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ICL NZDB6214 – Final Assessment – Project Management Report 1 Lecturer marking assignment : Kanchana Nanayakkara Final Assessment Paper Title: Leading and Managing Projects Paper Code: NZDB6214 Title:...

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ICL NZDB6214 – Final Assessment – Project Management Report 1

Lecturer marking assignment : Kanchana Nanayakkara

Final Assessment
Paper Title: Leading and Managing Projects
Paper Code: NZDB6214

Title: Project Management Report

Version: 1.1

This booklet contains the following:

Table 1: Criteria for preparation of Project Management Report [Group]

Table 2: Criteria for reflection on the project [Individual]

Table 3: Criteria for observation

Student Name: _____________________________

Student Declaration

I confirm that I have read and understood the conditions of this assessment and have had the
opportunity to get any clarification that I need from my assessor. I understand that a full electronic
copy must be submitted along with each submission. Any health and safety requirements that I must
observe have been outlined.
I confirm that all work completed for this assessment is my own work and has been produced
without assistance from anyone else.
Finally, I also confirm that the process by which I may seek a review of the marking for this assessment
has also been outlined to me.

Signed: ___________________________________ XXXXXXXXXXDate: _______________

ICL NZDB6214 – Final Assessment – Project Management Report 2
General Instructions:
1. If you have any inquiries or do not understand the requirements of the assessment, please check with
your lecturer.
2. If an extension to the due date is required you must request this from the lecturer BEFORE the due
date NOT on the due date. A medical certificate or other evidence is required to support an extension.
If a student is away sick on due date then you must submit a medical certificate with the assignment
on return. NOTE: The medical certificate must state the day of the assessment’s due date. Special
extension can be considered in discussion with the lecturer.
3. You are required to submit an electronic copy of the assessment to Canvas - a link will be available on
4. Late submissions will be penalised 10% per day excluding weekends.
5. Assignment File Saving: It is critical that you save a copy of all work on your assignment. Students
MUST save a copy of their assignment as they work on it. A copy should be saved in a minimum of 2
locations, e.g. your memory stick and a copy on your folder at ICL and at home. This means at any
time if you lose one copy you always have a backup copy which is up to date. Note: If students lose
the assignment or any part of it before it is completed, submitted and handed in on due date (both
electronic copy and hard copy) they will get zero mark. No excuses will be accepted – even if it was
deleted by mistake or lost.
6. Follow below naming convention for the assignment document:
[Student First & Last Name] _ [course code] _ [AsgNo].docx
(e.g., Syed Jamali_NZDB62141_Asg2.docx
7. Originality: Information in each section needs to be original information. If students have copied
sections from sources (even if it is referenced co
ectly) and it is not in their own words, marks will be
deducted. Students are required to put all information sourced from any source into their own words
or paraphrase it. Acceptable Turnitin similarity (Plagiarism) is below 25%.
8. Referencing: It is expected that any research used is referenced properly using the APA
eferencing standard.
9. Research: Under no circumstances are research houses or other companies to be approached with
equests for information with the intention of copying the information. Similarly, the use of
commercially or previously prepared material is not permitted and will result in a zero mark. If a
website has been used in researching the market the information must be referenced co
10. All answers must be in your own words, i.e. please do not use too many quotes, but describe/
analyse/ comment in your own words.
11. Your analysis, discussion and recommendations must be embedded in theory learnt in class.
12. Your report should be word processed in black and white, with the main text in 12 point Times
New Roman, left aligned, with 6 point paragraph spacing, 1.5 line spacing on A4 size paper,
portrait format (left margin minimum 3cm, right margin minimum 2cm).
ICL NZDB6214 – Final Assessment – Project Management Report 3
Final Assessment – Project Management Report
Instructions for students
This assessment consists of two tasks.
Task 1: Project Management Report
Task 1 requires you to produce a report in two parts:
 Part 1: Project Management Documents for a project ca
ied out for a small or medium level
usiness entity allocated to you by your lecturer / assessor, covering the criteria in Table 1
 Part 2: Reflection on the project, covering the criteria in Table 2.
Task 2: Observation and verification
As you work with the member(s) of the business to complete your project, you will be observed to
ensure that the behaviours listed in Table 2 are being demonstrated by you. Your assessor will let you
know who the observer will be. The observer may be your assessor, an employee of the business or
any other person deputed to perform this function.
