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Assessment 2: Portfolio This assessment is for these students only:Gold Coast; Melbourne - Hotel School; Online; Sydney - Hotel School. Assessment Group/ individual Learning outcomes Grading indicator...

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Assessment 2: Portfolio

This assessment is for these students only:Gold Coast; Melbourne - Hotel School; Online; Sydney - Hotel School.

Learning outcomesGrading indicatorMin ScoreWeightLength/
DueProfessional accreditation
PortfolioIndividual2, 3GradedN/A30%1500 words + 3 minute video20 Aug 2018 5:00 PMN/A

Format:There are two (2) components to this assessment:

Part A - Written report (1500 words) and
Part B - Video (3 minute presentation)

Length:1500 words + 3 minute video

Submit:Report and video submittedthrough the Assessment 2 'Assessment Tasks and Submission' linkon the MySCU site

Guidelines for your Career Portfolio

This assessment is designed to be used by you as an ongoing workingportfolio to assist you in identifying your career goals and appropriate organisations you wish to pursue for internship or employment positions. Writing in first person ('me', 'I', 'mine; etc.) is permitted however, you should remember that this is a university assessment and not a descriptive story. A minimum of five (5) well integrated academic references is required.

Part A– Written Report

The following may assist you to structure your work:

Executive Summary

An Executive Summary of a report is just that, a summary. It contains a statement of report purpose and an overview of the actual and specific findings. Generally, it should be no longer than one page and does not count towards the word limit of your report. The Executive Summary can only be writtenafteryou have completed your report. Write in past tense (e.g. The purpose of this report was to …). If an Executive Summary is well written the reader should be able to understand the main points, findings, and conclusions of the actual report without having to read the full report. Be sure to check the relevantAcademic Skills Quick Guidefor help with writing your summary.


1.0 Introduction

Ensure that you write an introduction for this assignment. TheAcademic Skills Quick Guideswill provide you with a reminder on what should be contained in an introduction.

2.0 My Career

  • Describe how you visualise your perfect graduate position and broader career in 1–2 paragraphs. Then critically evaluate how your descriptions compare and contrast with the literature covered in this unitrelating to definitions of careers, career management and career success (Topic 1). Do not use dictionary or Wikipedia definitions in this discussion. Instead, you should be evaluating the descriptions contained in academic writings such as your Readings.
  • Namethe industry sector that you wish to pursue for your internship and/or graduate role andrefer toAppendix Awhich will containyour database of potential employers.

3.0 Goal Setting

  • Setting goals (both short- and long-term) is important in career planning. Challenging, but realistic, goals can have powerful positive influence on career success. Identify a goal setting theory (model)or motivation theory and discuss how it may be useful to assist you in achieving your career goals.
  • In thissection summarisethe five most important learning/career goals that you wish to achieve within the next 10 years. Refer toAppendixBwhich will contain detailed information about these five goals.

4.0 Conclusion

Again, consult theAcademic Skills Quick Guidesfor details on how to write a great conclusion.

5.0 References

Start this section on a new page and use Harvard referencing.

Appendices (A & B)

Insert a section break (start on a new page).

  • AppendixA - Database of Potential Employers

Here you will list each of your five preferred employers. Use appropriate headings numbered 1–5 ensuring each organisation is listed in order of preference (i.e. your most preferred organisation is number 1, your second choice employer is number 2 etc.). You may include your field trip organisation as one of the potential employers.

Use the following headings for each organisation to ensure all relevant information is provided and then include a short review, in 1–2 paragraphs, of the career prospects available within each of your selected organisations:

  • Company name
  • Contact person
  • Position title (of contact person you would address an application to)
  • Postal address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Organmisation website – [Copy the link to the page you are referring to here]
  • Other links – [If there is a specific employment and or internship link copy this link here]
  • Overview of [Insert organisation name here]:
    Now write one to two paragraphs around what each organisation is renowned for and the types of career opportunities available in this organisation. Use your own words.

AppendixB – Learning/Career Goals

Detail your five (5) most important learning/career goals that you wish to achieve within the next 10 years using the template from the MySCU site – Assessment Tasks and Submission link.

NB: The word count of appendices isnotincluded in your overall assessment word count. Go crazy!

Part B–Video

This component of the assessment requires you to prepare a video in which you present an academic quality, industry sector analysis. You will need to be succinct as thevideo should be no more than three minutes in length.

Graduate Careers Australiaprovides some details about what an industry sector analysis should include. These include:

  • adetailed description of the industry sectorthat you want to be working in after you complete your current degree;
  • information on thecareer opportunitieswithin this industry sector;
  • information on thecareer challengeswithin this industry sector; and
  • an evaluation of themost appealing aspectsof this industry sector for YOU personally.

You must use information gained from discussions with industry insiders, academic journals and from your observations and general research but be sure to note the source of your information. For example, you might say:'Timeshare is a growing sector of the hotel industry. According to an article published in Perspective Timeshare Magazine on 3 May, total revenues for this sector are up by 3% compared to the same time last year.' Before going on to discuss in your own words what this means for the industry and your career.
You can also cite information that was shared with you on the field trip but again be sure to cite the source. E.g., 'In a presentation on 12 July 2018 Mr. Brown, Vice President ofA Very Good Hotel Groupsaid key challenges for the sector included ...'

See the MySCU site - Assessment Tasks and Submission link - for the feedback sheet to review the criteria for this assessment.

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Detailed description of the industry sector that you want to be working in after you complete your cu
ent degree
After completing my cu
ent degree, I would like to join the hospitality industry. I personally believe that the hospitality sector is attracting a large number of people by providing different opportunities to make a successful career option to work with many departments like food and beverage management, lodging management, travel and tourism management. Due to the globalization,...

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