social life of an individual is undeniable. Though in many countries the adherence to specific religious practices has been shown to be declining, in majority of countries across the globe, the inclination towards following religious practices is increasing. In terms of the significance of world religions in the context of designing and adding meaning to the social and cultural life of the populace, the importance of Christianity and Islam deserves special mention. This can be argued by citing the fact that in different regions the spread of the concerned religions has resulted in the rise in the number of adherents, and this has contributed to the emergence of a revived zeal to evaluate and analyze the different practices and beliefs that constitute the core of Christianity and Islam.
There are certain differences between the belief system of the Christians and the Muslims. One major difference between Islam and Christianity is that; while the edifice of Islam is constructed on the pillars of some specific beliefs that are common to almost all who claim to be adherents of Islam (the Muslims), there is a lack of unanimity among the different sects of Christianity in terms of believing in some basic religious principles (, 2018). For an example, the core belief system of Islam (i
espective of its sects) is constituted of the process of giving thorough importance to the five pillars of Islam, along with the values and claws that have been outlined in the Quran, Hadith and Sunna (Faruqi, 2007). But such similarity is quite difficult to be found in Christianity. In this respect it must be noted that one of the sects of Christianity, the Eastern Orthodox Church, which has been considered as a more philosophical
anch of Christianity, projects a contradiction with some other sects of Christianity in terms of viewing Trinity. In this respect it should be taken into account that “other
anches view Jesus Christ’s human form as the second part of the Trinity, but the Orthodox Church believe it’s the divine pre-existent nature of Christ” (Faiths and Freedom, n.d.). On the other...

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