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Abr Writing answered on May 03 2020
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Q. No-one uses standard, formal English all the time. But some people can’t perform it at all. What sort of treatment do these people experience?
A. Language is an important aspect of our lives, which enables one to communicate with others and share their ideas, opinions etc., which is essential for the growth and development of the living beings including animals. Language consists of Grammar, Accent, Fluency, Pronunciation among others, which are heavily influenced by the regional, social, cultural factors. So, for example, the sentence in English language implying similar meaning may be structured and even spoken differently in two different geographies like USA and China.
Even in the same geographies, there are disputes between linguist purist and generalists, where the former demands strict usage of co
ect form of English language in all terms of language-grammar, accent etc, whereas for generalists, ‘almost any sentence or sentence fragment may be acceptable in casual conversation’ .In formal speaking and writing, non-standard grammar is rarely acceptable and according to them there is only one way to speak and write English. (Page,167, Accent, standard language ideology, and discriminatory pretext in the court).

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