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Assignment 3 Requirement Assignment 3 Reflective writing aims to get you to think about your learning and understand your learning experiences. When students writing Assignment 3 need to follow steps:...

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Assignment 3 Requirement

Assignment 3 Reflective writing aims to get you to think
about your learning and understand your learning experiences.

When students writing Assignment 3 need to follow steps:

1. Evaluate the effectiveness and your usefulness of the learning experience

Make judgements that are clearly connected to observations you have made.
Answer the questions:

− What is your opinion about learning experience?
− What is the value of this experience?

2. Explain how this learning process will be useful to you

Consider: In what ways might this learning experience serve you in:

− course
− program
− future career
− life generally

Answer the question: ‘How you will transfer or apply your new knowledge and
insights in the future?’

3. Describe objectively what happened in the learning process

Give the details of what happened in the learning process. Answer the question:
‘What you did, read, see, and hear?

4. Evaluate what you learn

Make judgments connected to observations you have made in the Business
Research. Answer the question: ‘How Business Research was useful for your
Research Learning Process?’
5. Explain your learning process:

New insights, connections with other learning, your feelings, hypotheses,
conclusions. Answer the questions:
‘What was the reason you did particular activities (Assignment 1, Assignment 2?
6. Explain Plan how this learning you will applied

Comment on its relevance to your research subject, your course, future profession,
life... Answer the question: ‘How might this learning apply in your future?’
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Sundeep answered on May 11 2020
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Business research is a process in which is a practical study in which a company gathers data and undergoes analysis and study to gather insights and perform better and manage the company better. The business research gathers financial data, product research, consumer feedback and also the competitive analysis of all the organisations. The executives and the managers who perform the business research methods are able to understand the company better and understand the position that the company holds in the market and can analyse the methods which can improve the position of the company in the market.( Wilson, J., 2014)
The business research may be conducted by the internal team of the organisation or by an external organisation which charges a hefty sum for conducting the business research of the competitive organisations. These organisations have expertise in this research process and delivers quality outputs to the firm. The organisation delivers the services and the research that helps in the process outputs and strategy decisions that create the next step for the business development and the decisions for creation of the next step in the business organisation.
Usefulness of the business research process: The business research helps the person and the organisation to understand the problem areas in one’s business. It helps the business to understand the market position and the market capability of the organisation. (Wilson, J., 2014)Business research gives the organisation the insider reports about the financials of the competitors and also gives information about the products and the target markets of the competitors. Different business strategies can be made after the business research has been done and gives a strategic move towards the new competitive strategic move that is to be made.
Objectively learning: Learning how to conduct business research gives insight about different businesses, their way of conduct, how they treat their employees, the company methodology and the financials of the organisation. The objective learning of the business research opens up new mind-set for evaluating the businesses. The analysis of the results with the progress and the cu
ent path of development and the strategic tools and the decisions made gives a co
elation between the different factors that affect the strategic decisions that have to be made for the future scope of the organisation.
Evaluating what we learnt:
We can learn multiple things from business research. We can learn that:
1. If there...

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