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Your job will be to research the company Ali-Baba and find as much information as you can on its approaches to the associated topics. Critical assessments should be included – that is, your opinions...

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Your job will be to research the company Ali-Baba and find as much information as you can on its approaches to the associated topics. Critical assessments should be included – that is, your opinions (with evidence) about the extent to which the company is actually successfully and honestly implementing programs and processes to achieve their goals in the areas of Persoanlity and Creative Passion.

The paper should include:

  1. Overall business and strategic information that focuses on aspects of the company that relate to Personality & Creative Passion.

  2. A more detailed analysis of how the company Ali-Baba approaches the topics. How deeply embedded are these processes in the company’s mission and vision, marketing niche, competitive advantage, and human resource management system?

  3. A critical discussion of the effectiveness of Ali-Baba's approach to achieving these objectives.

This paper should be of the quality and form that you would expect to submit to a senior executive. Points will be given for style as well as content. Points will be deducted for style as well as content. A paper with spelling, grammatical, and typing errors will not receive full credit, regardless of content. Sloppily executed charts, tables, and graphs will, likewise, detract from the grade. Also, any text, table, chart, graph, etc. taken from another source (including a web page) that is not properly cited will be treated as plagiarism. If you are not sure what plagiarism is and how to avoid it, please refer to an expert source, such as “A Writer’s Reference” by Diana Hacker.

General Criteria for Evaluation of the Paper

This paper is to be written in APA format. The paper should be double spaced, and should include a minimum of 2 references from articles or text cited.

If you fail to properly cite references within the body of the paper, I will fail the assignment. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you research the proper procedures for structuring a paper in APA format and insuring that you are properly citing within the body of the paper. ***Grading Criteria*** Organization (25 %)

Evidence of a logical and meaningful consistency in the structure of the response to the structure of the assignment, evidence of planned presentation having a clear flow from the beginning, through the middle, to the conclusion.

Content (25 %)

Evidence of having developed the response from significant concepts and insights gained from the readings, drawing upon relevant theories, literature, and citing sources in APA form and style as appropriate.

Relevance & Cogency (25 %)

Maintenance of pointed and clear relationships in response to the assignment, avoidance of digression from the main points of assignment, avoidance of boilerplate or filler material, and avoidance of redundant matter and educational jargon.

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Sundeep answered on Jul 30 2020
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Personality and Creative passion are abstract terms which are related to the way a person is and how he/she is in the given context. The word personality and creative passion in relation to the Giant ‘Alibaba’ is in respect to the name and the creativity that the
and ca
ies along with it in relation to its processes and its work culture.
The personality of Alibaba is of a Tiger. Smart, Strong and capable of long run! The Chinese are among the top manufacturers in the world, yet many of them are struggling to create a
and name for themselves. Alibaba made the roar with an Initial Public Offering of $25 billion(Tsui, A. S., Zhang, Y., & Chen, X. P. (2017))
Jack Ma, the legendary self-made billionaire and founder of the Alibaba group is a kinetic leader and has made a perfect blend of the Western and the Chinese culture and technologies. This made an impact and created the biggest and the most diversified global technology enterprise. The charismatic and the creative passion of Jack Ma can be seen in the management...

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