Tasks 1 and 2 cover the following learning outcomes:
 Led and managed a project and/or initiative in accordance with the business entity’s
equirements (Learning Outcome 1)
 Engaged stakeholders to successfully complete a project and/or business entity initiative
(Learning Outcome 2)
 Demonstrated best practices in project leadership and management, motivate and develop
others to successfully complete the project and/or business entity initiative (Learning
Outcome 3)
 Analysed and manage the impact of the business environment during the leadership and
management of a project and/or initiative (Learning Outcome 4)
ICL NZDB6214 – Final Assessment – Project Management Report 4
Task 1: Project Management Report (Group 79 Marks – 2,500 words – excluding
cover page, table of content, appendix and references)
Part 1: Project Management Documents
Table 1 lists all the documents that must be submitted as part of your project report, and the
criteria these documents must meet.
Submit the checklists with your report. Ensure that every checkbox in the tables is ticked and that
your reports cover all criteria in the tables.
Some of the documents listed in the checklist may not be applicable to your project. If a document
is not applicable, clearly code and state this in your report, with appropriate reasons. Marks will be
allocated depending on the validity and relevance of the reason.
Identify each piece of information using the code provided in the first column of the table.
A single document may fit multiple codes, for example, a Gantt chart may fit the requirements of
scheduling as well as being part of a status communication to a stakeholder.
All documents must meet the requirements of the organisation and must be look professional.
Templates other than those provided in your class may be used, but these must be valid and
elevant and meet the requirements of the task.
Any copies of data or other information provided by the business to enable you to ca
y out your
functions must also be co
ectly coded and attached to your report. Ensure that any sensitive /
confidential information is blacked out. If the business refuses to let you take copies of the data, get
a note that that effect from your liaison at the organisation.
Code Criteria (student to tick all that apply) Marks
A  The name and business of the organisation for which the
Project Management Report has been prepared is clearly
stated. (LO1a)
1 mark
B  A Business Case / Terms of Reference document is produced
and attached. (LO1a, 1b, 1d)
5 marks
ICL NZDB6214 – Final Assessment – Project Management Report 5
Code Criteria (student to tick all that apply) Marks
C  A Project Charter (LO1a, 1b, 1d) 5 marks
D  The Scoping Document for the project is attached (LO1a,
1b, 1d).
10 marks
E  Work
eakdown structure showing to at least three levels.
(LO1a, 1b, 1d)
8 marks
F  Planning and scheduling of tasks (LO1a, 1b, 1d) 8 marks
G  Action log (LO1a, 1b, 1d) 4 marks
H  Risk register (LO1a, 1b, 1d) 5 marks
I  Periodic status reports
 Evidence of information being researched, evaluated and
communicated orally and in writing to at least one internal,
and at least one external stakeholder (LO1a, 1b, 1d, 2a, 2b).
8 marks
(2 marks for each oral
communication +
2 marks for each
x 2 – one each for
internal and external
J  Project budget showing adherence to budget and
variances, as applicable (LO1a, 1b, 1d)
6 marks
K  Information about the processes you were expected to
follow as per the organisation’s policies and procedures in
the following areas (select all that apply):
 Operations (e.g. processes involved in suppliers’
contracts and others)
 Accounting (e.g. financial processes involved in
invoicing, credit terms, and others)
 Sales and marketing
12 marks
ICL NZDB6214 – Final Assessment – Project Management Report 6
 Human resources (e.g. processes involved in recruiting
members for the project. Recruitment may be internal
or external.)
 Risk management (LO1a, 1b, 1d, 1e)
L  Change log (LO1a, 1b, 1d) 3 marks
M  Project closure document (LO1a, 1b, 1d) 4 marks
Copies of raw data provided by the business
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Code N
Below are the list of project management tools used in the report
· Gantt chart
· Logic Network
· PERT chart
· Work Breakdown Structure
Code O
Although working a business in this COVID-19 situation is quiet challenging yet to describe one challenge, where I have applied my analytical and problem-solving skills successfully to lead and manage the project is to take cafe from offline to online model. Due to lock down cafe has witnessed reduced number of sales as well as zero sales. The cu
ent dynamics states that due to spread of corona virus, people are apprehensive in coming out of their home. In fact they avoid going out of their home and coming out for coffee is the last thing on their mind. Therefore, I had to think of other options to keep the business running. Taking into the consideration present dynamics and success of online business with all the business turning into internet platforms to reach out to the customers. Thus, I pivoted from
ick and mortar to click and mortar business model where cafe would start the direct delivery option in the cafe. Along with that, the cafe would associate with Uber Eats.
Code P
Stakeholders in a company plays a very critical role. They are group of members without whose support the operations would halt and organization would cease to exist.
