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write a 6-8 page response paper (at least 6 full pages plus title and reference pages) using at least 4 scholarly references (not websites like wikipedia,, etc.), to the following questions:...

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write a 6-8 page response paper (at least 6 full pages plus title and reference pages) using at least 4 scholarly references (not websites like wikipedia,, etc.), to the following questions:

1. A firm contemplating foreign expansion in the Middle East must decide about which market to enter and when to enter those markets. Briefly discuss these issues from the point of view of an American firm that is planning to serve customers in foreign markets.

2. Choose a European country (do not choose a country we have previously studied for country profiles) and write a country profile specifically focusing on the tech industry (you may choose the product or service this company sells). Argue the case that this is the best country in which to start a new tech business or the best to add an international headquarters for a tech business that is currently located in the US. Explain your reasons based on what you have learned in the class and support your argument with evidence.

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Foreign Expansion of US Company
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Foreign Expansion in Middle East countries    3
Market entry Strategy in Middle East    4
Which market to enter?    4
When to enter those markets?    5
Foreign expansion in Europe    5
Denmark    6
PESTLE analysis of Denmark    6
International Relation and Globalization    8
Why Denmark?    8
Conclusion    9
References    10
International expansion is a strategy that enables the business to enter into overseas market in the view of achieving a structured and a sustainable growth. Companies prefer to create economies of scale by expansion into new markets. They prefer to efficiently implement their potentiality and grasp substantial opportunities in developed nation where there is large demand.
This assignment discusses the prospects of foreign expansion of a US based company in Middle East markets. Followed by, the prospects of international expansion in a European nation of Denmark. For both the context, in the assignment it focuses on the opportunities, risks and possible aspects that determines expansion and entry into these economies. Expansion strategy involves choices regarding the primary markets, targeted customers, and channels of strategies for resource allocation,
and positioning, product and service valuation and creation.
Foreign Expansion in Middle East countries
The Middle East countries are emerging as the potential region for business in the world. The growing population of these regions and an extensive supply of natural resources make this region one of the most lucrative places in the global economy. With more positive political efforts from the government these countries have witnessed essence of privatization and globalization making it an important context that makes the economy of Middle East a lucrative market for a US companies (Basheer, Ahmad & Hassan, 2019). Globalization has been an important factor to facilitate foreign direct investment into these regions which makes it an important pool for the US based companies. Profound research and study suggest that the Middle East countries of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Gulf Cooperation Council and United Arab Emirates have turned out to be significant trading partners of USA. Policies in these countries allow extensive expansion of US based markets. Availability of the energy resources is another important factor that determines why Middle East serves to be an important ground for expansion.
Market entry Strategy in Middle East
As suggested Middle East one of the most effective economic region in the global economy. Hence, efficient market strategy must be accomplished in order to enter and establish US Company in the Middle East region. However there strives a variety of culture and dominant religion in the Middle East. This forces US companies to ensure sensibility about local customs and norms of prevailing in this region (Putzhammer et al., 2020). However, it presents lucrative opportunities to various industries for United States companies.
Which market to enter?
Studies and research make it clear that the Middle East regions are happy enough to welcome supply of goods and services in the industries of finance, manufacturing, technology and infrastructure. Policies in the Middle East Nations like United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have allowed foreign Investments and welcomes expansion of market giving way towards privatization. This serves to be an atmosphere of opportunity for the sectors of telecommunication, electricity, postal services, port services, railways and airline industries to explore the markets of Middle East. Furthermore, agricultural expansion is one of the most prevalent sectors in the Middle East which has not been ravaged yet. Technological advancement and implementation of required technology to increase the production of agriculture in Middle East will provide the most effective market for the US Company in the Middle East.
When to enter those markets?
The time is...

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