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use the template to answer you can do it on word

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use the template to answer you can do it on word
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Perla answered on Oct 22 2021
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Complete Risk Management Plan
Running Head: Complete Risk management plan
Title: Complete Risk management Plan
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Course Name and Id:
Date: 23/10/2019
Author Note
The cu
ent report is presented as part of the requirements to complete the course work.
The cu
ent business organization is a manufacturing plant located in the subu
ans of Melboune. The company is established recently and as of now, it is making products for Marketing in California and other su
ounding states. The company is established recently and the cu
ent management of the organization wanted to strengthen its risk management plan. In this connection the following report is presented to consolidate the fire risk and related measures taken by the company. The cu
ent template is presented in this regard. A comprehensive risk management plan for the company is presented in the context of fire risk hazard. The report details the fire risk hazard the company can face and the necessary actions it can take up as part of its risk management strategy. The duties and responsibilities of different stakeholders of the company in this context and other relevant policies and procedurses, the relative risk assessment etc are presented in detail in the following part of the discussion(Cao et al.,2017).
Identification of the possible risks:
As of now in the context of the fire mishap or the fire hazard, it is possible for the organization to face fire problems from multiple channels.
· Some of the sources of possible fire risk in the organization include the following:
· The company is into manufacturing and there are several electrical appliances in use for direct and indirect manufacturing requirements in the plant. Hence any electrical short circuit in the system can yield serious complications to the assets and the manpower of the organization.
· It is possible that during the operation of the engine controlled machine parts in the workshop, any combustion disorder in the engines can cause sparks and subsequent fire hazard is possible in the organization(Griffiths,2016).
· There is storage house in the company warehouse, where considerable quantities of diesel and other fuels are being stored; any type of fire mishap in that location can create serious fire hazards to the warehouse and the plant as well.
· Other possible sources of fire and subsequent fire mishap can be leakage of cooking gas from the company canteen and catching fire.
· Miscellaneous causes like simply fire since someone throws a lighted match stick on combustible material, or simply throwing a lighted cigarette on some cotton waste in the plant can catch fire.
· Minimization or elimination of risk:
It is possible for both minimization and elimination of risk by taking up appropriate measures. There are certain locations in the plant where it is possible to completely eliminate the possible fire risk by taking up appropriate measures of caution and safety. However in certain other locations it may be not possible to do so. At the same time, the proximity to the risk can be minimized in almost all locations of the plant. However apart from minimization and elimination of the risk measures in the organization, more important aspect is to take care of the safety of the occupants in the organization. There should be measures to take care of the safety which in turn can protect the well being of the occupants as well as the well being of the assets and lives of the people working in the organization.
· Roles and responsibilities in the time of disaster:
Fire mishap can occur anywhere in the organization and it can happen at any intensity. If incase there is fire mishap taken place in the organization, it is more likely the implications of the same can be either serious or moderate depending on the location and the zone. Hence inorder to minimize the impact of such incident, it is mandatory for the organization to provide with all the possible safety measures like installation of the fire alarms, installation of the water sprinkling units. Installation of fire hydrants in all the key zones of the plant with accessibility of water hoses to all the locations of the plant. Provision for escape routes in case of multi-storeyed building, provision of fire proof blankets in key locations. Designing escape routes in the building etc are some of the several means of provisions to reduce the impact of the fire accident in case it occurs in the organization. This is the responsibility of the organizational management to provide all these features...

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