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Word Limit: 3,000 Sunflower Foods is a medium sized manufacturing plant. The factory produces a wide range of bakery related items that are sold in large supermarket chains throughout the country. In...

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Word Limit: 3,000

Sunflower Foods is a medium sized manufacturing plant. The factory produces a wide range of bakery related items that are sold in large supermarket chains throughout the country. In the factory the organisation currently employees approximately 65 full-time staff and will have on-staff between 10 and 30 casual employees that it sources from a labour-hire company. There are 8 supervisors (promoted from the frontline with limited leadership experience). This part of the business would be described as blue-collar workers).

The business has identified its internal culture and low staff morale and motivation as a key area requiring attention. After attending an MBA program the CEO believes a team-based structure may help improve the motivation and morale of staff and ultimately drive-up productivity.

In your position as Head of Human Capital you have been asked to explore the idea and provide a report back to the CEO that covers three main themes. 1) The pros and cons of using teams and your recommendations of it as a potential strategy 2) How the company should approach staff motivation to improve engagement and morale 3) identify the key elements associated with driving effective strategic change associated with your strategy.

Assessment Criteria

Possible Marks

  1. Introduction provides an overview of the report and includes a discussion of the broader environmental context (scan) that impacts this organisation. Provides an analysis of the key issues in the case.


  1. Apply appropriate conceptual frameworks/models/theories/evidence.


  1. Quality of argument in support of recommendations.


  1. Develop a set of recommendations (approximately 6) on how to proceed.


  1. Overall professionalism of report, readability, presentation including clarity of expression, accurate grammar and spelling.




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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Pros and Cons of Using Teams    3
Staff Motivation    5
Key Elements for Strategic Change    7
Recommendation    9
Conclusion    11
References    12
Sunflower Foods has made recent changes in their organization by promotion eight frontline employees as the supervisors. These members lack leadership attributes, and that has resulted in weakening the internal environment and culture of the organization. The employees are cu
ently facing issue with lower morale and motivation due to the poor leadership prevailing in the organization. There is lack of leadership attributes among the newly promoted frontline managers that would be resulting in authority that is the right to command other people and to dominate them. Some of the significant issues are the wasted potential that is employees’ talent is not utilized effectively by the organization that makes the tasks less interesting and resulting in lower productivity eventually resulting in lower morale.
Poor communication within the team and with the supervisor is another major issue that pertains to the company (Markman, 2017). The new eight supervisors are not communicating well with the employees in the organization that results in closed communication. Network culture is another problem that is predominant in the organization (Blaschke, Schoeneborn and Seidl, 2012). It is a significant issue with the small team organization, and they tend to have a direct impact on the productivity and performance of the employees. In case of Sunflower Foods, there are various issues related to the poor leadership. Culture in the organization is a major influencing factor in the business and that influences the overall performance of the employees. In this paper, there is a detailed discussion about the scope for improvement in the internal environment.
Pros and Cons of Using Teams
The advantage of team management is decentralization. Decentralization is essential for the Sunflower Foods to control the employees that provide power to the supervisors (Foss, Lyngsie and Zahra, 2014). It will ensure that there will be clarity in the job roles and responsibilities of all employees and there will be an opportunity to grow internal competition among the employees. Another advantage of using team is that it will reduce the span of control and will ensure that every team will work with a higher level of coordination and cooperation. Teamwork is mainly intended to improve the quality of the working environment and make them positive so that it can eliminate the issues related to the individual factors that are affecting the organization culture. The advantage of using team structure is that it will enhance the resource utilization in the organization (Antonellis and Be
y, 2017).
The noticeable issue, in this case, would be poor communication between the employees and supervisors. These eight supervisors will not pay attention to the employees’ requirement and will ensure to have one-way communication with all the employees and will ensure that their employees are obeying their order. It can be compared with the Theory X model where the employees will not be motivated to perform any tasks and will require closer supervision (E
ary, n.d.). In this case, micromanagement will fuel the problem because, when the team size reduces there are chances for the team managers to pay closer attention to every small tasks and detail of the job that can
ing chaos within the team (Raveendhran and Wakslak, 2014). The team will increase internal competition it will result in having unclear and non-achievable expectation from the team that will further worsen the organizational environment and will lower the morale of the employees (Rukshani and Senthilnathan, 2014).
Another significant risk that is present in the cu
ent organization environment is intimidation that can result in higher level of employee turnover ratio as these leaders can blame the employees for their mistakes and will not provide due recognition to the employees that they deserve (Rukshani and Senthilnathan, 2014). Through team structure, there will be a formal hierarchical system in the organization where the employees should discuss everything with the newly promoted eight supervisors. There is more control in the business operations. The authoritative behavior is common among people with poor leadership attributes and traits. The concepts of the span of control are important to understanding as the Sunflower foods are behaving similarly to the traditional organization and not similar to the contemporary organization that is a major problem associated with team structure (Yong and Park, 2017).
Power culture is one of the major issues with the team structure that is mainly caused by the poor leadership (Bolman and Deal, 2017). The eight supervisors will not provide an opportunity for the other employees to provide their opinion or grow. Role culture will be high and is noticeable in Sunflower Foods where the new leaders are authoritative, and there is a higher level of bureaucratic culture (Groysberg et al., 2018). These are the major cultural issues that are prevalent in the organization that can cause more trouble for the entire business and other employees.
Staff Motivation
Before focusing on improving the motivation and morale of the employees, it is essential to understand the cause of low morale and motivation (Rosch and Villanueva, 2016). There are restrictions for the people to communicate with each other. Poor recognition and unreasonable targets are creating ove
urden for the employees working for these supervisors (Korzynski, 2013). These supervisors are not focusing on understanding the problem that they are directly or indirectly creating to the employees. Recognition of the employee work is essential, and it can be done using the Maslow’s motivation theory these employees are in a blue-collar job, and they mainly focus on the safety of their job and belonging (Healy, 2016). If these needs of the employees are met, then it will result in improving the morale of the employees.
There were poor human resource policies that resulted in recruiting the frontline employees with limited leadership abilities to take up the responsibilities that resulted in poor motivation among employees. Sunflower Foods should improve the overall accountability of the leaders which can improve the behavior of the leaders with the employees and can improve the employee relationships. These lower morale problems can be rectified through the open communication system that is there should be two-way communication system incorporated in the...

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