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Why is leadership in a digital world more challenging for managers?

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Why is leadership in a digital world more challenging for managers?
Answered Same Day Jul 05, 2020


M answered on Jul 06 2020
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Why is Leadership in a Digital World more Challenging for Managers
In this fast-paced environment of the digital age, the rapid development of information and technology innovation drives the ever-changing climate. Leadership challenges among the managers in this digital age have been
ought about by the increasing needs, demands and expectations of the customers. Stimulated by this and the continued innovation and digital transformation, organisations are set towards constructing a comprehensive project and strategic management along with the development of new skill sets at all levels of the company in order to facilitate and maximise the utilisation of digital technology (Do
ins, 2017). To tackle the challenges of construction, changing skillsets as well as learning from others by sourcing the rightful talent is at most required as the digital market requires to move at a pace on...

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