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Assignment of Human resource management course. the expected format is document file with complete formatting.

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Assignment of Human resource management course.
the expected format is document file with complete formatting.
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Human Resource Management
Table of Contents
Introduction    4
Event 2    4
1. Strategic and operational goals    4
2. Selection of job roles    5
3. Develop a work plan    7
4. Confirm the standards of the work required    8
5 Outline issues, challenges and risks    9
Event 3    9
PART A    9
PART B    11
1. Learning and development plan for underperforming employee    11
2. Learning and development plan for high performer ideas    12
3. Identify providers    12
4. How would you ensure delivery of learning and development plans?    12
5. Approaches to monitor learning and development activities    13
6. Measures to report when advising managers    13
Event 4    13
Part A    13
1. Objectives for performance processes    13
2. Key elements of performance management system    14
3. Policies and procedure to manage performance    14
4. Consultation and communication process    15
5. Legislation for performance management system    15
6. Dispute resolution/ grievance procedure of Motorola Telecom    16
7. Documents for underperforming employees    16
8. Session plan for training    17
9. Evaluate performance management process    18
Part B    18
1. Steps to manage the underperformance    18
2. Documentations required at each stage    19
3. Support line manager to counsel and discipline employees    19
In the modern era, effective management of human resources is vital for the long term growth and development of companies. In simpler terms, human resource management is defined as the process in which plans and strategies are developed and implemented by organization to manage the efforts of staff members and direct them towards accomplishment of common goals and objectives (Cascio, 2018). The present study is based on Motorola which is a very popular
and in the Telecom industry of the world. The report outlines operational and strategic goals of the selected business enterprise. In addition to this, different job roles within Motorola along with their strength and weaknesses are also mentioned in the present study. Further, event 4 is describing about the need of performance management system to stabilize organizational objectives. Researcher has also discussed the need of communication and consultation in executing new and different processes.
Event 2
1. Strategic and operational goals
In the present scenario, the competition among companies operating in the Telecom industry has become highly intense and thus, it is no longer easy for
ands such as Motorola to sustain in the market (Bratton & Gold, 2017). The company is required to develop different types of strategic and operational goals to ca
y out smooth flow of all business functions in the long run. The strategic and operational goals of Motorola are mentioned below as:
· To create value for customers by delivering high quality of products and services
· To enhance the degree of customer loyalty and repeat purchase
· To diversify business operations and grow the revenue stream
· To enhance the existing market share in the Telecom industry
· To operate with low rate of employee turnover
· To focus on innovation and differentiation
· To reduce the overall cost of operations by 5% annually
· To invest adequate amount of resources in aspects such as Total Quality Management
To ca
y out consultation on clarity of goals, work task and resources, I will approach the operational manager working in Motorola. The manager is in charge of day to day operations and activities and therefore he will be able to provide clear and more precise information. Mainly the operational managers that are working within Motorola are well aware about the practices that are being ca
ied out by the firm. They are well aware about the strategies goals of the firm. Further, the key resources that are present with the company involves human, technological and financial. All these resources are effective enough in rendering service to the target market and it assists a lot in managing the long term performance of the business. The work tasks are mainly ca
ied out with proper plan where manager holds responsibility to develop different plans and they assign different duties and responsibilities to them (Brewster, Mayrhofer, & Morley, 2016).
2. Selection of job roles
Job Role: Recruitment Officer
Description: Within Motorola the main responsibility of recruitment managers is to hire different individuals considering the requirement of the business. Further, different sources are considered such as internal and external for hiring new candidates. Main objective is to hire the best candidate who possess capability to conduct business operations in proper manner.
Job tasks
Within Motorola different tasks are assigned to the recruitment officer and they are as follows:
· Ensuring recruitment requirement by understanding the goals and objectives of the business
· Building applicant sources by approaching different employment agencies, colleges and other valid source
· Determining the requirement of the application by undertaking job qualification and description
· Developing different form of advertisements for attracting applicants
· A
anging interview of management by a
anging travel, meals etc
· Managing the relocation of the new staff members
· Avoiding different forms of legal challenges by understanding the cu
ent legal practices
Mainly recruitment officer works in the human resource department where they are delivered training so as to conduct the business practices in the appropriate manner. Further, their main responsibility is to conduct major operations of the entire department such as recruitment etc.
Details of relevant awards
Mainly recruitment officer is rewarded for the good performance like recruiting large number of highly qualified workforce within a specific period of time etc (Brewster et al. 2016).
Reporting line
Recruitment officer reports to the HR manager and has to provide progress report related to work on continuous basis.