There are two types’ stakeholders
Internal Stakeholder: The internal stakeholders are directly involved in the organization. The internal stakeholders for this café are owner of Hollywood Espresso, the project team members, staff working in the café, website developer, and delivery drivers.
External Stakeholders:
The external stakeholders indirectly involved in the organization and they are customers, the shops and restaurants on K Road around Hollywood Espresso, Suppliers supplying goods to prepare the coffee and food and government.
It is of critical significance for any project manager to work very intimately with stakeholders whose feedbacks, opinions and actions will directly affect the project as well as its results. Therefore, it is very important that project manager have frequent and clear communication with concerned stakeholders. By the virtue of this report, I have formulated and implemented many communication strategies to maintain proper flow of information amongst various stakeholders. The project team performed both oral communication style as well as written communication strategy with Internal and External Stakeholders.
Organizing meeting with Stakeholders - Oral + Written Communication
Conducting meetings is one of the popular form of communication strategy since this method is prompt in
inging the entire concerned stakeholder on the same page. After every meeting, there is construction and distribution of minutes of meeting that provides details regarding the action item that would be performed by whom and what would be the deadline for submission of business deliverables
The template of the communication done with the stakeholders is mentioned below:
    Project team members
    Discussion on the WBS,
scheduling task, risk register and action log
    Zoom Meeting
    Once a week
    Project Manager
    Project team members
    Assigning the task to the members
    Project Team Leader
    Delivery of the raw materials on the assigned day and time
    One on One meeting
    Once while conducting the project
    Project Manager
    Reminder of the delivery of raw materials
    Once before the day of delivery
    Project Manager
Conducting meeting on Zoom
It is form of Oral communication that is ca
ied out with different members of project team on weekly basis. Explaining the work
eakdown structure, risk register, log of actions and planner of schedule activities are discussed in such meetings. Oral communication are also conducted over phone and message to pass important information.
Written communication through Electronic Mails
The team leader through electronic email sends communication to the members of project team. These emails provides the information on task delegation, details of the project and deadline with the ownership of the task. This form of communication is very important for documentation and required to ca
y out routine task
Code Q
Below are limitations and challenges faced by me as a Project Manage
First challenge since face-to-face interactions were limited due to COVID-19, it was difficult to keep all the members of the team on the same page. Earlier lack of communication had caused conflicts amongst the team members, hence chalking out platforms for communication like online meetings are good strategies to avoid conflicts
Second challenge is managing the risk that is inherent to the project. If the server of the website crashes or doesn’t load at the right time then customer may get i
itated and lose interest. Hence, it is very essential to have strong server that has high availability and provide the required services.
Code R
"Effective leaders need to be flexible and must adapt themselves according to the situation" - Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard.
In this fast paced world, where there are disruptions taking place every day, organization bank on the leaders to take the business to the next level. A leader cannot always depend on one style of leadership to build a team and drive the required results. Style of leadership is a method that is adapted to provide direction, scrutinize ideas, implement plans and motivate people.
Indeed, as a leader I have tried to implement different types of leadership style as per the demand of the situation since there is no one size fit all solution. My learnings as a leader, to be an effective leader, it is essential that he/she is able to communicate properly to his audience. At the same time, a leader needs to be tactful enough to delegate the work to right person for the job. If a leader only leads in one style neither the message will be co
ectly interpreted nor delegation would be willing performed. Since employees or followers are also essential in making a leadership effective. By taking time to comprehend the situation and accordingly adapt the way one wants to lead is the skill that distinguish between good leaders and great leaders!
Professional -
As a leader, I dedicatedly planned the activities and delegated it to the team members. I used to put extra effort to delegate the task according to the strength of the team members. If member of my team is good in analytics, I used to delegate excel as well as task that demands analysis to him/her....

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