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Reflective Journal

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Akansha answered on Jun 01 2020
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Interpersonal skills and organizational skills
Running Head: Interpersonal skills and organizational skills
Interpersonal skills and organizational skills
For the reflection, I choose two topics which are interpersonal skills and organisational communication. The selected topics will be explained to gain the knowledge which is useful for individual growth and development. The interpersonal skills will include Questioning, feedback, listening, and NVC.
Listening is a psychological, deliberate process by which we get to understand, receive, and retain something. Questioning refers to the powerful skills to gain the knowledge of what is untold by the other person. It helps in gaining the knowledge by raising certain questions. NVC skills include both communication skills that promote consciousness and compassionate related to our well-being by using the capability to work as a team to accomplish the desired goals.
Organizational communications are very significant to interact and communicate with the employees effectively to achieve more productivity and profitability. It helps in interacting with the people at all the levels and
ings their productive outcomes in every possible manner (Bowman & Branchaw, 2015).
In last, the conclusion will be added to find the findings of the fact.
Interpersonal skills are those skills which we used in our daily life when we interact and communicate with other people. People who have great interpersonal skills have greater chances to be successful in the professional and personal front. These are the skills which an individual needs to communicate with another person. Interpersonal skills generally include effective listening, questioning, feedback and NVC. During the summer vacation I went to my uncle’s house where I planned to intern at one local McDonald outlet. On my first day, I entered in the outlet where my many employees were working and cooperate with each other to
ing positive results. In the McDonald outlet, people mostly comes with the family, children to enjoy or spent quality time with them, the customers expects quick services to enjoy the food. I saw that both employees and manager were very quick and employees were free to ask any question from the manager when needed. The manager was very friendly and cooperative with the employees and answers all the queries of the employees to get good result and provide better services to its customer in all possible manners (Wooden, 2013). Questioning is a crucial interpersonal skill which help the employees to raise the query without hesitating. I found this skill in many employees who were in the
illiant list of the company Good communication requires listening which helps the employees to understand the task effectively to perform according to the manager expectations. Earlier, I was not surely believed that listening is that much important for the success but during the intern I saw that 60% of our time we listen to the employers rather than speaking or anything else. Questioning is the person querying another person to acquire the knowledge or desired information. The questioning skills are mostly used while interviewing and found to be very important in a person who is interviewing. During my interview, the...

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