People employed: 2
Strength: Communication, screening application of the candidates, time management, aware of the recruitment legislations
Weakness: inability to work under pressure, weak relation with recruitment agencies
Job Role: Learning and development Officer
Description: In Motorola the main role of learning and development officer is to design different strategies for conducting learning sessions for the employees. In short, training sessions that involves both on the job and off the job are conducted for the welfare of the workforce. This contributes a lot in the success of the business.
Job tasks
· Assessing the training need of the workforce within Motorola
· Deciding the areas where knowledge and the overall perofrmance of the staff is lacking behind
· Discussing the traiining need of the workforce with the top officials
· Deciding the mode of training such as on the job or off the jo
· Preparing plan for organizing new trainnig session
· Communicating training information to all the employees
· Obtianing feedback from the employees after training
The learning and development officer is integral part of the human resource department that mainly focuses on enhancing the learning level of the staff members. For every department training is organized by the learning officer.
Details of relevant awards
The learning and development officer has obtained award for delivering good knowledge to the employees in different field such as marketing, operations etc. The learning officer has managed to convince qualified individual for delivering training within the workplace. So, for this learning officer was given award.
Details of relevant awards
The learning and development officer mainly report to the HR manager of Motorola
People employed: 3
Strength: Good knowledge about different learning and development sessions, communication, convincing skills, ability to work under pressure.
Weakness: Inefficient in identifying learning need of every individual, lack of planning skills
3. Develop a work plan
The goal of recruitment officer will be to attract pool of skilled and qualified candidates for process such as recruitment and selection within Motorola. The objective of officer will be to make sure that he has adequate knowledge about industry trends and skill which are in demand in the telecom industry. The goal of recruitment officer will be to upgrade himself with the new and cost-effective techniques which can be used in the process of recruitment. The performance indicator of recruitment officer will be number of qualified candidates per post, length of the recruitment timeline, number of interviews conducted per candidate, job offer timeline and rate of acceptance (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). 
The goal of training and development officer will be to make sure that the staff members working in Motorola have adequate skills and knowledge which are required to complete the tasks and activities assigned to them. In addition to this, the objective of training and development officer will be to identify training needs of people working in different departments within Motorola. The goal of the selected officer will be to make employees more productive and competent by identifying skill gap and eliminating the same. Here, the goal will be to conduct training and development programs for staff members at regular intervals according to learning needs and styles of the employees.
The key performance indicators for the training officer will be an improvement in the competency rate of the staff members, reduction in the rate of employee turnover, increase in the degree of customer satisfaction, the average time taken to complete day to day task or activities. The KPI for training officer will also include employee engagement in decision making and contribution to the success and growth of Motorola. The skills and knowledge developed by employees will be a major key performance indicator.   
4. Confirm the standards of the work required
Code of conduct is developed with an objective to communicate the staff members about the behavior and professional which is expected from them by the management. The code of conduct also acts as behavioral guidelines for the work and thus, assists the workers in ca
ying out the assigned task and responsibilities in the best possible manner. To confirm the standard of work required and acceptable workplace behavior as per the code of conduct strategy such review and monitoring will be taken into consideration (Chelladurai & Kerwin, 2017). The process of monitoring will support in identifying whether the employees are delivering desired and expected performance or not. It will also help in recognizing the critical issues and challenges faced by the staff members while ca
ying out their job roles and responsibilities. In situations, if the selected employees are not able to deliver satisfactory performance, the personal meeting will be conducted. The expected performance and workplace behavior as per the code of conduct will be again communicated to the employees.
With Australia different employment laws and regulations are practiced with in the nation. Fair work act 2009 is present within the nation that mainly governs the employment of the Australian employees on majority basis (Cascio, 2018). Through this act it is possible to deliver proper growth opportunities to the people residing in Australia. Apart from this, other laws are also practices such as health and safety within the workplace, non-discrimination that assists a lot in providing favorable environment to the staff members working in the firm. So, these are some of the key legislation practices that are followed within Australia for the welfare of employees in the company.
The workers will be also encouraged to comply with the code of conduct and demonstrate ethical behavior at workplace. Review of code of conduct will be also ca
ied out to make sure that the employees do not face any sort of issues and difficulties in comply with the rules and regulations (Marchington et al. 2016). Written mandates covering the code of conduct and expected behavior will be also provided to the selected employees. It will include company’s policy, job roles, authorities, duties, professionalism, dress code, laws, policies linked with conflict of interest, communication, collaboration etc. Here, open communication policy...

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