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You should aim for approximately 250 words under each heading (but you may wish to align your word count with the marks allocated to each heading). Here are some suggested questions to guide your...

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You should aim for approximately 250 words under each heading (but you may wish to align your word count with the marks allocated to each heading).
Here are some suggested questions to guide your writing. Do not simply cut and paste them and write your answers. That would be just going through the motions and would not show that you have independently thought about the assignment.
Preparation (30 marks)
What was the purpose of tutorial 1?
What was the scope of the required preparation?
What research/readings did you choose to focus on and why?
Participation (20 marks)
What learning exercises were covered in tutorials?
What was discussed in your group/s and what good ideas were generated?
What and how did you contribute to the group/class discussions (based on your preparation and in- class activities)?
Reflection (40 marks)
Note: this is reflection your on your learning (not other students’ learning).
What do you know now that you didn’t know before this tutorial?
How did ‘active learning’ contribute to your understanding of social research methods (so far)?
Did you learn anything about how you learn (related to social research methods)?
How to you put your learning in context – where you are now and what you would like to learn / will be learning in the coming weeks?
Was what you learned /are learning in about social research methods as you expected? What has surprised you?
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Soumi answered on Apr 10 2020
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Table of Contents
Preparation    3
Participation    3
Reflection    4
References    5
The issue of sexting and using messages to harm or bully others is a very common concern amongst the young individuals. As mentioned by Owens and Charles (2016), sexting is presently being used largely for
inging out the privacy of people to the public for the personal benefits of the persons, who are practising it. These have overall led to sexual harassment and representation of gender inequality due to objectification of the woman body. Hence, it is a major area of concern, which is why I opted for getting involved with a research on this topic. The scope of this preparation was that I wanted to cover the areas that relate to the issue of sexting amongst the young users and the usage of messages or messaging applications for preventing them from causing self-harm. Therefore, I delved into the analysis of the articles relevant to these two spheres of research. Firstly, I made a literature search on the database using Google Chrome, Australia as the search engine. Then, I entered the keywords ‘sexting’, ‘sexting amongst young people’, ‘messaging’ and ‘messaging to prevent self-harm’ on to the search bar of the database to search for the relevant articles. Besides, I also ventured to select some suitable news reports that are latest in this aspect, from the renowned dailies. Finally, I could screen the most appropriate ones from them for enhancing my knowledge base. My selected sources were articles by Milner et al. (2015) and by Salter (2016). Besides, a news report by The Conversation (2013) and a government by NSW (2018) have also been selected.
After the conduction of the literature searches and selecting the most relevant sources of information, I read as well as thoroughly analysed them individually, so that they can receive a clear idea about the topic. A critical review of the sources gave me a scope to derive some good ideas about sexting, its...

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