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Assessment item 2, Qualitative- Research Plan value 40%,

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Assessment item 2, Qualitative- Research Plan value 40%,
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Karan answered on Apr 14 2020
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Research Project
Table of Contents
1. Background of the organization    3
2. Business problem    3
3. Literature Review    4
Concept of employee motivation    4
Need of employee motivation in the organization    4
Techniques that can be used to motivate the employees    5
Factors associated with employee motivation    5
4. Research questions    6
5. Qualitative research method    6
6. Qualitative research plan    8
7. Ethical considerations    9
References    10
Bibliography of Articles    12
1. Background of the organization
    The present research proposal will be focusing on need of motivational benefits for the employees. The subsequent topic will be selected because problems related to employee motivation have been observed at supermarket of Mo
isons. It is the fourth largest super market chain in UK which delivers all sorts of products and services to the end users. It is a public limited company which has more than 450 stores in different countries. It is being observed that several employees of Mo
isons are not satisfied working with the entity because there is no provision of motivation and benefits. Since, Mo
isons is among the largest entities in retail sector; therefore the business is experiencing numerous problems in satisfying and retaining the staff members.
2. Business problem
    In the present research study, chief emphasis has been laid on employee motivation aspect as that is related to both satisfaction and retention values. From the organizational analysis, this has been found out that Mo
isons is failing to provide satisfactory benefits to the employees and that is creating a sense of dissatisfaction among the workforce (Mikkelsen, Jacobsen & Andersen, 2017). Employee motivation is a
oad concept which is associated with employee satisfaction and retention aspects. It is also being observed that the employees are not getting appropriate benefits as per their task performance. Employee motivation is an essential aspect for the employees since that aids and drives them to be in the organization for longer time span.
    Employees have also complained that they are not getting any sort of monetary benefits in accordance with their performance and contribution level. Thus, the cu
ent research study will be highlighting the importance of employee motivation and that will also aid in mitigating the problem to a greater extent (Nisar & Yeung, 2018). With the help of this research study, organization will be able to ascertain the methods through which monetary and non-monetary benefits can be delivered to the employees. Since, the issue is prevailing among employees; therefore it is vital for the business entity to pay specific consideration.
3. Literature Review
Concept of employee motivation
    After conducting a lot of research, Ryan (2017), says that employee motivation is one of the biggest challenges for the contemporary managers. It is regarded as a key dimension that enhances the overall effectiveness of the organization through employee efforts. Employee motivation is a psychological term that focuses on protecting the satisfying the expectations of employees by considering their contribution in the organization. However, it can be argued here by saying that the concept of employee motivation can be adverse for the organizations especially when adequate benefits are not provided (Lee & Steers, 2017).
It depicts person’s behavior, level of persistence and level of efforts which employee demonstrates. Beltrán-Martín & Bou-Llusar (2018), says that employee motivation is a dynamic organizational-behavioral issue which affects the overall performance. It is also directly related to employee satisfaction and retention; hence organization has to give equal efforts on all these dimensions. Motivation equation is related to input, performance and outcome and that defines the actual values of workforce motivation in the business entity.
Need of employee motivation in the organization
· Puts human resource into action: Organization requires having consideration on all the sources especially on human resources; hence through motivation, that concern can be fully utilized in the business entity (Mikkelsen, Jacobsen & Andersen, 2017). However, this can be done by building willingness to work in the organization. This will also help the organization to make best possible utilization of the resources.
· Improves efficiency level of employees: Employee motivation drives the employees to become productive element for the organization. At the same time, it also encourages the workforce to fill the gap that lies in the performance standards. Thus, having appropriate motivational benefits can increase productivity level and ultimately it will reduce the cost of operations (Sukoco, 2017).
· Ongoing employee development: Motivation can assist the worker to reach his own personal goals and aspirations; therefore it can also facilitate overall development of the employee. It is also crucial for the employee to comprehend the relation between efforts and results; thereafter it drives people to strive for better performance (Lee & Steers, 2017).
· Employee retention: Motivation is directly related to employee retention; hence both the terminologies should be together considered while focusing on employee needs. More will be the benefits for employees, more will be employee retention benefits (Nisar & Yeung, 2018).
Techniques that can be used to motivate the employees
    There are two major techniques that can be used to motivate the employees such as monetary and non monetary; however an organization can use both simultaneously. She
at & Johnston (2017), says that there are non-monetary techniques available like recognition and appreciation through which values of the employees can be considered. Non-monetary technique states that employer can appraise the employee in front of the team member as that can drive the performance and productivity standards of the workforce. However, it can be argued that motivation is chiefly concerned with monetary benefits and it also gives huge satisfaction as compared to appreciation and recognition (Bro, Andersen & Bøllingtoft, 2017).
    Monetary motivation can be provided in the form of giving financial benefits to...

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