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Digital Communication Strategy for Burger King Student Name: Yong Kim University Name: Torrens University Australia Unit Name: Business Communication Unit Code: BIZ101 Executive summary The report...

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Digital Communication Strategy for Burger King
Student Name: Yong Kim
University Name: To
ens University Australia
Unit Name: Business Communication
Unit Code: BIZ101
Executive summary
The report provides a proposal for marketing campaign for Burger King which can help in increasing the sales of its Flagship product Whopper. The issue has been identified due to various marketing activities of competitor
and and changing consumer preferences. The report starts with identifying important parameters about the
and and then proposing a campaign in form of gamification which can help in meeting the objective of increasing the engagement among customers. Requirements that will support the campaign to be conducted smoothly are mentioned which requires staff training and target marketing. The methodology on how the process will be implemented is provided in
ief. The report is concluded by giving recommendations on various don’ts do that campaign effectiveness increases to the highest level.
Table of contents
1. Executive Summary
2. Instruction
3. Background of Organization
4. Key Issue
5. Digital Communication Strategy
6. Challenges
7. Conclusion
8. Recommendation
9. References
Burger King has been facing a cycling game when it comes to its flagship products. The reason might be cited to the developments made by competitive
ands but it makes the situation for Burger King to react back with strong campaigns to avoid loosing their customers to the competitors. The case is related to declining sales of Whopper. A Marketing Campaign has been proposed which can create maximum engagement leading to providing solutions to multiple problems that the
and is facing.
Background of organization
The company was founded by Keith Kramer in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida after getting inspired by McDonalds restaurant in California. Originally named as Insta Burger, the company followed the path of growth from Miami which later led by Donald Smith from McDonalds to make the venture more profitable. Under various leadership the burger company could expand rapidly and successfully launched an IPO in 2006. The company has more than 15000 employees with presence over 100 countries.
The Whopper Sandwich is company’s signature product for which extensive promotions and marketing campaigns has been done by them. It was only time when whopper became synonymous for Burger King. Along with this they have diversified their food offerings to cater different needs of customer visiting their store. Due to aggressive advertisement by Burger King, they have also got in different controversies which impacted the sales of the products.
Key Issue
In recent time, the company has been facing problems in sales of its major product i.e. Whopper. The competitors have been offering various products with lower price points which has made consumer perceive Whopper as an expensive product. The previous campaigns have not been able to pick up the sales significantly. The perception that consumer has of the product is an expensive one. The communication has not been effective enough which can convince them to buy the product as the value is not visible.
Digital communication strategy
When the business is demonstrated effectively, it automatically gets diverted towards the path of success. This demonstration can be done with minimal efforts when effective digital communication strategy is implemented. It not only promotes your business mission but also engages target audience resulting in achieving the organization objectives. It acts like a pe
le thrown in water when it is dropped river one can see it go by. So many pe
les need to be dropped to reach maximum number of people. For an organization like Burger King, specific targeting is very important which is significant for them due to large product portfolio. (Ki
Before coming up with any strategy it is important to know the viewpoint of the target customers and focus of strategy could be to remove those pain points that customers have in their mind. This can be done by creating conversations which can act as a base for the marketing campaign that is designed. (Montgomery, & Chester, 2009)
The strategy can be built around the gamification which leads to involve maximum number of audiences. The task will be related to the ingredients in the burger related to which participants can be quizzed. For every co
ect answer given, points will be given that are redeemable in their next purchase of Whopper. The game will lead to generating the interest and educate them why the product is priced on higher side and help them understand the value of product. The first time sales will get improved due to discounts by points earned by them and later they can be retained by providing the experience which is intriguing for them to continue with the product.
Focus on benefit or organization. How the problem will be solved
A properly planned digital marketing campaign can be very beneficial for the
and as it can help in picking up sales of the product simply by engaging the audience. The more audience gets engaged the chances of being connected multifold. As a part of campaign, gamification can be done which proves to be an effective method of engaging the audience. Different channels of social media (like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.) will be used that can help in reaching to audience in various dimensions. For those not using these platforms, tie-up with search engines can help in streamlining the audience and create maximum impact by monitoring the performance parameters. Search engine marketing can also be used in to maximize the incoming user traffic on these social media platforms where targeted ads can be used. (Ferguson, 2008)
The insights gained from customers might be challenging for team to meet the expectations. It is important that message is created in smart manner which can influence maximum customers to try the product. The team at stores will have to provided with training about the campaign so that queries regarding the campaign can be answered by them when approached by customers. Cost will not be a major issue for the
and since it can be recovered easily once the sales starts picking up. Also, no major allocation of budget is required. (Ryan, 2016) It can be adjusted under variable marketing expenses. The sales might start declining with the changing market conditions, but this can be controlled by
inging necessary changes in the campaign and the product. It is important that product is providing more value than the competitor’s product which can convince them to continue making the purchase for longer runs. The money invested in the campaign will be small percentage of what it can give in return if the campaigns goes successful. (McQuade, Waitman, Zeisser, & Kierzkowski,1996)
By ensuring the target audience is connected with the
and and keeping the conversation interesting the marketing campaign can reach its maximum potential. The important aspect is individual connectedness which creates more trust in other customers and motivates them to try the product. The more creative the campaign is more interest it will generate in the audience. Digital marketing campaigns has highest return on investment if planned and implemented strategically. Precision is important as the targeting the wrong audience can lead to wasted efforts of management and the team. The accuracy of monitoring of marketing campaign might not give results that can help in making improvements.
It is important that customers are pre-informed about the campaign to ensure maximum participation. The campaign will become successful when maximum people plays the game and the activity turns out to be fun for them instead of participating in promotion activity. A teaser advertisement for the campaign will generate curiosity that can lead to more participation. The timings must be kept when people spend their time maximum on their smartphones which can be used to target them by target advertisement. (Cu
an, Graham, & Temple, 2011)
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Digital Communication Strategy for Burger King
Digital Communication Strategy for Burger King
Executive Summary
This assignment includes a proposal related to the marketing campaign and strategy for Burger King.
The challenge that has been addressed in the report is aggressive marketing strategy of competitors as well as changing customer preferences.
The report highlights the major parameters of the
and and then proposes campaign for enhancing customer engagement.
This report will help in enhancing the sales for the Flagship product of Burger king i.e. Whopper.
Burger King was found by Keith Kramer in Florida in 1953. He was inspired by the success story of McDonalds in California.
Initially, it was named as Insta Burger.
IPO was launched by the company in 2006.
There are around 15000 employees with its operations in more than 100 countries.
Burger King promotes mainly for its signature product Whopper.
Burger King has diversified its offerings to serve their customers the best.
Key Issue
Burger King has been facing major challenge related to declining sales for its main product i.e. Whopper
Competitors of Burger King have been providing their products at relatively lower prices
This made consumers perceive the products of Burger King to be expensive
The communication strategy has also not been effective in order to convince the consumers to purchase their products.
Digital Communication Strategy
Meaning: Digital communication strategy can be defined as a series of activities which will help an organization in achieving the business goals through online marketing.
First Step: The organization must try to identify the business goals such as innovation,
and awareness, increase in sales etc. In case of Burger King, the...

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