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Assessment 2 Research Project [35%] Learning objectives: In section 3 of the e-book, the CADDIE planning process of collecting and analyzing relevant information, designing and developing a...

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Assessment 2 Research Project [35%] Learning objectives: In section 3 of the e-book, the CADDIE planning process of collecting and analyzing relevant information, designing and developing a business-marketing plan, implementing and evaluating the necessary marketing action plans is outlined. In this assessment you will work through the Collect and Analyse [CA] steps of the CADDIE planning process and demonstrate your understanding of COMP factors. This assessment will provide a foundation for assessment 3. Scenario: You are now working at the boutique retail marketing consultancy – as a market researcher. Shaver Shop was founded in 1986 and grew to have 100 stores before conducting an initial public offering and listing on the Australian Stock Exchange on 1 July 2016. Since then they have had mixed results. The opening of Amazon’s Australian operation may create concerns about the prospects for similar Australian retail businesses. In your report, you need to identify the COMP factors currently at play and those impacting the foreseeable future. This will mostly involve secondary research [i.e. utilising existing information sources] and also involve some degree of assumption where full information is not readily available. Fortunately, Shaver Shop is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange [ASX] so investor reports and presentations made by the company may provide a rich source of data. Task: The consultancy has been commissioned to produce a report which involves analysing the situational factors related to the recently listed retail business Shaver Shop.

The report will cover the COMP factors for Shaver Shop: Customer- including primary and secondary targets markets Organisation- the company’s current competencies and deficiencies Market- the market conditions including key competitors Product- the current ‘Total Product’ offering made by Shaver Shop both online and in store A SWOT matrix [strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats] will then be developed and included in the conclusions section of the report [note: this will prove to be a useful summary when it comes to competing Ass. 3].

Format: The submitted report should be Microsoft Word document 2250 words [10% tolerance] in length (excluding references, table of contents page, cover page and appendices). 12-point Arial or Times Roman Numeral font, 1.25 spacing. The report must be appropriately referenced and may include photographs, tables, diagrams, illustrations.

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SWOT Analysis
Student Name
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Executive Summary
Shaver Shop is a professional retailer of both men's and women's personal care products in Australia and New Zealand, and aspire as market leaders in "all products related to the hair removal. The company Shaver Shop is a pride suppliers and having the good quality product knowledge of the retailer in the whole world. Company believes they should provide the best advice to customers at the lowest price. The Shaver Shop is highly competitive with the pricing policy and Shaver Shop take every possible measure to ensure that their clients have the most complete combing solutions and the lowest prices. Shaver Shop was founded in 1986 by Mary and Gary Tyquin. The first ever Shaver Shop established on the Lonsdale Street in Melbourne’s Central Business District and is still operating successfully. The report will cover the COMP factors of shaver stores: Customers - including major and minor target market organizations - Cu
ent capabilities and defective markets of the company - Market conditions including major competitors Products - Cu
ent "All Products" provided by Shaver Shop Online And store weaknesses in the SWOT matrix, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that will then be formulated and included in the conclusion of the report.
Key Words: Target Market, Total product, Key competitors, SWOT, and COMP
Background    4
Customer    5
Organization    6
Market    6
Product    8
SWOT Matrix    11
Conclusion    13
References    14
Shaver Shop is one of the best and leading retailers in Australia specializing in each and every aspect of hair removal and personal care products for men and women. Today's razor shop is not just a razor. Whenever it comes to hair styling, dental care, massage, tailoring and trimming, bathroom accessories, skin care, and gift ideas customers think about Shaver Shop razor store is a flourishing franchise group formulated around a huge store location, trained work The staff provides excellent product expertise, a wide range of competitive prices and cu
ently has 150 Shaver Shop shops in Australia as well as in NZ. Shaver Shop offers a variety of premium
ands with competitive employee knowledge and competitive prices. The company's expertise and good records in the field of personal grooming enable it to discuss exclusive services or products with the suppliers. The Shaver Shop purchases products from foremost manufacturers who try to create innovative and functional products in order to meet customers' desires in the personal care and hair removal product categories ("Shaver Shop bucks the retail trend to achieve significant sales growth", 2018).
Shaver Shop company is a professional retailer of Australian men's and women's personal care hair removal products and is eager to become the market leaders. The company has 100 self-operated and specialty stores and e-commerce platforms across Australia and New Zealand, aiming to furnish clients with an extensive variety of items, the most abnormal amount of client benefit and aggressive costs. The organization's fundamental item classifications incorporate electric shavers, scissors, trimmers, female hair expulsion and male wet shaving things. Shaver Shop expressed that Australia's local "wet shave" showcase is approximately $387 million, but it only accounts for about 3% of this highly decentralized market. The company saw a great opportunity to continue to increase its market share in this category, which aims to continue to improve its product line to cater to individual beauty styles, new fashion trends and changes in product innovation, and leverage its long-term partnership with major suppliers to continue Purchase new products and innovative products in an exclusive way. Almost all of the $88 million raised by the Shaver Shop in its initial public services is used to pay existing shareholders, counting pre-IPO dividends as well as exit bonus expenditures, and debt repayments ("Investor Centre | ShaverShop", 2017). Considering the company's very aggressive expansion plan, this may seem surprising, but Shaver Shop believes that these companies can obtain funds from profits and cash flow.
The Shaver Shop was set up in 1986 as an administration place for electric shavers, giving extra parts and upkeep administrations. From that point forward, Shaver Shop has become the market pioneer in hair expulsion and individual prepping and has not given a critical direct contender to all Shaver Shop items. Development has been accomplished through an assortment of activities, including the advancement of plans of action to draw in a more extensive client base, attentive store advancement designs, taught establishment store purchase back projects and interests in our online business development ("Investor Centre | ShaverShop", 2017). As a main retailer in its class, Shaver Shop works intimately with makers around the globe to buy the most recent items in view of the most recent items, a considerable lot of which are selective buys. Shaver Shop centers around natural development (counting establishment repurchases) as opposed to acquisitions. This permits Shaver Shop to steadily and deliberately extend its geographic scope while keeping up a reliable retail statement and client encounter (, 2018). The objective is to have in excess of 145 stores in Australia and New Zealand, and the organization accepts there will be noteworthy development openings later on. The hair evacuation and individual prepping markets in Australia and New Zealand are extensive and developing. In light of cu
ent item costs, the organization gauges that its yearly...

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