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Write an essay, when mentioning of the simulation. It is a busniess game about start a T shirt and foot truck business just make things up on how I do it

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Written Report - Experiential Learning Journey
Answered Same Day Nov 21, 2023


Shubham answered on Nov 22 2023
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The study describes about entrepreneurial path to launch T-shirt and food truck business that can be an exciting venture. It includes drawing from simulations and course insights and the journey describes theoretical knowledge with practical application. The aim is to cultivate business for staying in competitive market that resonates with diverse preferences of potential customers.
Part One
The development of journey for starting T-shirt and food truck business has been transformative experiential learning process. It includes various exercises and simulations throughout the semester. In the 90-day exercise during Week 6, this requires focusing on laying foundation for the business by developing comprehensive business plan. It includes market research, financial projections and strategic planning for ensuring solid framework for startup phase. The participation in Startup Wars simulations provided dynamic platform for testing and refining entrepreneurial skills (Mahto & McDowell, 2018). After completing multiple simulations, each presents unique challenges that demanded strategic decision-making. In initial rounds, strategies are geared towards market penetration and building strong
and presence. With progress of simulations, it includes adapting approach based on feedback and performance metrics. This requires shifting towards more customer-centric model. It includes learning to pivot and adjust strategies in response to market dynamics with valuable lesson from simulations.
It has helped to gain insights into multifaceted responsibilities and decision-making processes integral to entrepreneurial leadership. The experience was exhilarating and challenging for mi
oring the real-world complexities of running the startup. It includes engaging in discussions on Packback and other forums provided with valuable platform for knowledge exchange. This requires learning from experiences and perspectives of peers that offered diverse insights in business strategies, marketing tactics and operational efficiency. The constructive feedback and collaborative discussions have helped me to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The simulation experience has deepened the understanding of intricacies of entrepreneurship that has helped to develop sense of resilience and adaptability (Murnieks, Klotz & Shepherd, 2020). It reinforced importance of continuous learning and staying agile in face of uncertainties. The experiential learning process has equipped with practical skills and understanding of entrepreneurial landscape. It has provided...

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