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BUHRM5912 – HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ASSESSMENT THREE: INDIVIDUAL REPORT De tails of Task: P r e p a r e a report in which you 1. Identify and describe (two to four) HRM issues that have arisen...

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Details of Task:

Prepare a report in which you 1. Identify and describe (two to four) HRM issues that have arisen at the strategic and operation level of the organisation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2. Evaluates appropriate HR responses to address the identified issues and 3. Provides appropriate and well-justified recommendations to the organisation.


“The Newspaper Club” (TNC), an Australian ‘high-end’ restaurant, operating in Melbourne, has had

its operations drastically impacted by the restrictions imposed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In January 2020, TNC employed a total of 60 staff across the business; including chefs and cooks, servers, kitchen aides, and business operations and management staff. Staff were employed on the relevant Award, with the employment structure including a mix of full-time (permanent), part-time (yearly contracts) and casual employees. TNC sees themselves as a leading employer in the restaurant industry. While paying staff at the award rate, they offer a range of HRM initiatives to maintain employee engagement, such as offering flexibility, positive work climate, and ongoing training and development opportunities. TNC has typically enjoyed turnover that is lower than the industry average, with many staff (including some casuals) having over 10 years of service with TNC. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant offered only within-restaurant dining, priding themselves on their reputation for high quality cuisine and dining experience (including restaurant ambience and dining service).

Commencing March XXXXXXXXXX, Level 3 restrictions were introduced by the Victorian Premier Dan Andrews. The following day TNC was required to cease within-restaurant dining. To continue operations, TNC immediately began offering a take-away service. Despite the switch from within- restaurant dining to take-away service, patronage and revenue have substantially dropped, estimated at a reduction of 50% from prior COVID-19 numbers. Consequently, staffing needs have changed drastically. The Newspaper Club is committed to surviving the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 and resuming operations once the restrictions are lifted.

Your Task

The Newspaper Club recognises that their HRM and employees have been severely affected by the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. TNC has hired you as an HR consultant to update their HRM strategic and operational plan for the next 12 months. In doing so, TNC asks that you specifically identify the strategic and operational HRM issues they are currently facing/likely to face in the next

12 months, and, provide recommendations to address those issues at the strategic and operational level.

Prepare a business report that meets these task requirements.

A suggested format for your report is:

Preliminary Report Components (Title Page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents)

1. Introduction (Briefly introduce the report and the scenario).

2. HRM Issue identification (Briefly list 1 or 2 strategic level HRM issues and 1 to 2 operational level HRM issues that have (or are reasonably likely to have) arisen for “The Newspaper Club” as a result of the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Such HRM issues may be in the areas of (but are not limited to): Maintaining/Re-gaining competitive advantage through HRM, HRM for productivity and performance, HR planning, Reward Management, Training and Development, Industrial Relations, Employee Wellbeing, Employee Work/Life Balance, etc.).

3. Discussion of the HRM Issues (Explore and discuss the identified HRM issues drawing on HRM

research and theory, and current media publications).

4. Evaluation of Alternative Responses (Explore and evaluate some possible ways “The Newspaper Club” could respond to the identified HRM issues. Use HRM theory and current factual information to support your exploration. For example, a discussion that identified Reward Management as an issue should consider the Job Keeper program in this evaluation section).

5. Conclusion and Recommendations (Provide a conclusion and list of specific recommendations to help “The Newspaper Club” respond to then changes in operations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic).

Notes on this Assessment Task

· Use numbered sub-headings as appropriate.

· At least ten references are to be used, five of which are academic sources, such as peer- reviewed journal articles and/or chapters from edited books.

· Ensure you demonstrate your application of HRM theory to this current, real world scenario.

To achieve a high grade on this assessment you will need to integrate HRM theory into your analysis of the issues and evaluation of alternative responses.

Word Limit: 2,500 words (+/- 10%, excluding preliminaries and reference list)

Value: 40%

Presentation Requirements: Business Report format.

