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Unit VI PowerPoint Presentation Imagine that you are the head of the public communications office in an organization that has yet to embrace social media. Develop a presentation for the board or...

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Unit VI PowerPoint Presentation

Imagine that you are the head of the public communications office in an organization that has yet to embrace social media.

Develop a presentation for the board or executive leadership team to persuade them that social media is necessary for

prudent and effective crisis management. Your goal is to gain your leaders’ confidence, a commitment of resources, and a

long-term endorsement of your plans to include social media in the organization’s crisis response plan.

Describe at least three different social media tools, how each is being used or will be used to communicate during a crisis,

and propose rules for how to get the organization’s message out efficiently, effectively, and succinctly using these tools.

Your presentation should be at least 15 slides in length with slide notes function to explain slide contents

as necessary. In addition, the presentation should have a title slide and a references slide. In text reference as well

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Shashank answered on Jun 05 2020
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Title Layout
Social media for crisis management
Student Name
Understanding social media
What is social media?
Web based services allowing you to do the following
Construct a profile which might be public or semi-public
Make a connection with a list of users
Share your views or get acquainted with other opinions
View the list of connections made by others and increase your network
An opportunity to make yourself aware about the happenings around the world by single click on your PC
More than 2 billion people are connected with one or other form of social media platforms
(Hinton & Hjorth, 2013)
Before understanding why social media is needed for our organization lets understand what is social media and how it is impacting our lives. So what is social media. Definition. It gives us chance to do the following task. A,b,c,d.
In todays scenario, more than 2 billion people are are connected with one or other form of social media platforms. The number is increasing everyday.
Understanding social media
Facebook dominates in terms of number of users. Many companies has been using this platform for reaching out to their customers.
Out of various social media platforms, facebook has been dominating in terms of number of users. The chart on the right shows the number of users that have been increasing on various social media platforms from 2012-2016. The numbers for Instagram has been on rise after facebook took over it. Other prominent platforms are Linkedin, twitter and pinterest.
Social Media and its importance
Educates you about different subjects
Promotes creativity and innovation
Platform to raise your voice
Hone your skills without going anywhere
Now coming to how social media has been impacting our lives and its importance. It give your opportunity to learn about various subjects at ease. There are many pages which provide information about specialized subjects which might not be available to user at single platform. This has enables spread of information at rapid pace.
Freelancers across the world have provided tutorials to learn skills like photography, advance excel, cooking etc. This gives user to develop various skills without going anywhere.
This is one area where people can raise there voice without any pressure of someone. Many cases have been there when whistleblowers have used social media to disclose activities of their organization which was illegal.
The availability of variety of information gives users to innovate and promotes creativity more than ever.
Social media in organizations
(Mangold & Faulds, 2009).
Taking a view on how social media can impact our organizations. With most of the customer base connected on these platforms it gives companies to connect with them by using the official handle on these platforms. The queries which remain unanswered many time or had delay in responding are now getting resolved in much less time. This has led to consumer satisfaction and better image of the organization. The updates and developments that are happening in the company can be easily communicated to the customers using this platform. This has been proven to be best platform where less investment is required and more returns are guaranteed.
Chance to connect with your customers
Increase in response time to their queries
Platform to showcase your
Huge Connectivity
Less investment High Returns
Significance for teams
Efficient Teamwork
With the help of PR and customer planning team, risks can be avoided
Crisis Management
Well prepared plans can be executed with the social media plans incorporated
New way of problem solving
Social Media platforms can be used for solving way in innovative ways by the team
Crisis and social media
4 phases of crisis
Be prepared before the...

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