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Assessment instructions The marketing plan is to be based on a company of your (clear, succinct, without choice. You are expected to analyse the current market repetition) conditions, target...

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Assessment instructions

The marketing plan is to be based on a company of your

(clear, succinct, without

choice. You are expected to analyse the current market


conditions, target market, marketing mix and then

formulate recommendations. It is suggested that you do

NOT choose successful multinationals such as

McDonald’s, Apple, Sony, Nike etc. Instead select a

company that has a product or service that is a fairly

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Wai Wai Noodles
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Executive Summary
This report is the measurement of the origination and the development of the markets of Wai Wai group by the Chaudhary group. The group has expanded into multiple domains spread across multiple
ands. The following report shows the market conditions, the development plans, the Swot analysis and also the marketing mix
Table of Contents
Situation Analysis----------------------------------------------------------------------5
SWOT Analysis------------------------------------------------------------------------6
Target Market---------------------------------------------------------------------------7
Marketing Mix Strategy 4P’s---------------------------------------------------------10
Nepal being a country which is su
ounded by land on all 4 sides is minuscular in size
as compared to the size of its neighbouring countries. Nepal was a country which had been
dominated by white noodles for a very long time e.g. it was dominated by Nestle Maggi in
the 80’s. Chaudhary group tapped into the market of Nepal by detecting the need for the
own instant noodles in the market of Nepal. It was the year 1984 when the first introduction of the
own noodles took place. The name to the
and was given as “Wai Wai”. A collaboration worth technical expertise was done with the Thai Preserved Food Factory (TPFF), Thailand. There are just 2 plants which manufacture the Wai Wai noodles and they are located at Kathmandu and Nawalparasi. The popularity of the noodles has been growing since a long time. The manufacturing plant machines have been imported into the country from the neighbouring countries of China, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan.
Chaudhary group is one of the biggest private players of the business houses in the Kingdom of Nepal. The group has diversified into various sectors. The management sector of the giant is run by a team of experienced professionals. The work of the group is so good that their product “Wai Wai” is the market leader in that segment. Nepal does not only manufacture the noodles for it’s home country but also for India and Bhutan along with it’s fast growing markets across the world.
The company has world class manufacturing facilities for the manufacturing of products such as Noodles, Cigarettes, Snacks and Beverages. The Noodles, due to its exceptionally good taste and quality have been accepted in the European markets of UK, Austria and Germany. One of the leading organisations in Nepal is the Chaudhary group. The group has been growing in size since the past 137 years and the organisation is growing in size and strength. The strength of the group has increased to a great extent such that it is now a conglomerate of more than 40 businesses. The core values of the organisation are strong and the CG has spent a lot of time and energy by looking at the core values and the beliefs while keeping continuous focus on the vision of becoming a global growth organisation. The group has been expanding and spreading in the sectors which would improve the product portfolio for CG. The group would continue to lead the Nepal market and nea
y marketplaces with Wai Wai Noodles leading from the front
Situation Analysis
Company Background
Chaudhary group is an integrated food and beverages production complex which is located at the Southern part of district in Nepal named Lalitpur. The CG offers wide variety of food and products with true global excellence by using the combination of latest imported food technology.
3 subunits of the manufacturing process in FUDCO are available and are divided into Noodles, Fried Pallets, Fruit Juices and extruded snacks. Nepal being a small country doesn’t have many big firms and hence CG is one of the biggest and the only ultra modern, privately owned industrial park which is at Nawalparasi which lies at about 180 kms from Kathmandu. The CG group also houses latest R&D facility with latest technology which is up to date with the industry standards. The main purpose of the manufacturing department is to manufacture food, cigarettes, snacks and beverages. There are some supplementary units which produce different food items to suit dissimilar demographics and routines. (Basyal, T. R. (30 January 2012)) The Chaudhary Group of Nepal has hold of 3 manufacturing units, the major being the noodles manufacturing unit which has 3 plants which operate at the same location and under the same roof which combine the total capacity of approximately 615 packets of noodles per minute which is the highest packing rate in the South East Asia. The other plants include the manufacturing of Bhujiya, Wafers and Potato Chips.
The products of the CG group include a portfolio of eateries such as Potato chips, Fruit Drinks, Fried Snacks, Extruded snacks, Chocolate wafer biscuits and also noodles which are
oken and known as Bhujiya. There are a total of 2 production chains in Nepal which are named as FUDCO (CUG) at Kathmandu and Chaudhary Udyog Gram which is placed at Nawalparasi approximately 160 kms south of Kathmandu
SWOT Analysis
1. Skilled manpower is available
2. Cost Leadership in the target markets
3. High investment in the ultramodern tech
4. The production capacity is large and is well placed
5. Well established domestic industry suppliers of raw materials and services
6. Increasing
and value
1. Issues related to power cuts pose...

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