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Assessment Task 2: Analytic Task - Task description and marking rubric Produce a feature article thatanalysesthe following: How does a single Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) "target" (see...

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Assessment Task 2: Analytic Task - Task description and marking rubric

Produce a
feature article
thatanalysesthe following:

How does a single
Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) "target"
(see below) relate to human dignity and the common good in the context of a specific


that is relevant to yourACUcourse of study

Requirements include:

1. choosingoneof the multiple targets from thethreegoals below:

    1. SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic GrowthLinks to an external site.

      (economic option) e.g., 8.1 "Sustainable Development Growth";or,

    2. SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesLinks to an external site.

      (social option) e.g., 11.4 "Protect the World's Cultural and Natural Heritage";or,

    3. SDG 13 Climate ActionLinks to an external site.

      (environmental/biosphere option) e.g., 13.5 "Promote Mechanisms to Raise Capacity for Planning and Management".

2.explaininghuman dignity and the common good as these principles come up in relation to the SDG "target" and
(NB: LO1)

3. naming yourcourse of study, chosenSDG "target", and chosen specific
global community
above or at the beginning of your article

4. citing (through the text and in the reference list)

    1. clearly identified quotations, paragraphs, sections, and chapters
      (or a combination)
      from chapter 2 (pp XXXXXXXXXXof Steele, W., & Rickards, L. (2021).
      The Sustainable Development Goals in Higher Education: A Transformative Agenda?
      Springer, titled "Sustainable Development in the Anthropocene"

    2. clearly identified quotations and ideas fromGlobal Sustainable Development Report 2023Links to an external site.

    3. one relevant course of study-specific resource (e.g., from Module 2)

Further instructions:

  1. Generative-artificial intelligence applications (e.g., ChatGPT), paraphrasing and translation tools are not permitted to be used to prepare this assessment task.

  2. Please refer to ‘Key glossary for this unit’ for definitions of key terms.

  3. Students may exceed the prescribed word limit on assessments by 10% +/- without penalty. Word limits do
    include the student information (i.e., student name, student number, etc.), the reference list/bibliography, or any in-text referencing citations/footnoting.


Length and/or format: 1,100 words

Purpose: Students analyse the UN Sustainable Development Goals from a global perspective.

Learning outcomes assessed: LO1, LO2

How to submit: This assessment task must be submitted electronically via Turnitin on Canvas.

Return of assignment: This assessment task will be graded electronically, and your numerical mark and feedback (Turnitin) will be provided on Canvas. An announcement will be posted on Canvas when your numerical mark and feedback is available

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Dr Shweta answered on Apr 28 2024
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Chosen goal: SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
Introduction: Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11 focuses on the development of sustainable cities and communities. The objective of SDG 11 is to ensure that cities and human settlements are inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. This objective is closely linked to the fundamental value of human dignity and the collective welfare, especially within the framework of global communities (Sengupta; 2022).
SDG 11 aims to establish cities and human settlements that are inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.The global phenomenon of fast u
anization has given rise to a multitude of obstacles for cities, including those pertaining to infrastructure, resource consumption, environmental pollution, and socioeconomic disparities.
Connection to Human Dignity: SDG 11, also known as Sustainable Cities and Communities, is of paramount importance in advancing human dignity and the collective welfare. It is a crucial factor that is given significant importance in several academic disciplines, especially those that pertain to social and environmental sustainability Human dignity encompasses the intrinsic value and esteem that is owed to every individual, i
espective of their situation ( Medina; 2023). SDG 11 enhances human dignity through various means:
1. SDG 11 promotes inclusivity by advocating for cities and communities that provide equal access to essential services and opportunities, regardless of individuals' socio-economic position. This statement demonstrates a commitment to honoring and maintaining the inherent worth and value of every person.
2. SDG 11 also highlights the importance of secure and robust human settlements in terms of safety and resilience. This entails establishing conditions in which individuals are safeguarded from danger and can flourish, so augmenting the inherent worth and value of human beings.
Connection to the Public Welfare: The common good pertains to the collective advantage or concerns of the entire population. SDG 11 makes significant contributions to the collective welfare through the following means:
1. Sustainability: SDG 11 promotes the adoption of sustainable methods to ensure responsible and fair use of resources, benefiting both present and future generations.
2. SDG 11 promotes the creation of u
an places that are both sustainable and inclusive. This results in enhanced quality of life for all members of the community, thereby contributing to the collective welfare (Adam; 2023).
SDG-11 approach:
An illustration of this is the implementation of cradle-to-cradle projects and sustainable cities, which align with the SDG-11 strategy.
The cradle-to-cradle (C2C) concept: It is a pioneering strategy that seeks to reconfigure products and systems to decrease waste, foster sustainability, and optimize resource utilization. The C2C strategy emphasizes the perpetual circulation of...

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