Estimated return date: Two weeks after submission

Marking Criteria: Refer to marking rubric

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Nishtha answered on Jun 16 2021
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Executive Summary
This report examines HRM issues that have arisen at the strategic and operation level of the organisation because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The report divided into six parts, starting with the introduction of the COVID effects on The Newspaper Club. As the manager of the human resource department, certain issues have identified and relative appropriate and well-justified recommendations stated in this report. A systematic review has done to gain the knowledge of the COVID impact and HRM issues. The report illustrates the challenges of HRM faced by The Newspaper Club. The report ends with conclusion and recommendation part that should follow by the company.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary    2
1. Introduction    4
2. HRM Issue Identification    4
3. Discussion of the HRM Issues    6
4. Evaluation of Alternative Responses    8
5. Conclusion and Recommendations    10
References    12
1. Introduction
Admittedly, covid-19 has influenced HR practices in almost all organizations that have adopted the HRM concept. Today, covid-19 has created a financial crisis in almost every nation. The activity of the world economy drastically reduced. Human resource practices represent the means through which organizations meet employees' needs and expectations in the workplace. Effective uses of HRM practices helps organizations increase employee productivity and therefore organization performance.
The cost of employment for most organizations represents the largest operating cost. During the recession, almost all organizations try to reduce their employment costs by trying to stay on the market and thus survive. That is why most governments announce support measures to support small organizations to overcome the recession and not to close. During this testing time, the manager should take some initiative to hold the environment in the organization (Ravikumar et al., 2020).
In this report, The Newspaper Club (TNC), an Australian ‘high-end’ restaurant, operating in Melbourne, has had, it operations drastically impacted by the restrictions imposed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization needs some recommendations on how to manage its workforce during this pandemic time. This time acts as a decisive test for the organization and continuity in business plans. It raises the concerns over the future and how long the situation going to last.
2. HRM Issue Identification
Human resource consists of both the people who work for the company or organization and also the people who are responsible for managing resources related to employees. Humans have always been complex and having to manage people has always been tricky. This makes human resources a difficult job that faced by many challenges. Both money and time well spent to boast the greatest asset of the company. Restaurants and hospitality industry is the front lines tackling with the covid-19.
The corona virus has appears as an accelerator for one of the greatest transformation in the workplace. This pandemic going to change how people shop, eat, work, exercise and communicate forever (Kashif & Aziz-Ur-Rehman, 2020). Indeed, human resources also face some major challenges managing the workforce. The first major challenge is remote working and training sessions. As corona virus made workers to work from home, it is new normal. Restaurant has to train employee before initiating any change in the business. Likewise, The Newspaper Club have to plan training sessions and prepare its worker for the work from home experiments.
The work from home response ranges from workers to the trainer. Not every worker is as efficient as dealing with the technological resources or access to the technological resource. In case of The Newspaper Club, working from home is also not appropriate plan to undertake. During these uncertain times, health and hygiene in restaurants are crucial to ensure organization, the team, and to the customers are safe and comfortable. Biggest Challenge for the HR would be to maintain social distancing and plan flexi timings in such a way that no two employees are sitting together.
Calling few set of employees at different timings and other set of employees’ different timings without distu
ing the work life balance. HR manager has to reframe the policy and rules according to new covid 19 policy. The new workplace policy should ensure that there is proper space management in The Newspaper Club. Keeping social distancing in mind, a set of people or limited people should be call according to their skills and need of the restaurant. The issue is to manage the flexible timing in The Newspaper Club.
Another biggest challenge face by the HR manager is to change recruiting and hiring process. The job application process might be a bit different. The resume and cover letter now matter more than ever (Petzer, 2020). Also, if candidate is successful and proceed to the second round, your interview will probably take place online. One of the biggest changes in the hiring process that HR managers notice from talking to their candidate was the shift from on-site interviews to online interviews.
The use of technology and its access plays important part in this challenge. Addition to it, the compensation structure of the employee would restructure again, compensation and salary would be more on temporary basis after lockdown. This helps the organization to reduce the fixed cost burden and employee will be paid according to the work done. HR manager...

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