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word count allocation: around 1,000 words: employability; around 250 words: career theoryperspective: An adultliterature reference: 15

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word count allocation: around 1,000 words: employability; around 250 words: career theoryperspective: An adultliterature reference: 15

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Preeti answered on Mar 07 2020
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Academic and career development
The underlying assignment is based on conducting research on UK job market with specific context to human resource industry. It is worth mentioning that career pursuing is a long term phenomenon requiring detailed assessment of the respective industry for ascertaining the scenario regarding ‘employability’. In accordance to it, specific career theory is also suggested for pursuing career journey in the identified industry.
Literature review on ‘employability’ in HR industry
A research finding conducted by Emma Knowles, an editorial assistant at Graduates Prospects showed that HR and recruitment professionals account for only just 1% of the UK workforce, but assumed to play crucial role in smooth functioning of any organisation and fostering UK economy with pool of talents and competencies (Pickett, 2016). Evidently, every nature and size of the organisation are searching for HR opportunities in different forms, such as employee relations, health and safety, payroll and pensions, industrial relations, learning and development (L&D), and many more.
As mentioned by Adecco Group, a leading recruitment consultancy firm in UK that HR and recruitment functions exist in several sectors in some manner or other. At the end of 2016, Adecco group has connected more than 70,000 people with HR job opportunities each day through its 500 plus offices located at different cities of UK. The main employer of Adecco group for recruitment and HR professionals include BP, Centrica, GSK, Boots, Network Rail and many more (Knowles, 2018). The main driving factor leading graduates entering in country’s HR industry is its competitiveness and high earning potential. HR industry works on the principle of strict deadlines and targets with no scope of delay asking graduates to work with high spirit and competitiveness (Lawler & Boudreau, 2015). The high earning potential of HR industry is derived from which showed that an average salary for HR professionals is £39,716 along with commission and bonus schemes. There is provision of good reward to adults having qualifications and wealth of experience in the respective field. It is estimated that an average HR officers earn salary of £24,598, but HR managers and directors salary range lies between £36,009 and £68,793 (Knowles, 2018).
CIPD HR outlook for the period 2016-17 showed that HR industry at UK is experiencing high levels of employment resulting from globalisation and need of effective talent management. These two factors led business firms at UK to em
ace HR function for sourcing people from different countries and retaining them for longer time period. Presently, HR function is also viewed as a major facilitating force enabling workforce to adapt to the changing needs and desires, and, em
acing technology benefits such as automation, social media and mobile services (Labour Market Outlook: Views from employers, 2016). It rests on the assumption that organisation leaders are seeking to gain competency in operational, financial and technical matters, therefore searching for people with good HR management skills and competencies.
In this line, findings presented by The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)’s are also worth mentioning. The recruitment industry trends 2016/17 report by REC revealed that HR industry is continuously moving in...

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