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This assessment has two sections Section 1: Short answer responses (75%) Section 2: Essay (25%) Requirements • As this assessment replaces the exam, no referencing is required • You MUST add a cover...

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This assessment has two sections
Section 1: Short answer responses (75%)
Section 2: Essay (25%)
• As this assessment replaces the exam, no referencing is required
• You MUST add a cover page(all student details, course code and title of assessment)
• This Assessment does not require a format. Instead, simply choose your topic and
number each.
• Section 2: Essay please start a new page and use essay format.
Section 1: From the questions below, select five (5) to answer. Each question is worth 15
marks – making a total of 75% marks for this section.
You will be assessed on your depth of knowledge and completeness of response; use
examples to illustrate your points and improve your answer. Each answer should be in the
ange of half to one page. You are not expected to cite or reference.
Short Answer Questions (answer any five questions form the list below). Each question is
worth 15%.
1. Define the concept of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM). Discuss two
challenges that a HR Manager will need to understand and deal with, using relevant
examples to support your answer.
2. Define and discuss a theory of motivation. Include diagrams where appropriate to
support your response.
3. How would you evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment and selection programs?
Why is evaluation so important?
4. Describe the concept of Human Resource Planning (HRP). How is HRP ca
ied out
in organisations?
5. Define and describe a Human Resource Information Management System (HRIMS).
How does a HRIMS contribute to operational and business objectives?
6. Describe and provide examples of the three (3) main Industrial Relations
7. Outline and describe the key steps taken in organisational change. How is change
implemented by an organisation?
Section 2: Essay (25%)
The essay topic focuses on the Covid -19 Virus. Your essay should include and identify
Human Resource Functions within organisations and the wider-community that are cu
impacted by the Covid-19 virus. You should construct an essay outlining the positives and
negatives of the topic and provide examples where possible.
Your essay is worth 25% Your essay should be between 2-3 pages in length and written in
essay format.
Total 100%
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Table of Content
Section 1    3
Section 2    7
References    10

Section 1
Answer to Question 1
    The concept of the strategic human resources management is the developed concept of the two individual ideas. The human resources and the formation of strategies to utilise the resources is combined together to from SHRM. In an away, it can be defined as the sub sect of Human Resources Management. It is in a way different from its parent body thus the source of strength or ideology is rooted to the basic concept of HRM. In the
oader aspect, the strategic human resources management is the way of connecting the human resource of the company to that of the primary objective of the company. The strategic way of compilations of the employees to that of the goal helps in the proper development of the work culture, the enhancement of the performance level and so on. The company also gains the competitive advantage.
    The human resources manager plays d vital role in the organisational structure. The HR does the development of the entire work force; the designing of the jobs in the work place and analysing it based on different criteria are among few roles that are played by them. The two major challenges faced by HR are, the development of the effective leadership within the organisation and recruiting talented people in the organisation. The effective leadership is the key to achieve greater place in the market. For example, people work hard for the leaders than the boss. When the leaders known how to deal with the adverse situation the team member stays motivated. On the other hand maintaining the balance between the business and attractive, the talented individual is the difficult job when the competition in the market is high. Understand the worth of the individuals is the grave challenges for HR.
Answer to Question 2
    The theory acts as base for the further development of the concept. The term motivation is related to the state of mind, which is associated to the positive attitude of the individual. The motivate individual has a positive trait in their personality. It includes the source of energy and enthusiasm while performing any task. It can be also termed as a driving force, which drives every individual to work hard and achieve his or her goal. The higher level of commitment, focus, positive attitude, psychological traits is some of the visual aspect of the motivated person. In the
oader aspect, the motivation theories are divided into two groups one is the content theories and other is the process theories. The content theories focus on the aspects of “what” affects the individuals on the contrary the process theories focuses on the ideas of “how” the individual is affected by the tools of motivation. One of the major motivation theories that include the major portion of parameters of motivation is followed:
aham Maslow’s that includes the ideology of needs of the individuals develops Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, this theory. Maslow’s further divides the factor of needs in the parameters of safety, social belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualisation and physiology. As per the ideas produced by Maslow’s the need of the individuals is the driving force which makes sure that one works hard enough to meet needs. The needs are designed from the lowest strata to the highest one. It is the duty of the leaders to understand the need of the employees and work upon wit to provide the better internal work place.
Answer to Question 4
    The human resources planning are the ideology that is served as continues process of developing the working condition of the people. The quality of the employees is nurtured and served well in the organisational structure with the help of the HRP to achieve the optimal growths of the organisation. The human resources planning is the ideal concept which take the systematic way to manage the human resources in such way that it does not either exceed or minimizes the requirement of human resources in the workplace. It is the concept by implementing which the constant sources of steady supply of the skilled labours is being employed. With the help of the human resources, planning the evaluation of the workforce makes the...

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